Can Sterling Silver Go in Water?: It will Oxidize in Water! -

Can Sterling Silver Go in Water?: It will Oxidize in Water!

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Is it safe to wear sterling silver in water? Is it safe to wear it on the beach or pool? Can I shower with sterling silver? Those questions may be in your mind now. Well, this article will discuss and answer those questions.

Yes, Sterling silver can go in the water. However, not all types of water are safe for sterling silver. 

Sterling silver is entirely safe in the water. However, the thing that you need to know is if your jewelry is made out of 100% sterling silver.

The other components that the jewelry has can be a problem when soaking the sterling silver in water.

However, even if sterling silver is safe from water, water can still cause damage to it. The oxidation of the silver may come faster if it gets in water often.

This oxidation may cause the sterling silver to form dark tarnish quickly. 

If the goal is to cleanse your silver with water, then it is safe but does not do it too often. However, there are some water variants that the sterling silver cannot go in.

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Some water variants contain chemicals that can harm their texture and can form dark tarnishes.

This article will discuss the different types of water and how it affects sterling silver.

Can you wash your hands while wearing Sterling Silver?

Short exposure to the water with mild soap is safe with sterling silver. It is okay to wash hands while wearing your sterling silver jewelry such as rings.

The soap and the water cannot cause any damage to the jewelry. The only problem that you may encounter is when the jewelry has gemstones.

Just ensure that you will let your jewelry dry thoroughly, as long exposure to water can cause oxidation.

Can you shower with Sterling Silver?

A one-day shower with the sterling silver may not cause any damage. However, it is best to avoid wearing it while in the shower.

Some bath products contain chemical ingredients that can cause the sterling silver to oxidize faster. 

You may not know what ingredients your shampoo or soap has; it is best to avoid using it in the shower.

Can Sterling silver Go in Pool Water?

No, it is not advisable to wear any type of sterling silver jewelry in pool water. Pool water contains harsh chemicals such as chlorine.

These chemicals can cause the jewelry to form a dark patina.

If you accidentally put the sterling silver in pool water, clean it immediately and let it dry after.

Can Sterling Silver Go in Salt Water?

Salt can be corrosive; it contains components that can cause damage to the jewelry. After soaking it in saltwater and drying it without rinsing off, the jewelry is at risk.

Salt particles may be left in the sterling silver, and if it stays there for a long period, it may cause damage to the jewelry.

It is not recommended to wear your sterling silver in any saltwater, such as ocean water. If you are swimming in the ocean, the sharks may mistake your jewelry as a fish, and it will follow you.

If you accidentally put the sterling silver in saltwater, it is best to rinse it off under running water. Make sure that all sides will be cleansed.

Can Sterling silver Go in Hot tubs?

It is not advisable to put your sterling silver in hot tubs. Excessive heat and humidity may cause severe damage to the jewelry.

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It also contains chlorine, which is not good for the jewelry. You may find it hard to clean after putting it in hot tubs.

Can Sterling Silver Go in Hot Springs?

Hot spring is a natural water resource, and it contains components that can severely damage jewelry. Never let your silver or gold go in hot springs.

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How long does it take to tarnish the sterling silver?

Pure water may not cause the sterling silver to tarnish. However, other variants of water can. As time goes by, the sterling silver will oxidize and will change its color.

However, wearing your jewelry daily can cause it to tarnish; it may not happen immediately, but it will. Basically, the sterling silver will get tarnished no matter what.

It is just that some chemicals from water speed up the tarnishing of the jewelry.

It is also important to always keep your sterling silver dry.

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How do you clean the sterling silver?

If you notice some changes in your jewelry, like it starts to tarnish, then it is the right time to clean it. Cleaning your jewelry can make it look as beautiful as the first time you saw it.

However, the cleaning should not be done daily as it may weaken the jewelry by making it thinner than before.

Cleaning using baking soda and water

This is an easy way to clean the sterling silver, and the baking soda does not only help in cooking but also in cleaning.

It can help the silver to get back to its original state. 

The ratio should be 1:2, with one part of baking soda and two parts of running water for cleaning. Combine the water and the baking soda.

Stir it well to form a paste. Gently wipe it in your silver using a soft brush if the paste was formed.

After brushing the jewelry, rinse it off using water. Be gentle when you are doing this method.

You can also use vinegar and baking soda to clean this jewelry. If the water and soap do not work, you can add vinegar.

Adding the vinegar to the mixture can also help to get rid of the dark patina from the jewelry.

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Cleaning with soap and dishwashing liquid

You can clean your jewelry using this method, just like how you wash your hands. Wet the jewelry with water and put some dishwashing liquid.

Rinse it off well after cleaning. Be sure that you are using a mild soap.

Other soap contains chemicals that can ruin the jewelry.

Cleaning with lemon juice

The acid in the lemon juice can help the jewelry to be cleaned. The acidity can remove the oxidized layer on the sterling silver.

Leaving the sterling silver with a polished finish.

Polishing the sterling silver

This is the best preventive method to use in your sterling silver. 

Use a particular piece of cloth and polish the jewelry back and forth.

Professional cleaning services

You can go to the professionals when it comes to cleaning your accessories. The professionals have a different way of cleaning it.

Their way is far from what you can do at home. They can make the sterling silver look more stunning.

How to properly take care of sterling silver?

Proper storage

You can use zip lock bags to keep your sterling silver. In this way, tarnishing will not come immediately.

Use some anti-tarnish strips.

Yes, there is such thing as anti-tarnish strips, this is placed inside the zip lock bags where the jewelry is stored.

In this way, tarnishing of pieces of jewelry can be prevented.

Do not leave the jewelry inside the bathroom

The humidity may cause damage to the sterling silver, and the bathroom contains high humidity that can cause the blackening of the jewelry.

Do not expose it to chemicals

It is best to put your jewelry after you are done with yourself to avoid contact with chemicals. Put first your make-up, perfume, and hair oils.

Those products may contain chemicals that are harsh for the jewelry. It is best to avoid the jewelry getting in contact with them.

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