Can Sodalite Go in Water?: Alternative Ways to Cleanse! -

Can Sodalite Go in Water?: Alternative Ways to Cleanse!

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Sodalite is a mineral that is generally comes in the shade of royal blue.  You may wonder if this mineral is water soluble or water safe, in this article we will figure it out.

Ranking between 5.5 to 6 in the Mohs scale of hardness, technically the sodalite can go with water, but it is not recommended.

In the Mohs scale of hardness, to be considered as water safe the crystal should rank 6 and above. However, the sodalite is in between, it is better not to put it in water to make sure that it is safe.

The mineral components in the sodalite are not compatible with water, as it may be toxic when it gets in contact with water.

The toxics that the water may cause when in contact with sodalite is very harmful and risky. Aside from that, water can cause physical damage to your sodalite.

If you repeatedly give your sodalite a water bath, the oil or polish of the sodalite may start to wear off, it can also be the reason of the changing color.

When you accidentally put your sodalite in water, don’t panic. Simply use a soft cloth to dry your sodalite, make sure that it is dry thoroughly.

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Please avoid putting your sodalite in water especially in long periods, the sodalite may become weak and can lose its natural shine.

Can Sodalite be Cleansed with Water?

You know that it's time to clean your sodalite when it starts to be cloudy. Water is known to be a convenient way to clean crystals.

However, the reaction of the crystals to the water are not the same. Sodalite is one of those crystals that have a good reaction towards water.

Even though, it is technically safe to put Sodalite in water, it is not recommended.

The sodalite may have small cracks and scratch when put into water, these scratches may cause the crystal to chipped off as time goes by.

Can Sodalite Go in Salt Water?

No, sodalite cannot go in water. As it may contain chemicals that surely be harmful in your crystal.

Sodalite is pretty breakable stone that can be dissolve in water. It is better to avoid salt water.

Can Sodalite Go in Bath Water?

Adding crystals in your bathing ritual is good. As it will give benefits to your mind and body.

However, since the sodalite is not water safe, it is not advisable to soak sodalite in water.

It may also be harmful because some bath products contain chemical that can also bring harm to your crystal.

If you want to add crystal in your bath routine, you can place it in a corner where the crystal is far from water. You can also try to use other crystal aside from sodalite.

Can Sodalite Go in Moon Water?

The moon is believed as a powerful asset that is used for manifestations and magic. Preparing a moon water to charge your crystal is the best method for cleansing.

Moon is known to have soft and feminine energy, that can be good in sodalite.

However, it is not a good idea to soak the sodalite into Moonwater overnight as it may create toxics. It is not advisable for sodalite to be charged and cleanse with moon water.

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Can you Drink Sodalite-Infused Water?

Dinking crystal-infused water can be beneficial for your mind and body. This crystal-infuse water may contain benefit that will help you with your daily life.

However, the sodalite reacts differently with water, if you drink sodalite-infuse water, it may cause you more harm than good. That means that it is not advisable to drink sodalite-infuse water.

You may try other crystal-infuse water as some crystals are safe with water, and can give you lots of benefits.

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How to Prepare Sodalite Elixir?

It is known that creating elixir means that the power of the crystal is transferred to the water. And the water will pass it to the person who will consume it.

It is said that the sodalite elixir water improves the health of the person who consumes it.

But since the water and the sodalite is not a good combination, it is not a good idea to create an elixir sodalite. However, there is an indirect method to create sodalite elixir.

Instead of putting the sodalite directly to the water, it is advised to put it in an empty jar. And place the jar with sodalite in a vessel and fill the vessel with water.

Leave the vessel under the sunlight or moonlight. And let it charge your crystal with positive energy and vitality.

Is there an Alternative way to cleanse and charge your Sodalite?

Yes, there are other ways to clean your sodalite. These techniques are convenient and easy to use and van be found around the house.

Here are the lists of the alternative ways to cleanse your sodalite:

Moon light

As mentioned above that the Moonwater is not recommended to use in sodalite, however it is safe to use moon light.

Moonlight is a great tool to use as charging and cleansing method.

The moonlight will help your crystal to get rid of all unwanted energies. At the same time, it will charge your sodalite with uplifting, purifying, and comforting vibrations.

To charge and cleans the sodalite with moonlight, find a place where the rays of moonlight is visible. You can place it in windows, and leave it under the moonlight overnight.


Charging the sodalite with sunlight is a secure and essential way to fill your crystal with powerful and high vibrational frequencies.

An hour or two with sunlight is enough to charge the sodalite effectively.

Just place the sodalite in a place where the rays of sun is visible.

Amethyst Geode

Larger crystals can also be used as an alternative tool in cleansing.

Big crystals have the ability to purify and spread potent energy that releases the smaller crystal from negative and unwanted energies.

Simply put the sodalite beside the amethyst, or put it in a bowl together.

Amethyst is a good choice as a cleansing tool for other crystals.

Since amethyst ranks at seven in the Mohs scale of hardness, Amethysts are easy to charge using water.

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Cleansing and charging your crystal in smoke will allow your crystal to harness the power of fire. Incense smoke is recommended to use.

Let your crystal be in contact with your sodalite stone for a few seconds. It will help to cast out the negative energies from your crystal.

Always remember when you want to fill your crystal with positive energy, you need to possess positive intention.


Using meditation as a charging method could be beneficial for you and for your crystal.

To direct your spiritual energy to the crystal, you need to have intentional breathing and focus. You need to be intentional and give positive emotions and feelings.


It may sound a bit odd but rice as charging material is also effective for your crystal. The purpose is to let the rice absorb the negative energy from the crystal.

What you need to do is to bury your sodalite in a bowl full of rice, and leave it for one day. Always remember that do not eat the rice as it contains negative energy from the sodalite.

When should you Cleanse your Sodalite?

The first time you get it

It is important to cleanse the crystal for the first time that you hold it. You never know what type of stress your crystal has been through.

The crystal may contain negative energies that can be the cause of the blockage.

Once a month if you are wearing it

If you always use your sodalite, it is necessary to cleanse it every once a month. The purpose of cleansing is to get away of the negative energies from the sodalite.

Every once in a while

Seasonal cleaning is also necessary as these crystals may react with different seasons.

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