Cancer Compatibility in Love, Sex, And Relationship: Who Match? -

Cancer Compatibility in Love, Sex, And Relationship: Who Match?

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Day:Monday, Thursday
Ruling Planet:Moon
Date Range:Jun 21 – Jul 22

Loyal, intuitive, caring, and nurturing, you can consider Cancers to be the most genuine and devoted zodiac sign. They can be sensitive and moody, but Cancers also possess the high emotional intelligence to protect themselves and the people they love.

Think of a person you know as a Cancer. There's a high chance that a person tends to have some mood swings and sentimental episodes. Cancers like to sulk in their emotions, and they love to swim, sometimes to their detriment. They can be possessive and manipulative to protect the people they care about.

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This list will give you all the things that unite all people born under the Cancer sign. It'll also give you some idea of what zodiacs can contain the watery depths of emotions that the celestial crabs have. Cancers can be sentimental and moody, but they can give their bodies and souls to someone worthy of their trust.

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General Characteristics Of Cancer

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign

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Cancer follows the Mutable Air sign Gemini, making it a Cardinal sign. Cancer begins on June 21, which means that Cancer starts the Summer solstice. As such, Cancers have the innate sense of creating something out of their emotions and intuitions.

Cancers let their emotions guide them to the things that they should do. They can craft art and masterpieces based on emotions otherwise impossible to state with words. Cancers also have an excellent capability of building a home and starting a family. Their parental nature helps them build a connection with other people and considers them family.

Cancer is a Water Sign

Cancers fall under the water element, making them fluid and adaptable to any situation. They also govern their lives with their emotions and intuition that unite all Water signs such as Scorpio and Pisces. As water signs, Cancer can shift between the ocean and the shore, which means that they can manifest their emotional intelligence within the practical world.

For instance, Cancers can sense the emotional atmosphere around them and act based on it. They put others' needs before their own, and they can devote all their energy to something or someone worthy of their time. Cancers can change their whole perspective in life to make the person they love happy and contented, making them the most loyal and most devoted zodiac of all.

Cancer as Ruled by the Moon

The Moon governs Cancer, and it's responsible for building familial bonds, the comfort of home, and parental energies. Under the Moon's domicile, Cancers provide care and nurturance to people they care about and love. You'd know someone is a Cancer if they can take care of you outside the comfort of your home.

Much like how the Moon waxes and wanes, Cancer's moods can also shift and swing. One of the worst qualities of Cancers is their mood swing. They can be happy and joyous one moment, but sudden emotional outbursts can happen if they feel unsafe or unloved. They can sometimes blur the line between caring or nurturing and controlling or obsessive behavior.

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Compatibility With Other Signs

Cancers can be emotional and sensitive, but they can offer excellent care and nurturance to the person they care for and love. They'll devote themselves, but that doesn't mean they're not expecting anything in return. Once Cancers felt that their partner didn't reciprocate their love and care, they'll retreat to their shells and sulk in their emotions or have a rebound since they always have a tough time moving past a failed relationship.

1. Match Made in Heaven

Cancer and Scorpio

The best match for Cancer maybe their fellow signs Scorpio and Pisces. With Scorpios, emotional attachment won't be a problem since both signs can provide emotional security. They share the same quality of needing a person that they can trust and open themselves to. Any weakness of one can be balanced by the other, making a perfect match.

Cancers need emotional security and sympathy, while Scorpio strives for dominance and power. In terms of processing sadness and hurt, Cancers and Scorpios also complement each other. Cancer will let the other person know, while Scorpios will tend to withdraw and hide behind their calm façade. Nevertheless, this pair makes a great match with their shared quality of needing a place to relax and make love. Cancers will build the place and nurture it, while Scorpios will provide the fire to make the place get going.

When Scorpio and Cancer join forces, they create a team that achieves their goals together. Their bonding builds upon intense emotional connection and deep attachment to each other. They value loyalty and trust, which will make the relationship long-term.

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Cancer and Pisces

The true definition of a celestial bond lies in the connection between Cancer and Pisces. Divine and ephemeral, the match between Pisces and Cancer represents the meeting of emotions and ideas, forming a strong spiritual and emotional bond.

