Can Unakite Go in Water?: A Mixture of Substance and Mineral -

Can Unakite Go in Water?: A Mixture of Substance and Mineral

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If you own a stone for a first time, you may want to know things to make sure you are taking a good care of it. And this article will discuss if Unakite can go in water.

Unakite is not water soluble, with that being said, Unakite can go in water.

Ranking at 6 to 7 at the Mohs scale of hardness, Unakite is a pretty hard stone. It does not dissolve in water.

Unakite is known to be a “true rock” as it contains combination of multiple materials. It was also formed from granite that was altered by hydrothermal activity.

Unakite is a pretty hard stone and its ranks at 6 on the Mohs scale which means that it can go in water.

However, it is not recommended to be immerse in water for a long period, it is because of the chemical condition that the unakite has.

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The hardness and the solubility have nothing to do with why it is not recommended to be in water for an extended period.

Unakite is a mixture of some substance such as copper and other minerals that may react in water.

This substance might create unfortunate gases and the minerals may have reaction when it gets in the water.

The Unakite may contain mercury, copper, or asbestos, you may not know what type of components it has, which means that this stone may not be chemically consistent.

One piece of Unakite may not have chemicals like others. And because of this, Unakite may or may not be good in water.

Aside from chemical reactions, the water may cause other damages not only to your Unakite but also in other crystals.

All crystals are not allowed to be soaked in water for a long period. Even the hardest crystal.

As water is known to cleanse and recharge crystals, it is also known to ruin the shiny finish of it.

Water baths can make your crystal look dull, it may lose its luster, changing its color, and even feeling less smooth.

Water also encourages and widens fissures in your crystals, it can make your crystal weaker and prone to breakages.

Yes, you can still soak your Unakite or any crystals in water only if you understand the potential damage that it may cause to the crystal.

However, you can still use the water as a cleansing method for your Unakite. You just need to be careful and mindful when you are soaking your Unakite in water.

Please do have a specific purpose in your mind when putting your Unakite in water.

Can Unakite Go in Running Water?

Yes, you can cleanse Unakite using running tap water. It is easy and convenient because the tap water at home is enough to cleanse the crystal.

Place it under the running water and hold it for few minutes. You can also use mild soap in cleansing.

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You can also try to immerse it in a bowl of running water for few hours.

Just ensure that the Unakite will be dry thoroughly after cleansing with water.

Can Unakite Go in Lukewarm Water?

Yes, you can use lukewarm water when washing and cleansing Unakite.

In cleansing using lukewarm water, you can soak it in a bowl together with the water. Or use a mild soap while cleansing to remove dirt.

Ensure that you will use mild soap that does not contains chemical ingredients that can be harmful for your Unakite.

It is not recommended to use hot water in cleansing unakite. The stone may change its color and it may experience thermal shock.

Make sure to dry your crystal thoroughly before storing it.

Can Unakite Go in Stream Water?

Stream water is a natural water resource, it is best to use rather than the tap water. It contains energies that comes directly from the nature.

It is good that you will charge your crystal with the energies from the nature, as it can renew its energies and help to get rid negativity.

In cleansing the Unakite in stream water, you can soak it directly to the stream and hold it for few minutes. You can get a bowl and fill it with stream water and submerge the crystal there for few hours.

Since it is better to use natural water resources in cleansing your stones, you can also use other natural water resources such as river, rain water, waterfalls, etc.

In cleansing under the rain water, you can let the rain drops to your crystal. Or place it in a bowl with the rain water.

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Can Unakite Go in Moon Water?

Moon provides good energies that can cleanse and charge your crystals. It is also good to use the moonlight for cleansing.

Unakite can go in moon water baths. If you feel that you overused the crystal, you can charge it under the moonlight.

To prepare the moon water bath for Unakite, fill the bowl with fresh water and soak the crystal there. Leave it there through the entire night.

If you do not want to soak the Unakite in water, you can charge it under the moon without the water.

Put your crystal in a safe place, avoid putting it in a risk area keep your Unakite away from falling as it can cause breakage.

Leave it under the moon light through the night, and you can also let your crystal enjoy the rays of sunlight for short period.

Do not let it sit under the sunlight for an extended period as it may cause the crystal to change its color.

Also, it is best to cleanse and charge the crystals under the full moon. Full moon is the time where the moon’s energy is at its peak.

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Can Unakite Go in Bath Water?

Considering the hardness of Unakite, it can go in bath water. This stone is also not water soluble.

In putting your Unakite in bath water, make sure that the bath products that you will use does not contain harsh chemicals.

And make sure that you will rinse off the crystal thoroughly, remove the soap residue.

But since the hardness of the Unakite is not a problem, but the chemical component it has. It is best not to put your crystal in bath water.

You can still enjoy your bathing experience together with the Unakite by not placing it directly to the bath tub.

Find a place inside your bathroom that is out of reach of water, place it in the corners or anywhere safe.

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How to Prepare Unakite Elixir?

Crystal elixir provides good healing benefits to the consumers. Every crystal gives unique benefits, it depends what crystal you will be using.

You can prepare your own Unakite elixir by following these simple steps:

First thing you need to do is to cleanse and charge the crystal. It is essential to cleanse your crystal first to get rid of negative energies.

In a bowl of water, submerge your Unakite there. Leave it under the moonlight through the entire night.

Let the Unakite charge its powers to the water with the help of the moon light. It is best to create elixir under the full moon.

After charging the water with healing benefits, get the Unakite out of the bowl. Let the crystal dry before storing.

Strain the water from the bowl and transfer it into another container. And now your Unakite elixir is ready.

You can use your elixir as a drinking water. Or you can use it to your teas.

You can also dab it into your skin or place the elixir into the bath water before taking a bath.

It can also be used to spray around your room or house. Transfer it to a spray bottle and enjoy the benefits that it can provide.

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