Cancer Sun Cancer Moon: Things You Need To Know -

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon: Things You Need To Know

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Cancer Sun Cancer Moon Traits

The Cancer Sun Cancer Moon produces someone who is deeply sensitive and intuitive. You are a natural empath with psychic ability, quite similar to Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon individuals. You understand and empathize with people in a more profound sense.

As the shell of the Cancer Crab, you are highly protective of yourself. You are likely to protect yourself from emotional hurt and rejections.

You are unlikely to put yourself in an uncomfortable position because you prefer to be at ease. You tend to retreat to your temple of solitude because it is within your comfort zone.

You are more of a homebody where you prefer to stay at home than be somewhere else. You are unlikely to be highly outgoing because you choose your company carefully. You dislike being in an unruly environment and prefer a serene place. You are contented in silent yet comfortable surroundings.

You are not prone to going out to parties, but rather, you enjoy much simpler things. You enjoy reading a good book, watching movies, and having a pizza night with your friends at home. Your home is usually the best place for you to have fun together with your loved ones.

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You want your needs inside your home because you spend most of your time there. You work hard and smart to create a safe and lovely house that you take pride in.

Having a Cancer Sun Cancer Moon, you are like a sponge that soaks up others' feelings. As a result, you react very emotionally to almost everything and possibly have extreme moods. You appear to be like a tower of strength, but sometimes, people can see you as fragile as a baby. It would be best if you stay away from upsetting and toxic people.

Even though you are sensitive and tend to lack assertiveness, you are an excellent nurturer. You are very supportive of the people close to you. You want to shelter them and defend the people you care about from threats. Moreover, you can be fierce because you are protective of them.

You are an excellent provider who ensures the financial security of the family. You exercise caution to your expenses and prudence with your finances. You do not spend your hard-earned money carelessly because a big chunk goes to your savings. In the long term, you build up your financial wealth, and there is no doubt about your success.

You are an exceptional caregiver who looks after the well-being of the people you love. It brings you happiness and fulfillment when you can do these successfully since they are your primary concern.

Since you prefer to have sure returns, you are unlikely to involve yourself in any kind of gambling. You focus on maximizing projects by saving on sound and realistic investments. You are likely to make intelligent business decisions because you usually decide when your mind is at peace.

As a result, you can have careers in business administration. You are highly resourceful and exemplary when it comes to negotiation. You have a great sense of people that you can manipulate them to agree to your terms. Your combination is an expert in making deals and is careful not to sabotage your self-interests.

Your double Cancer combination is fond of the family history and traditions. You are conventional who would likely uphold the practices of your ancestors. You like to cherish and hold your heirlooms and memorabilia.

You can be interested in photography because you keep photo albums with pictures of your family gatherings and reunions. You go back to it often and reflect on nostalgia. You tend to sentimentalize things that have a legacy attached to them.

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It is funny how your refrigerator's stocks depend on your mood. You are likely to stock supplies just if you have something in there when you feel happy or sad.

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Cancer Sun Cancer Moon in Love & Relationships

You try to hide your emotional and sensitive aspects, but these traits are pretty obvious. You must have a similar passionate partner who can understand your need for affection. You require someone who can demonstrate their love because you are very sensitive.

You prefer someone who can tenderly and gently express their feelings towards you. You are fragile, and someone who can treat you with care is essential. Once you are hurt, you become bitter and retreat from everything else. You remember betrayal for a long time, and it creates a scar that could affect the future.

You are a bit shy when it comes to romance. You can be tentative if it is about matters of love. You are wary because you are sensitive to someone hurting or rejecting you. You want to avoid subjecting yourself to emotional pain and sadness.

When you are in a relationship, you are likely to be clingy and co-dependent on your partner. You become too attached to your partners and often behave too needy at times. Someone who wants freedom is incompatible with you. The people who like independence do not like to spend all their time with someone.

Breakups affect you very much, and it is difficult for you to recover from them. It could take a long time before you heal and move on to the next.

You have an unconditional love ready to give to your potential partner. You love to nurture and care for them like they are the most important people. You are loyal and committed to your relationship, but you can be a little possessive about it.

You react negatively when you sense that your partner is giving attention outside your relationship. You prefer to have someone mature and independent. It could be someone financially sufficient but can also have meaningful connections.

You are not very friendly, and you love your home more than anything. You like to have a partner who has similar preferences. Your ideal scenario of spending time together is snuggling at home. Both of you can prepare and cook something together or watch a movie together.

Since you are a traditional outlook, you like your relationship to have formality. You prefer to say your marriage vows because it is your dream ever since you were young. You are dreaming of having a big family since you have this family bond. You like to establish your own family and settle down as soon as you find the perfect one.

It is common for your sign to marry and become parents at a young age. For sure you will be a great parent because you would do everything to make your children happy. Your family becomes your top priority, and you give them much importance above anything.

You smother your children with love and care, and you can be protective. You are likely to be nosy about your children's affairs and whereabouts. You want that your children share everything with you, like every detail of their lives.

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Your Cancer Sun Cancer Moon combination results in a purposeful person. You are an intuitive and emotional being who is nurtured at heart. You want to engage and care for everyone. You are likely to have a strong sense of family, tradition, and home. You express by sharing personal and general knowledge with other people.

Having the same luminaries on Cancer means that you are twice more emotional and insecure. When you are facing a challenging dilemma and endeavor, you tend to retreat to your home. You feel safe there, and you never come out unless you think it is okay. You are a loner who has to work on your social skills.

You have insecurities that sometimes characterize you. Being a Cancer Sun Cancer Moon, you are romantic, and you want to give your love. You have surprising abilities like writing poetry or giving a bouquet. You become very supportive, and you provide sound advice.

You are terrified to appear vulnerable, so you constantly fight to show that you are strong. However, when things get more demanding, and a fight becomes too intense, you retreat.

Your defense system is you prefer to keep things to protect yourself. You are not at all egoistical because you care about other people. You are sympathetic and expect others to be the same in how you treat them. You are intelligent and diplomatic, so you like to resolve issues peacefully rather than aggressively.

A Cancer sign signifies moodiness and changeability so expect that people like you are unpredictable. You can be happy and cheerful now. Then you come irritated and angry the next minute. But behind all your various moods is still a caring and compassionate person. Having a partner who understands you and every part of your mood would be perfect.

When you have Cancer Sun and Cancer Moon, people know you do not accept defeat. You do not know how to take it, so you turn very defensive. But for your loved ones, you would do anything for them.

Since family is essential for Cancer, you should have someone who respects your parents. You must have someone who agrees with you on domestic issues like how to raise your children. When it comes to the point that you have disagreements, you have challenging behavior.

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