The Moon governs the zodiac Cancer while Neptune (Illusion) and Jupiter (Philosophy) rule the zodiac Pisces. When these planets come together, spiritual connection and divine attachment occur. This union takes its strength from the idealistic relationship between the two of them. Emotions, intuition, loyalty, and trust will rule over the relationship, and no other bond can ever break that.

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Their identical emotional nature will unite a Pisces and a Cancer. The broadness of Pisces’ sympathy can complement the open-mindedness of Cancer, and together, they’ll create a perfect pair of celestial zodiacs.

2. Very Compatible

Cancer and Cancer

Marriage and family won't be trivial to two Cancers in love. They'll have a deep emotional connection that transcends the barriers of communication. Without telling their partners, they can understand one another and provide what their partner needs. They’ll share the same genuine relationship built on loyalty, trust, and familial bond.

As Cardinal signs, both of you will be great at initiating things. Two Cancers won't find it hard to start a relationship or even build a family. It will come to them, and they'll be open to embracing it. Both Cancers tend to be very sentimental when hurt, and both will retreat if they feel unsafe. Both parties must address these problems to make the relationship more substantial in the long run.

Their devotion and loyalty to their loved ones will unite two Cancers in a relationship. They'll make sure that they allow each other enough time to grow while maintaining the space they need for their emotional needs.

3. Compatible

Cancer and Taurus

Cancer will also make a great match with the Earth signs, most especially with Taurus. They both enjoy life to its fullest while valuing security and stability. Cancers need emotional security, while Taurus strives for material stability. These qualities complement each other, making Cancer and Taurus a perfect match.

As a Fixed Earth sign, Taurus would like to plant their feet on the ground and follow what they know. They don't deviate from the procedure, and they never stray from the tried and tested. They also enjoy and relax in a place they can consider home; something Cancers can build and provide for the Taurus. Cancers need emotional security from Taurus, and the celestial bull can provide it through their loyalty and taste for material pleasures. Cancer can nurture Taurus, while Taurus can spoil Cancer with anything they need.

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Cancer and Virgo

As a Water sign, feelings and intuition rule the life of Cancers. They can get moody, sentimental, happy, angry, melancholic, and depressed, all in a short time. Virgos may have difficulty understanding this emotional roller coaster and may dismiss Cancers who will interpret this as insensitivity. On the other hand, Virgos can get harsh and critical, which can rub Cancers the wrong way, creating fissures in the relationship.

Virgos must extend their understanding to make the relationship work, and Cancers must learn to be strict and open-minded. This pair creates promise because they can guide one another to the right path. Cancers can teach Virgos how to be more intuitive and sensitive, while Virgos can show Cancers how to use intellect and rationality in deciding.

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4. Neutral Relationship

Cancer and Capricorn

The yin and yang of the zodiac, Cancer, and Capricorn complements each other. One zodiac's weakness becomes the strength of another, which puts balance and harmony to the relationship. Their polarities can work both ways: it can either destroy their relationship or strengthen it. Either way, both signs must meet halfway to make it work.

One polarity between the two signs lies in their priorities. Cancer attaches value to family, friends, loved ones, and their homes. They need emotional security from their partner, and if they feel that they're not getting any, they'll retreat.

In contrast, Capricorns seldom attach any feelings to people and places. They don't want to attach any emotions because all the value is their career and responsibilities. Capricorns will fail to recognize the genuine intention of Cancers, while Cancers will fail to understand the goals and ambitions of Capricorn.

Cancer and Capricorn need to address these differences to make the relationship work. Much like Virgos, Cancers can make a good relationship with Capricorns. Cancers can show Capricorn to swim through the depths of emotions, while Capricorns can be the rock to support Cancers.

5. Incompatible

Cancer and Gemini

In general, Cancers tend to be incompatible with the Air and Fire signs. Cancers have different concerns that can be very difficult for other signs to understand. For instance, the love match between a Cancer and a Gemini will need time to work. They have similar concerns, but the approaches are different.

Cancers attach emotional value to people, places, and things. They put sentimental value to everything, and they're good at giving people the care they need. In contrast, Geminis never put too much emotional value to something. They can be sensitive and caring, but they prefer having intellectual discourses and mental security from their partner.

