Can Labradorite Go in Water?: It Can Wash Off Labradorescence -

Can Labradorite Go in Water?: It Can Wash Off Labradorescence

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If you own a particular crystal for the first time, you might be asking how to take care of that crystal. Is it water safe?

To answer your question, yes, Labradorite is safe with water.  

Some crystals are very soft and water-soluble, so if the crystals are soaked in the water, the size of the crystals will be reduced.

Fortunately, Labradorite does not belong to that group.

Considering the characteristics of the Labradorite, it is considered as had enough not to dissolve in water.

Scoring between 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Labradorite is pretty complex. 

Since Labradorite can withstand the water, you can use water as a cleansing method without worrying if it can affect its texture.

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You can use water as a cleansing method for your Labradorite, as water is good at cleansing crystals.

Water is also accessible and very convenient when it comes to cleansing.

However, even though Labradorite is safe water, you should still be careful in using water as a cleansing tool. Not only in Labradorite but also in other water-safe crystals.

Labradorite is not recommended to sit in water for an extended period. It may cause harmful effects on the crystal.

In this article, you will know how to take care of your Labradorite in water properly.

Can Labradorite Go in Tap Water?

Cleansing with water is the easiest method to use. Aside from removing the dust from the crystals, it can also cleanse them by removing negative energies.

On the other hand, Labradorite is hard enough not to break in the water. Yes, Labradorite is safe with tap water.

To cleanse your Labradorite using tap water, you can hold it under the running tap water for a few seconds.

After the cleansing, dry your Labradorite thoroughly with a soft cloth.

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Can Labradorite Go in Stream Water?

Using natural water resources is also an excellent tool for cleansing your crystal. It is believed that it contains powerful energies because it came from the earth.

Fresh stream water or rivers are ideal as a cleansing tool. You can wash your Labradorite using fresh stream water or river water.

To cleanse the Labradorite using the stream water, you can soak it there for a few minutes.

After cleansing your Labradorite, make sure to dry it off using a soft cloth or fresh air.

Since it is said that natural water resources are ideal for crystal cleansing, you can also use rainwater.

Hold your Labradorite under the rainwater for a few minutes, or you can place it outside and let the rain cleanse the Labradorite for a while.

Just do not forget to dry your crystal after water cleansing.

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Can Labradorite Go in Salt Water?

Not all crystals can go in saltwater. Even if they are water safe, some crystals are still not recommended to be in saltwater.

And Labradorite is included in that group. It is not safe for Labradorite to be put in salt water as it might harm the crystal.

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Labradorite is also not recommended to go in oceans even though it takes away negative energies.

You may not see the damage immediately, but the salt particles may come in the gaps and corners of the stone.

The salt particles that will not be removed can cause breakage to your Labradorite.

If you accidentally put your Labradorite in saltwater, do not panic. Just wash it immediately with tap water, and then dry it with a soft cloth.

Can Labradorite Go in Moon Water?

Moonlight also contains purifying natural gifts and healing properties that it can give to the crystals.

Because of the hardness of the Labradorite, it is safe to put in moon water.

You will need fresh water, a clean container, and your Labradorite in creating moon water.

Fill your clean container with fresh water and put your Labradorite there. 

Leave it outside for a few hours or even overnight. Ensure that the moonlight is visible to the place where you will put your crystal.

After the cleansing and recharging under the moonlight, rinse off your crystal using fresh water and let it dry.

If you put your Labradorite under the moonlight, make sure that you will get it before the sun rises, as the rays of the sun can cause damage to your Labradorite.

Can Labradorite Go in Shower with You?

You can obtain a calm and relaxing environment when you include crystals in your bathing routine.

The benefits that you will get will depend on what crystal you are going to use. 

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But not all crystals can be in the water, so they are not recommended to be in your bathing routine.

Fortunately, you can go in the bath with your Labradorite. 

Taking a bath with Labradorite will help you promote a sense of inner peace. It can also help you connect with your intuition.

You can wear your Labradorite with a necklace or put it in your bathtub for a short period. 

You can also place your Labradorite in the bathroom or bathtub corners. In case you do not want it to submerge in water.

Just ensure that you will not use products that can harm your Labradorite, especially products that contain salt as their ingredients.

Also, be careful with your Labradorite when you are in the shower. Do not let it slip from your hand or accidentally drop it on the floor.

That may cause breakage, and it can also develop cracks.

What will happen to the Labradorite when Soaked in Water for an Extended period?

Even though Labradorite is water-safe, there are still some things that you need to consider.

You need to consider three factors when you plan to soak your Labradorite in water.

The Labradorite's mineral coating 

The labradorites come off with a polish coating used to protect the crystal from getting cut by rough edges of the raw state of the crystal. 

Once your Labradorite is soaked in water for an extended period, the polish layer will eventually come off, and the stone will be directly exposed to the water.

If the polish layer comes off, your Labradorite may experience severe damage that can make your crystal look dull. And it can make the stone feel rough.

The Labradorescence

The labradorescences are the glowing and shimmering things you can see in your Labradorite. It is the signature look of your crystal.

Soaking your Labradorite in water for an extended period may lose its labradorescences.

The water may alter the look of the Labradorite and will make it look gloomy and shine more petite crystal.

The mineral composition of the labradorites

Labradorites is made of feldspar mineral. Feldspar mineral, on the other hand, is sodium.

It is reactive when it comes to water.

With this reaction, the sodium will eventually lessen the Labradorite's strength, making the crystal transform into fragile. 

It can be easily got damaged and create cracks.

What are the other methods that can be used in cleansing labradorite?

Even though the Labradorite is water-safe, we still cannot deny that water can eventually cause damage to the crystal.

However, you may want to know how to clean your Labradorite without water.

Here are other ways how to cleanse the Labradorite:

  1. Cleanse it using the earthsimply putting your Labradorite directly into the garden and in the pot of the plants. Leave it overnight and remove its dust using a dry cloth.
  2. Cleansing using RiceRice can also be a cleansing tool. You can perform rice cleansing by burying your crystal in a bowl of Rice. Please take note that you cannot eat the Rice after the cleansing. It contains negative energy.
  3. Cleansing using Sage – the smoke from the sage can also be used in cleansing. It can remove the negative energy that your Labradorite has.

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