Can Larimar Go in Water?: Water May Change Its Color! -

Can Larimar Go in Water?: Water May Change Its Color!

Crystals do not have the same reactions in water; some crystals cannot go in the water. This article will discuss if Larimar can go in the water.

To answer your question, yes, Larimar can go in water for a short period. 

However, it would help if you were careful inputting Larimar in water. Water can cause changes to the color of the Larimar.

Scoring at 4.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it is hard enough not to dissolve in water, but it is also on the verge of being soft.

Because of that, Larimar may change its color a bit when the outer layer gets exposed to moisture. 

There are some cases where the Larimar shows some bits of brown when soaked in water, and it is because deposits of iron were found in close proximity to hematite.

Also, in general, the crystals are not recommended to be soaked in water for a long time, as water is considered as hard on stones.

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Water can cause severe damage to the crystals as time goes by. It can weaken the crystals by causing the fissures to develop.

Those fissures can be the cause of unexpected breakage of the crystals.

This article will discuss about Larimer in water, and what variants of water are safe.

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Can Larimar Go in Running Tap Water?

Running tap water is also known to get rid of all the negative energies that your crystals have. It is also an easy and convenient way to cleanse.

You can use running tap water in cleansing and washing your Larimar. Short water exposure is not harmful to Larimar.

In cleansing larimar using running tap water, you can hold the Larimar under the running water for a few minutes. 

You can also try to immerse your Larimar in tap water for a few minutes. 

Ensure that your Larimar will be dry thoroughly.

Can Larimar Go in Lukewarm Water?

You can cleanse your Larimar using lukewarm water; it can clean the Larimar physically while cleansing it by removing the negative energies.

You can also cleanse it with mild soap and make sure that the soap that you will use is crystal friendly. Some product contains ingredients that can harm crystals.

Make sure to rinse the Larimar well and remove all the soap residue. And pat dry it using a soft cloth.

Do not use hot water when cleansing your Larimar. The crystal might experience thermal shock.

Can Larimar Go in Stream Water?

Yes, you can soak your Larimar under the stream water. It can cleanse and charge your Larimar with energies that comes directly from the earth.

You can also try to collect some stream water for later use. 

Aside from the stream water, you can also use spring water for cleansing and charging.

Just ensure that you will not soak your Larimar in water for an extended period. It may cause Larimar to change its color.

Can Larimar Go in Pool Water?

If you plan to swim, it is best to take off your larimar jewelry or crystal. It is not recommended to put Larimar in pool water.

Pool water contains chlorine that can cause severe damage to your Larimar. It could also cause changes in color.

Can Larimar Go in Salt Water?

Salt is known to cleanse the crystals and help them get rid of the negative energies. However, not all crystals can go in saltwater.

Larimar is one of those crystals. It is not recommended to put your Larimar in saltwater.

Saltwater could cause damage to your crystal. It could remove its color and its shiny finish.

Salt particles may also be left in the cracks of the Larimar. Salt particles may cause damage to the Larimar, as they can widen the fissures that can lead to breakage.

The salt gives high pressure to the crystals. If the water alone can cause fissures to widen, the saltwater speeds up its process.

If you accidentally put your Larimar in salt water, rinse it off as soon as possible. Make sure that you will rinse every part of the stone.

It needs to be washed thoroughly to make sure that there are no salt particles will be left in the stone.

Can Larimar Go in Moon Water?

Moon provides energies that are good for your crystals. It can charge crystals with new energies and cleanse them by removing negative energies.

Larimar can go in moon water. It is good to charge your Larimar under the moonlight whenever you overused your crystal.

Fill the bowl with fresh water, and then soak your Larimar there. Let it sit under the moonlight for the entire night.

Since extended water exposure can be harmful to your Larimar, there is another way to cleanse your Larimar under the moon.

Without the water as a medium, you can charge it directly under the moonlight.

Put your Larimar in a safe place, and make sure that it will not fall, as it may cause damage to your Larimar.

Let your Larimar sit under the moonlight through the entire night. 

It is best to cleanse and charge your crystals under the full moon. During the full moon, the moon’s energy is at its peak.

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Can Larimar Go in Bath Water?

Taking a bath with crystals can give you calming vibes and a relaxing environment. Aside from that, it can give unique benefits, depending on what crystal you will use.

Since Larimar can go in water baths, it is also safe to put it in your bathtub. However, the products that you will use may contain harmful ingredients.

But you can still enjoy the benefits that Larimar can give you while taking a bath. 

Place your Larimar in the corners of the bathroom, and make sure that the place is safe from possible falling.

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How to Prepare Larimar Elixir?

In preparing larimar elixir, the first thing you need to do is to cleanse and charge your Larimar. This is important because the negativity from the crystal must get rid of.

Fill the bowl with fresh water, soak your Larimar there and leave it through the entire night. Let the power of the crystal be charged in water with the help of the moon.

After the charging, remove the Larimar into the bowl of water. And transfer the water into another bottle or container.

You can drink this larimar elixir. Make sure that you will strain the water first before drinking it.

The larimar elixir can also be in bathwater. Put the elixir in your bathtub before you take a bath.

You can also put the larimar elixir in a spray bottle. Spray it around your room or the entire house.

It can remove stagnant energy and heals imbalances.

What are the alternative ways to cleanse and charge the Larimar?

Here are some ways that you can use to cleanse your Larimar without the presence of water.

Cleansing and charging Larimar using the sunlight

Place your Larimar under the sunlight for a few hours. It is better to use the morning rays of the sun as it is not that hot.

Make sure that you are not overexposing your Larimar under the sunlight, as it may cause damage to your crystal.

Charging and cleansing Larimar by burying it

You can bury your Larimar into the soil for a few hours. In that way, your crystal will be charged and cleansed using the energy of the earth.

After the burying, just wipe your Larimar using a soft wet cloth or rinse it with water. It may be dirty because of the soil.

You can also bury your Larimar in rice. Put a suitable amount of rice in a bowl and bury your Larimar there.

Leave it for a few hours up to one day. After the cleansing with rice, it is best not to use the rice after.

Brown rice is more advisable, but any type of rice can do.

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