Can Milky Quartz Go in Water?: Everything you need to know! -

Can Milky Quartz Go in Water?: Everything you need to know!

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Milky quartz is also known as what quartz and snow quartz. If you own milky quartz, you may want to know if it can be put in water or how to take care of it properly.

Together with other stones in the quartz family, the milky quartz is water safe. You can cleanse the milky quartz using water.

It is ranked 7 over 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Milky quartz is hard enough not to dissolve in water. 

Water is the easiest and most convenient way to cleanse crystals. However, all crystals are not advisable to be in the water for an extended period.

Even if the milky quartz ranks at 7 on the Mohs scale, it is still not recommendable to put it in water for weeks or days. 

It would be best if you were careful in putting the milky quartz in water, as water may cause damage to the crystal as time goes by.

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If your goal is to cleanse and charge your milky quartz using water, it is safe and okay. But if you plan to store your milky quartz in water, then it is not advisable.

This article will discuss how long milky quartz can go in the water and what type of water is suitable for cleansing.

Can Milky Quartz Go in Running Water?

In cleansing the crystals, one of the most go-to techniques is to cleanse them using running tap water. It is easy to use and accessible for everyone.

And, of course, milky quartz can be cleansed using running tap water. By simply holding it under running water can help in getting rid of negative energies.

There are two ways to cleanse the milky quartz using running tap water.

The first one is to hold it under running water and then use a mild soap to wash off the dirt. And then rinse thoroughly.

It is advised to make sure that the soap you will be using is crystal friendly.

The second is to fill the bowl with running water and submerge your milky quartz for a few hours.

Regardless of what method you will be using, the crystal needs to be dry thoroughly after water cleansing.

Can Milky Quartz Go in Saltwater?

Salt is known as a detoxifier for crystals; it helps the crystals to get rid of unwanted energies and charge them with a new healing benefit.

Because of the milky quartz's hardness, you can use saltwater in cleansing and charging it.

To cleanse it with saltwater, you can prepare a bowl with water and sprinkle some salt in that bowl. 

Leave your milky quartz in that bowl for a few hours. And rinse off the crystal after the cleansing.

You can also try to submerge your milky quartz using sea or ocean water. It is good to use natural water resources in cleansing crystals.

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Natural water resource contains powerful energies that come directly from nature. It is good to let your crystal experience the energy from nature every once in a while.

You can submerge your milky quartz under the ocean for a few minutes.

Make sure that after the cleansing with all types of saltwater, you will rinse it off well. And let it dry using a soft cloth.

Just a reminder that saltwater may not be suitable for any crystals. It can leave salt particles in the fissures in the crystal that can be widened.

When the fissures from the crystal widen, it will become weaker and prone to damage.

You can still use saltwater, but you need to be aware of the possibilities that may happen to your crystal.

Can Milky Quartz Go in Rain Water?

Rainwater comes directly from the sky; it may contain powerful energies that will help the milky quartz get rid of the negative energies.

It is also good to use rainwater to cleanse and charge your milky quartz.

You can leave your milky quartz outside while raining to perform this method. Let the raindrops onto your crystal for a few minutes.

You can also hold your crystal while taking a bath in the rain

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Can Milky Quartz Go in Hot Water?

It is not advisable for milky quartz or any other crystal to be cleansed using hot water. Hot water does not contain any other extraordinary energy to charge the crystal.

The crystal may also experience thermal shock when it gets put in hot water and may cause damage to the surface of the crystal.

It is best to use lukewarm water as a cleansing method, together with mild soap. But do not submerge your milky quartz in a bowl with lukewarm water and mild soap.

Can Milky Quartz Go in Stream Water?

Stream Water is more advisable to use than salt water as salt water may cause damage to the crystals. 

Stream water does not contain any chemicals that can harm your crystal. Aside from that, stream water is also a natural water resource.

It also contains positive energies that come directly from nature. 

Soak your milky quartz in the stream water for a few minutes. After the cleansing, ensure that the crystal is dry.

You can also use other natural water resources such as rivers, waterfalls, etc.

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Can Milky Quartz Go in Moon Water?

The moon contains powerful energies that are good for cleansing and charging crystals. It is an excellent way to maximize the power of the moon.

It would be best if you considered cleansing and charging milky quartz in moon water at least once a month. 

The moon will transmute its feminine energy to the milky quartz and will get rid of the unwanted energies that the crystal has.

To prepare the moon water, fill the bowl with fresh water and place your crystal there. Leave it under the moonlight through the entire night.

Get it before the sun rises, and let it dry.

If you do not want to charge and cleanse your crystal with water, you can try charging it under the moonlight without the water.

Put your milky quartz under the moonlight for overnight. Ensure that the place is safe and that it is free from falling.

It is best to charge and cleanse crystals under the full moon. During the full moon, the moon's energy is at its peak.

Avoid charging and cleansing under eclipse.

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Can Milky Quartz Go in Bath Water?

Milky Quartz provides good benefits for your pituitary and pineal glands, which are responsible for balancing hormones.

It is good to take a bath with crystal as it can give you healing benefits and a peaceful bathing experience. Crystals can make the environment calm and will relax your mind.

Milky quartz is also known to heal and protect the body from sunburned skin and radiations. It also helps in dealing with mental and emotional stress.

Put the milky quartz directly into the bathwater to do this milky quartz-infuse bath water. Ensure that you are not using bath products that can harm the crystal.

Use products that do not contain salt or any other chemicals as they may cause severe damage to the crystal.

After taking a bath, rinse well the milky quartz. Make sure that the soap residue will be removed.

How to Prepare Milky Quartz Elixir?

To prepare milky quartz elixir, the first thing you need to consider is to charge and cleanse your crystal first.

In a bowl full of fresh water, immerse there in your milky quartz. Leave it under the moonlight for the entire night.

Let the healing benefits of the crystal be charged in water with the help of the moon.

After the charging, strain the water from the bowl and transfer it to another container. And there, your milky quartz elixir is ready.

You can use it as drinking water, add it to the bathwater, or spray it inside your room. Enjoy the healing benefits that it can give.

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