Can Shungite Go in Water?: The Water Purifier! -

Can Shungite Go in Water?: The Water Purifier!

If you own a crystal, it is essential to know things about it. It is a natural thing to ask some things about it. This article will discuss if Shungite is safe in the water.

Shungite is a black stone that is made of up to 99% carbon. Yes, Shungite is safe with water. In fact, it is a common thing to put Shungite in water.

Based on the Mohs scale of hardness, its rank is 3 to 4; this stone is pretty soft and can be damaged if it gets soaked in water for a long time.

However, this stone is known as a water purifier, and it can give different types of benefits to the consumer.

If you want to know more about Shungite in water, this article is for you. This will discuss more about Shungite in water.

How to Clean Shungite using water?

The shungite have three different types, the shungite, the shungite rough stone, and the elite shungite. Each has different ways of cleansing.

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It is essential to know first what type of Shungite you have so that you can provide the right way of cleaning it.

Cleaning the Shungite

To cleanse the Shungite, you can place it under running water. Use mild soap to clean the area of the Shungite. 

Rinse the crystal very well and make sure that there will be no soap residue. And then, use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth to remove stains.

It is not advisable to use a sponge or brush in washing your Shungite, as it may cause scratches and stains on the surface of the crystal.

Also, make sure that you are using soap that is crystal friendly as some soap have chemicals that can damage the crystal.

Cleaning the Shungite rough stone

The Shungite comes in different textures and forms, and the way of cleaning it is different. Depending on what texture the Shungite has.

The method of cleaning rough Shungite is different from the first one.

Get a bowl and put some fresh water in it, and then put salt and acetic acid into the water mixture. And the soak there your rough Shungite.

Leave it there for three hours. After soaking, rinse it using lukewarm water, making sure that there will be no residue left on the surface.

And then let it dry.

Cleaning the elite shungite stone

This type of Shungite is widespread, and it has a shiny and smooth surface compared to the other two.

The cleaning method for this type of shungite is quite different from the other two. It is because of the smooth and shiny surface that this stone has.

In cleaning this stone, hold it under running water for a few minutes, and gently scrub your hand to the stone to remove dirt.

And let the sun dry the elite shungite while cleansing it with the sunlight.

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Can Shungite Go in Stream Water?

Stream water is a natural water resource, and it contains energies that come directly from nature. It can cleanse and charge the shungite with that energy.

It is best to let your crystal experience charging in the energy that comes from nature. As nature's energy can give powerful healing to the crystal.

To cleanse and charge the shungite, soak it directly in the stream water for a few minutes. 

If you want to soak it for a few hours, then soak it in a bowl with stream water.

After the cleansing, let your shungite be dried in the air.

Can Shungite Go in Moon Water?

Moon has high vibrational energies that are good for the crystals. Moon also helps the crystals by removing negative energies.

It also charges the crystal with new and positive energies.

To perform moon water baths on the shungite, prepare a bowl with fresh water. Place your shungite in the bowl and leave it overnight.

You can extend the charging using the sunlight the next day. Do not wait for the sunlight to become hotter; only use morning sunlight.

And then, after the cleansing and charging, let your shungite dry.

You can also use the moonlight without the water in charging and cleansing the shungite. 

Find a place where you can put the shungite, the place should be safe, and the crystal should be free from falling.

Leave it there through the entire night. Let the moonlight charge your crystal with new energies.

It is best to cleanse and charge the shungite using the full moon's light. During a full moon, the moon's energy is at its peak.

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Can Shungite Go in Bath Water?

Taking a bath with shungite is a good idea as shungite is a stone that can be used in healing and purifying.

Using this shungite in bathwater can detox your body while purifying the water from the bathtub.

To do this method, place your shungite chips directly into the bathwater. Let it rest there for a while.

Ensure that the bath products you will use do not contain chemical ingredients that can be harmful to the crystal.

After you take a bath, rinse the shungite very well, and remove all the residue.

It is best and recommended to use this technique at night.

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Can you drink Shungite-Infused Water?

Shungite is known as a water purifier. Lots of people are using it to clean the water that they are drinking.

And yes, it is safe to drink Shungite-infused water. You can drink the Shungite-infuse water directly, or you can use it in your tea or coffee

You can also boil water that you will use in coffee or tea and place some Shungite chips there.

It is proven that the shungite can clean the water within 24 to 72 hours. It can cleanse chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, etc., that the water has.

Shungite-infuse water consists lots of benefits for the consumer. It is believed to heal conditions such as:


Gastric issues



Sore throat

Kidney and liver problems

Gallbladder issues

Autoimmune disease

Chronic fatigue

Pancreatic dysfunction

Many believe that Shungite contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that could help with these conditions.

However, as of now, there is still no scientific evidence to support these claims.

How to Prepare Shungite Elixir?

In preparing shungite elixir, you have to make sure that you cleanse and charge this crystal first. It is necessary to get rid of the negative energies that the crystal has.

Place your shungite stone in a bowl of freshwater. Charge the water in shungite stone under the moonlight.

Leave it there through the entire night. And there! Your shungite elixir is ready to use.

If you plan to drink the shungite elixir, it is best to strain the water first to remove any dirt that the water has. 

You can also use this elixir when you take a bath. Put the elixir directly into your bathtub.

You can experience the healing benefits of this crystal by doing this.

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