Can Selenite Go in Water?: It Can Disintegrate into Water -

Can Selenite Go in Water?: It Can Disintegrate into Water

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Selenite is in the form of gypsum, which is a sulfate mineral. If you own a selenite, you may want to know how to take care of it. Is it safe with water?

No, the Selenite cannot go in the water. Gypsum does not fall in the category of water-safe. It dissolves when it gets put into the water.

Selenite is porous, which makes the mineral more water-soluble. This crystal disintegrates when it gets in the water.

According to the Mohs Scale of hardness, Selenite only ranks at two and is considered a soft crystal.

The crystal should rank at six and above on the Mohs hardness scale to consider it water-safe.

What Will Happen if you put the Selenite in Water?

Water is a good cleansing and recharging tool that can use for crystals. However, not all crystals are water safe.

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Some crystals react in water; they are more likely to dissolve if exposed to the water for more extended periods.

Generally, all crystals are not advisable to be soaked in water for an extended period, but some water-safe crystals can withstand the water for hours.

Unfortunately, Selenite is a soft crystal, and it cannot be submerged in water because its particles may dissolve in water over time.

If the particles of the Selenite are mixed up in the water, it can produce toxins. Therefore, you should never soak your Selenite in water.

Can Selenite Go in Running Water?

Running water is the most used tool to cleanse the crystal when it comes to water cleansing.

It is the most convenient since most people have access to running water.

Even though Selenite should not go in the water, it is acceptable to use running water as your cleansing method for Selenite.

A quick wash would not harm the Selenite. 

Hold your Selenite under the running water for a few moments. After that, wipe off the water with a soft cloth and dry it thoroughly.

However, this method may not be the perfect method for your crystal. But if you wish to wash it with water, you can use this method.

It is a simple reminder that you should not do this often as it can ruin the Selenite. It is recommended to use an alternate method for cleansing.

Can Selenite Go in Salt Water?

Selenite is a soft crystal that is not water-safe. Therefore, you should not put it in saltwater. 

The salt contains components such as sodium chloride, which can react with gypsum molecules. This reaction can cause damage to your Selenite.

Aside from that, saltwater gives more pressure than normal running water, and it may cause and fasten the damage than running water.

Can Selenite Go in Moon Water?

Moon gives powerful energies to the crystals; it can make the crystals energized because of its soft vibrations and natural energy.

The best way to maximize the moon's power is through the moon water. It is prepared by placing your crystal in freshwater under the moonlight.

Crystals that get in touch with the water receive a brilliant sheen and active energy, ready to keep away all the negative energies from your crystal.

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The selenite crystal and the moon are somehow related. The word Selenite came from the Greek Moon Goddess “Selene.” 

The Selenite having contact with moon water will increase the frequency and energy. However, it may lose its hardness if it gets soaked in water overnight.

However, your selenite crystal can still experience the energy of the moonlight. You can put your Selenite under the moonlight without the help of the water.

To do so, place your selenite crystal under the moonlight for the entire night. Make sure that the place is safe and dry. 

You can place it outside or in your window. And let the rays of the moon cleanse and recharge your Selenite.

It is better to charge any crystal under the light of the full moon because the full moon is the time when the moon's energy is at its peak.

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Can Selenite Go in Bath Water?

Crystals contain great potential energy, they can transmit positive energy to you, and most of these crystals can go in bathwater.

However, the selenite crystal cannot go in bathwater as it may dissolve in water. You may also get allergies and skin irritations if you include Selenite in your bathwater.

Aside from that, the products you use may contain chemicals that can harm your Selenite and produce toxic substances.

But you can still enjoy your bathing experience with your Selenite.

Please put it in the corners of the bathroom or bathtub. Make sure that it would not get in touch with water.

In this case, you can avoid getting your skin irritated while enjoying Selenite's benefits.

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Can you Drink Selenite-Infused water?

Selenite will be most likely to dissolve when it gets soaked in water. Hence, it is not a good idea to drink selenite-infused water.

The surface of the Selenite will diffuse in water that can produce hydrated calcium sulfate that is not safe to drink.

You can try to drink other crystal-infused water as they can also provide good energy for your health.

How to Prepare Selenite Elixir?

Crystal elixir gives its healing properties to the consumer, such as physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties.

However, not all crystals are safe to be in the water and may cause more damage than benefits.

However, in preparing an elixir, you can use the indirect method. It is safe for water-soluble crystals.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure to charge and cleanse your crystal first before making an elixir.

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Place your Selenite in a clean jar and fill the water vessel with fresh water. Leave it outside under the moonlight or sunlight.

Strain the water from the water vessel, and transfer it to another container. And your selenite elixir is ready.

What are the alternative ways to clean the Selenite physically?

The crystals also need to be clean physically, and they may contain dirt and dust.

Since Selenite cannot go in the water, you can use a soft dry cloth to wipe off the dirt and dust that the Selenite has. 

If the Selenite gets stained, you can try to repolish it or take it to the professional for repolishing.

What are the alternative ways to cleanse and charge the Selenite?

Cleansing the Selenite using the Earth

You can cleanse your Selenite using the Earth's energy.

It is good to recharge your crystals using the energy of the Earth as it can renew its healing properties.

You can place your Selenite on the ground, ensuring that the ground is dry and safe. 

You can also try to bury it in the soil for the entire night. Just wipe off the dirt after.

Cleansing and charging the Selenite using the Rice

You can also use Rice as a cleansing method.

Fill the bowl with the right amount of Rice. Rest your Selenite on Rice and leave it there for 24 hours.

Please note that it is not advisable to eat or use the Rice after the cleansing. It is best to throw it away.

You can use any type of Rice, but Brown Rice is more advisable.

Cleansing and charging the Selenite using the other crystals

Yes, it is possible to cleanse your crystal using other crystals such as citrine, carnelian, and halite. This crystal contains healing properties that can recharge your Selenite.

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To do this method, just place the crystals in one bag or a bowl and let them sit there for a few moments.

Cleansing and charging using the salt

Salt is also one way to cleanse the crystals, it also helps the crystal get rid of all negative energies, and it can charge them with new energies.

Fill a bowl with the right amount of salt and place your Selenite over it to do this method. And then leave it there for a few moments.

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