Cancer and Cancer Compatibility: Do Same Charges Attract? -

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility: Do Same Charges Attract?

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General Characteristics of Cancer

These individuals usually put much power into their emotions enough to make them guide them. They are generally caring individuals. Cancerians are sympathetic and sensitive. They have a huge heart that cares about their families a lot.

They are creatures full of empathy and understanding. When they encounter people having struggles and difficulties, they can feel them and understand them more than anyone else.

This is why they are one of the most reliable signs in the zodiac. They are not the type to invalidate people’s feelings as they can understand them differently. Of course, they can’t fully understand, but they are willing to.

Cancerians are highly loyal individuals. As a friend, you know you can trust them because their loyalty is over the moon. They are creative individuals that draw on their emotions to create high-quality art.

These individuals are guided mainly by their hearts and place a high value on their emotions. They can sometimes be so engulfed in their feelings that they can have difficulty blending in with the world around them.

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Cancerians are emotional and sensitive to which they have no control over their emotions. Some of them can be fleeting, and some of them long-lasting. Nevertheless, both kinds are out of their control.

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They give a lot of care and understanding to the world due to perhaps their lack of coping mechanisms when they are young. Cancerians can sometimes lack patience despite their sympathetic nature. When this happens, it manifests by mood swings and can worsen to self-pity and manipulation.

These individuals are constructive because they are always ready to help other people with a snap of fingers. When they approach any conflict, they are also the ones that are quick to avoid them. They acknowledge the difficulty of confronting hopeless arguments and benefitting nothing from them.

And so, their choice is peace in every decision they make. When Cancerians are at peace with their situation, they are sure to be thankful and happy. When a loving family surrounds them and is at ease with their relationships, they are delighted and content.

Cancerians are very emotional, and they value feelings and emotions, especially in their relationships. They are selfless and put higher regard in the emotions and feelings of people around them.

When choosing their partners, they make sure that they choose the right one, one that’s understanding. They prefer those that have an inherently strong connection with them. Those that can understand them through their verbal and non-verbal cues.

They are dedicated individuals. Their dedication makes them even willing to make even unhealthy decisions if it benefits them and their loved ones. They are pretty lacking in the initiative but are often aware of their choices. Cancerian’s understanding and patience should be treasured and not be taken for granted.

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Cancer and Cancer as Lovers

Two Cancers in a relationship together is a combination of protective, solid, and caring people. This couple shares their burdens and the many similarities they have as individuals and as couples.

These lovers value the emotions they share very much. They are both very nurturing and caring. Their sentimentality is at a high level in their relationship as they both feel so much.

The emotions that fill them can be overwhelming at times, and so, they can hurt each other. The pain they inflict on each other can be intentional or unintentional. Their moodiness can be the main reason for arguments inside the relationship.

Being with someone who shares a lot of similar things makes them feel at home. They are with someone who understands them on a deeper level. They can share their stories, troubles, and thoughts without being afraid that they might be misunderstood.

These individuals are both courageous, and they both have an eye for money. They both indulge in their thoughts, imaginations, and sensations. They are careful and brave, which makes the perfect combination.

Being careful and courageous are two things that are very useful when combined. Some people are just brave, but they become reckless along the way. Cancerians being in a relationship with someone who shares these traits is lucky to be with each other.

People love Cancerians’ nature of being compassionate and understanding. Understanding is very much needed today, and so, they are treasures in the chaotic world.

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Cancerians in a relationship is very much careful of how they act with each other. They are the type of people who does not intentionally hurt the people important to them. And so, they try their best to be more sensitive to each other’s feelings.

They are also the type to protect each other from any harm. This includes anything that can harm them. They make sure that their relationship is a safe place for both of them. They make sure they can both call each other their home.

When one of the couples is having trouble, only their fellow Cancerian partner knows what to do. They know and understand each other well. And so, it would be easy for them to fix dents whenever they have arguments and stitch things up like they were before.

This couple can have bickers and quarrels over small things. However, they share a strong bond. They are the type of couple to avoid blaming each other whenever a problem comes their way. Instead, they are willing to listen to each other and learn from their mistakes.

Both of them are more than willing to learn. Whenever one party does something inappropriate, the other constructively, instead of criticizing or compounding them, they are each other’s support system, and indeed, they can rely on each other.

When two Cancerians come together and form a relationship, the relationship is composed of two primary factors. First are the high emotions and the seek and craving for stability both individually and in their relationship.

