Can Kyanite Go in Water?: An Energy Healer Crystal! -

Can Kyanite Go in Water?: An Energy Healer Crystal!

If you own a crystal, you may want to know things to take good care of it properly. This article will discuss if Kyanites can go in the water.

Kyanite is considered a soft crystal; therefore, Kyanite is not safe to be immersed in water for an extended period.

Water is commonly used as a cleansing and charging tool for crystals as it is an efficient and effective method when it comes to cleansing.

But Kyanite does not absorb negative energies, so cleansing is not necessary for Kyanite.

You do not have to cleanse your Kyanite, but charging it is essential as it benefits the owner.

Since Kyanite cannot go in water and cleansing is not needed for this crystal, this article will discuss how to charge it and how to use it.

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How to Charge Kyanite?

Charging Kyanite using salt

Salt contains energies that are good for charging crystals, though some crystals cannot go in salt.

To charge the Kyanite in Salt, place the right amount of salt in the bowl. Bury your crystal there for a few hours.

You can use any salt, such as kitchen salt and sea salt, but it is better to use Himalayan Salt. Throw away the salt after cleansing. 

Charging Kyanite using Rice

The same procedure with the salt, place the right amount of rice in a bowl and bury the Kyanite there. You can leave it for twenty-four hours.

It is best to use brown rice in charging, but any rice will do.

Charging Kyanite using the moonlight

The moon contains high vibrational energies that are good for the crystals. It is also known as a charging tool for every crystal.

It can charge the Kyanite with new and positive energies. 

To perform this method, place the Kyanite outside or on your windowsill. Please make sure that you place it in a safe place, far from falling.

Leave the Kyanite there for the entire night.

It is best to charge your Kyanite under the full moon's light. During a full moon, the moon's energy is at its peak. 

The full moon can provide high vibrational energies to the Kyanite.

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Charging Kyanite under the Sunlight

Morning sunlight is the best type of sunlight to use when charging the Kyanite. You can place the Kyanite under the sunlight for a few hours.

Make sure that you will get your prehnite before noontime, as the sunlight during noon is the hottest sunlight.

Charging Kyanite Using Sage

Sage is the safest tool to use to charge the crystals. It is known as a sacred plant because it can cleanse and charge crystals.

To charge the Kyanite using sage, you need to be in an open space or open your windows while charging.

Light up the tip of the sage, and let the smoke roam around the Kyanite for a few seconds. Make sure to rotate the Kyanite to ensure that the other side will be charged.

It is best to visualize while doing the charging. Envision that the Kyanite is absorbing the purees energy from the sage.

You can also state some affirmations while doing the charging, as it can also help you.

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Charging Kyanite using earth

It is good that you will charge your Kyanite using the earth's energy as it has a high vibrational energy that can provide to the Kyanite.

It is good to charge the crystal using the earth's energy every once. 

To charge the Kyanite on earth, you can place it directly to its surface. You can place it on the ground. 

You can also place it in your garden or bury it in the soil.

Leave the Kyanite there for a few hours or one day. And then gently wipe off the excess dirt using a soft wet cloth.

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Can Kyanite Go in Bath Water?

Taking a bath with crystal can give you lots of benefits, not only for your mind and body but also your health.

Even though you cannot immerse directly in your bathwater, you can still enjoy your bath experience with Kyanite. 

You can place your Kyanite in the corners of your bathroom. Ensure that it is far from the water and the corner does not have spilled products.

Also, avoid the Kyanite getting in touch not only in water but also in the bath products. Bath products can cause severe damage to the crystal.

You can also place it in a container with a lid. In that case, the crystal will be safer and far from water and other chemicals.

Make sure that you recharge your Kyanite first before you take a bath with it.

It is better so that the healing benefits that you will get come from the new energy that the Kyanite has.

How to Prepare Kyanite Elixir?

In preparing a kyanite elixir, the first thing you need to do is to know if the crystal is water safe or not. 

If the crystal is safe, you can go in the direct method, but if the crystal is not water safe, you will use the indirect method.

The Kyanite cannot go in the water, especially in a long water bath, as it may dissolve in water. So, you will be using the indirect method.

It would help if you charged the Kyanite first before making an elixir. It is essential to charge first to make the energy charged in water new and pure.

Prepare a container, water vessel, freshwater, and your Kyanite.

Place the Kyanite in the clean jar or container. And then put fresh water in the vessel.

Place the container inside the water vessel. Leave it under the moonlight for the entire night.

Let the power of the Kyanite be charged in the water with the help of the moon's energy.

After the charging, strain the water from the water vessel and transfer it to another container.

And there, your kyanite elixir is ready to use. 

You can use the kyanite elixir for drinking water or making coffee and tea.

You can also place it directly in your bathwater.

Place some elixir in a spray bottle and spray some elixir inside your room or in your house.

Enjoy the benefits that the kyanite elixir can provide.

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