Can Green Aventurine Go in Water?: Everything you need to know! -

Can Green Aventurine Go in Water?: Everything you need to know!

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As an owner of Aventurine, you may wonder if it can go in the water. This gemstone is known to have quartz mineral variety.

Green Aventurine can go safely in the water as this gemstone is not soluble in water.

It is a robust material with a hardy surface that can withstand water.

Aventurine is a variety of quartz that is usually green but can also be found in other colors (yellow, orange, gray, and blue).

Ranking 6-7 at Mohs Scale Green Aventurine is hard enough not to dissolve in water. It will not break apart easily.

Water is a convenient way to cleanse and charge your crystals. It brings a lot of positive and healing energies to your gemstones.

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Even though Green Aventurine is safe with water, it is advisable to be aware of restrictions.

Do not let your Green Aventurine sit in water for an extended time.

Below we will discuss taking care of your Green Aventurine in water.

Can Green Aventurine Go in Running Water?

Running water could be a good option if your goal is to clean your green Aventurine. 

Regular cleansing is necessary to keep your Green Aventurine away from dirt and dust. It is also essential as it will remove unwanted energies that may block the gemstone's healing properties.

Running water is a convenient way to cleanse and recharge your Green Aventurine.

Put your Green Aventurine under the running water hold it for a minute or two. And pat dries it using a soft cloth.

You can also put mild soap, so be sure to rinse it thoroughly. Let it dry using a piece of cloth or fresh air.

Can Green Aventurine Go in Stream Water?

If you want to use water to cleanse your green Aventurine, use freshwater from natural resources. Therefore, Stream water is the best option.

Springwater is known to possess life-giving energies and nutrients. Bathing your crystal in streams or rivers is a safe and recommended option.

If you live near stream water or rivers, soak your crystal in the water and hold it for a minute or two. 

You can also get a jar, fill it with stream water, submerge your green Aventurine, let it charge for a couple of hours, rinse it well, and let it dry.

Can Green Aventurine Go in Salt/Saline Water?

Saltwater as a cleaning and charging method is widely known, as it effectively removes unwanted energies from your crystal.

Because Green Aventurine is robust and is not water-soluble, it can go with salt water for a short period.

If you plan to use salt water as a cleaning method and access the sea, you can fill the jar with fresh seawater.

And let your green Aventurine sit for a couple of minutes.

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If you do not have access to seawater, you can create your solution. You only need to use rock salt or Himalayan salt with fresh water and a jar to make the solution.

Cleanse your green Aventurine in saltwater by simply dipping it into a jar or seawater. Rinse it well and let it dry through a piece of a soft cloth and fresh air.

However, it would help if you acknowledged that saltwater could cause damage and cracks to your crystal if you let it soak for an extended period.

Salt particles may go deep within the cracks of your crystals and can cause corrosion. This salt particle may also cause the discoloring of the crystal.

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Can Green Aventurine Go in Rain Water?

Another way to cleanse your crystal with natural water resources is to cleanse it with rainwater. This water can throw away all the negative energy that your crystal has.

Rainwater also brings nature's energy to nourish and recharge your Green Aventurine. It is indeed recommended to use rainwater as a cleaning and recharging technique.

If it rains, put your crystal outside and let the rain pour on it. You do not have to worry about heavy downpours as Green Aventurine is considered as hard stone.

You can also try to collect water from rainwater, put it in a jar, and douse your green Aventurine in it.

To have a more engaging experience, take this time to meditate and transmit your intentions in your crystal. Then hold it under the rain.

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Can Green Aventurine Go in Bath Water?

It is relaxing to take a bath with water infused with crystal. It is an excellent way to work with the healing energy that your crystal has.

Taking a bath with your green Aventurine will help you relieve your stress and improve your overall well-being.

You can add this to your bathing routine by placing the crystal in the corner. Or letting it soak in the tub water.

Make sure that you use crystal-friendly products, as some ingredients may cause harmful effects.

After taking a bath, ensure that you will wash your crystal thoroughly with fresh water. Let it dry with a piece of cloth and fresh air.

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Can Green Aventurine Go in with Extreme Water Temperatures?

It is not advisable to put your green Aventurine and any other gemstones in water that is too hot and cold, as rapidly changing temperature may will result in thermal shock.

Extreme water temperature may cause tension in your crystals as they expand and contract at an increased rate.

The damages or cracks may not be visible instantly, but if you often put your crystals in extreme temperature, they will have minute fractures that can lead to potential cracks over time.

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Is it Safe to Drink Green Aventurine-Infused Water?

It is recommended to drink green aventurine-infuse water. As it contains healing benefits that are good for your mind and body.

Drinking it can keep you hydrated while letting you absorb its benefits.

And because green Aventurine is non-toxic and does not dissolve in water. Channeling its energies through infusing water is safe.

Ensure that the water you will use is fresh and the container is clean. In addition, wash and rinse the green Aventurine thoroughly before letting it soak in the water.

To generate green aventurine-infused water, fill up the container let your crystal soak in it. Let it sit for a few hours and remove the crystal after.

It is advised to strain the water before drinking. It may contain chipped-off fragments that may cause health hazards if swallowed.

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A few reminders when soaking your green Aventurine in water

Dry the crystals thoroughly. 

After you soak your crystal in the water, ensure that you wipe it using a soft cloth and let it dry in the fresh air. You can also let it dry using sunlight for a few minutes.

Always take note of the rough edges as they are prone to retain moisture.

Use Tumbled Stones or smooth Crystals

It is best to use smooth crystals in cleansing with water as they are easier to clean, dry out, and less prone to breakage.

Raw stones contain rough corners that can be easily chipped off. Fragments of the rough crystal might be ingested and can harm your health.

Always check for cracks or fractures

It is essential to check your crystals regularly. If you notice some fractures, ensure that you will handle them delicately.

Avoid soaking it with water for too long

Leaving it in water for an extended period may cause damage and can promote chipping.

The color may fade over time

Placing your green Aventurine for a long time may cause dullness and eliminate its polish. The colors may also fade.

Furthermore, the green Aventurine has flecks of iron. Often, putting it in water may cause the iron to rust, changing its color.

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