As a couple, they are very caring and have great respect for each other. They are always ready to stand at the back of each other as support. They got each other’s back and are willing to help with anything that might be bothering their partner.

No relationship is perfect, and so they may encounter some misunderstandings too. Most probably, these moments are when they are moody and going through some things. They can get very sensitive as these emotions sink deep through them.

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Cancerians are fairly afraid of being rejected. And so, the negative feelings of being insecure can eat them up from inside. Thankfully, their partners are not insensitive and are willing to fix whatever’s wrong inside the relationship.

Their deep understanding of each other helps them overcome some difficulties in their relationships. When these things spring up, they need each other to remind how worth it they are. The love they have for each other will prove their relevance in each other’s lives.

All in all, this couple is most probably to have a smooth-running relationship. Despite the difficulties, they are sure to learn from their mistakes and do better next time. Their deep understanding of each other is also a good thing about their relationship. It’s beneficial for both of them to be confident and support each other firmly along their journey.

Cancer and Cancer in Bed

Two Cancerians in one bed is the type to be slow and sure. They are both timid, and the tension is high. They are the type to start slowly and progress slowly as they go and enjoy each other’s presence.

They may have quite the adjustment issue. They need to learn to trust each other and realize that it’s normal to trust one another, especially as a couple. As they grow close to each other, they acquire each other’s personalities and little gestures.

When they make love, the feelings are more than surface level. They are both very sensual and have a deep understanding and sense of their emotions. Both of them possess highly emotive souls that connect on a deeper level.

Because of their strong connection, their connection exceeds that of physicality. Their emotional connection sends them both to their high. Without the emotional connection, the experience leaves Cancerians feeling empty or hollow.

The chemistry between this couple also comes from their emotional intimacy. The way they connect on the emotional level helps their bond grow more robust. For this pair, emotional intensity matters when making love.

Overall, this combination inside the bedroom is pleasurable and good. One of the essential factors to note between them is their emotional intimacy, whether they have the same level of deep devotion.

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Cancer and Cancer as Friends

A friendship between two Cancerians is a relationship where emotional connection is essential. They long for a companionship that is deep and loyal to each other. This friendship encourages each other to reach their goals in life.

They are relatively good influences on each other. They are each other’s support systems. TThe friendship they share is something precious and something that takes care of both of them.

Cancerians are naturally kind, compassionate, and sympathetic. They understand each other on a different level. As friends, it’s easy for them to understand each other’s likes and dislikes. Their significant similarities also help them get along with each other very well.

Cancerians can be moody as well. In this case, both of them need patience whenever someone feels intense emotions. Their high emotional intelligence will tell help them recover and patch things up.

This friendship can encounter many hardships if they fail to understand or refuse to understand each other. They are pretty emotional, and so they tend to get hurt easily. When this happens, they often detach themselves from those that are causing them harm.

In worst-case scenarios, they can even opt to withdraw themselves from something. And so this friendship needs to be in sync and be a bit more understanding of each other. This friendship is something sentimental.

This friendship helps each other grow and emotionally express themselves. They value emotions a lot, and so they prevent hurting each other and value their friendship very much.

One of the best things about this friendship is their dedication to finding comfort and security in their friendship. Before settling in, they make sure to learn and try their best to understand each other. This way, they can respond accordingly to any issues.

Cancer and Cancer at Work

This partnership between two Cancerians can be quite the emotional rollercoaster. And so, they're incredibly loyal to each other. This team creates an empathetic and helpful team. This team is the type to contribute to the work with the right mix and match.

This partner is quite the emotional one. This can either be a pro or a con. It’s a pro that they can express themselves freely. However, it’s a disadvantage when they fight over what seems like small things in the eyes of a third party.

One of the best things about this partnership is their devotion to making it through a project. Their passion and determination are indeed real. As they get to know each other every day, they will nurture the partnership and create even better products.

This couple is on the emotional side and also the moody side. They can have bickering or arguments because of the swings in their moods. Partners need to understand their partners.

These people are emotional and sensitive, not in the wrong way. They are the type to know their partners on a deeper level. They are the type to be able to understand the dos and don'ts inside their relationship.

They are careful not to hurt each other as they are both very sensitive to touch and sometimes tickle. All in all, Cancerian couples are indeed fun to be with. This pair is each other’s home and comfort.

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