Cancer will need a change in attitude from their partners when having a problem, while Geminis would prefer talking. Cancers tend to be very subjective and emotional in approach, while Geminis will settle on rationality. They need to learn and understand one another to make the relationship work, and it will take a serious effort from both sides.

Cancer and Leo

Cancer and Leo also need work when they make a love match. Like Gemini, Leos have a different approach in life, and this approach often contrasts the way Cancers view life.

Leos and Cancers share the same quality of valuing trust and loyalty from their partner. They can also become possessive if they felt unsafe and insecure with the relationship. These qualities will bind them, but Cancers' emotional roller coaster will be challenging to interpret for Leos. Cancers will sense Leo‘s insensitivity and retreat into their shells, causing the relationship to rip apart.

Leo and Cancer must understand that there's a passionate love hidden between them. They need to cherish that love and make it grow. After all, Leos strive for dominance and power in the relationship, which the submissive Cancer will be happy to provide.

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6. Very Incompatible

Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius will see clashes in the relationship more often than not. Their personalities differ and contrast each other, that their relationship will need divine intervention to work.

Sagittarius needs to travel and be independent. Sagittarius represents those people who don't want to settle in one place, or else they'll die of boredom and stagnation. As much as possible, Sagittarius must keep moving. Cancer, on the other hand, tends to bind people to their lives. They devote themselves to people and create a safe space to make them stay in their lives. These qualities contrast each other, and the relationship between a Cancer and Sagittarius will doom to fail if not given enough love and attention.

Cancer and Sagittarius must be creative to make the relationship work. Their polarities can work to their advantage if they know how to handle things and turn them around.

Cancer and Aquarius

When Aquarius and Cancer come for a love match, a multitude of problems will arise. Again, Cancer attaches emotional value to people and places. They can get sentimental, and they often undergo extreme mood swings when they feel unsafe. In contrast, Aquarius never involve themselves with anything emotional or sentimental. Aquarius people have broader interests that can come into conflict with Cancers.

For one, Aquarius triumphs over their revolutionary and progressive ideas. Much like their fellow Air signs, Aquarius takes the more rational path than the intuitive side. These qualities create conflict with Cancers who, of course, will take the emotional path.

Aquarius will not demand high levels of intimacy from Cancer. As much as possible, they like to keep their space for independent thinking. Clingy and intimate Cancers won’t be happy with this scenario, making the relationship irreparable.

7. Clash of the Signs

Cancer and Aries

The real clash of signs happens with Cancer and Aries. Aries needs independence and authority to rule their lives. They won't let anything bind them to the ground, and they don't want someone to have complete control over them. Pioneering and adventurous, Aries shares the same qualities with Sagittarius. They need to move and be always on-the-go.

Aries will find Cancer’s sentimentality too toxic and will dismiss it. They’ll feel suffocated and controlled with Cancer’s need for intimacy and emotional connection. Aries will hurt Cancer by their insensitivity, while Cancer will drown Aries with emotions, both counterproductive to the relationship.

Cancer needs to show Aries compassion, while Aries must guide Cancer to be more independent. In this way, the relationship can work.

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Cancer and Libra

There may be some similarities between Cancer and Libra, but their differences outweigh the similarities, creating conflict in the relationship.

While both Cancer and Libra share the same quality of being thoughtful and putting value to interpersonal relationships, they also differ in approaching problem-solving in life. Libra, as an Air sign, will rely on their intellectual prowess to process things. Cancer will take a more subjective path and will process things through the lens of emotion and intuition. Libras will need to talk about the problem, while Cancer will need actions.

To make the relationship work, both parties must understand one another. Libras need to understand that Cancer craves intimacy and emotional security, while Cancers must provide enough space for Libras to think and visualize. In this way, the relationship can go a long way.


Born under the Moon's rulership, Cancer has the innate sense to provide care and nurturance to other people. They can build great relationships with ties more potent than any familial bond. Like the Water signs, Cancers value emotional security and intuition above all else. They use their feelings and instincts when deciding, and they often possess high emotional intelligence.

As such, Cancer can unleash its full potential when matched with its fellow Water signs, Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. They understand one another, and they can provide the emotional connection that each one of them needs. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) also give perfect matches because they can give Cancers a sense of rationality and practicality in life.

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