Cancer Sun Libra Moon: Consistency Is The Key -

Cancer Sun Libra Moon: Consistency Is The Key

Cancer Sun Libra Moon Traits

Cancer sun Libra moon creates a sociable empath who strives to keep the peace. You dislike confrontation, and you try to solve the conflict peacefully. You tend to use diplomacy and tact when you engage with people. You treat them politely because you do not see the point of being rude to them.

You do not feel to demand much from anyone. However, you become irritable and grumpy when you are under stress or when you reach your limit. You are patient, but you also have boundaries that anyone should not take advantage of. Even if you do not like it, but you would put your authority to stop it.

You tend to be self-conscious and too timid. You examine yourself too much, and you like to protect your feelings. You are likely to control what is happening around you and change according to the environment.

You have a wonderful personality, and you are generally likable. You would also want others to like you, and you show a big deal how others perceive you. It means to you how another regard you if they like you or not. There is a sense of integrity and goodness in your behavior.

The people close to you know you as very charming and even-tempered. You get along with most people, and you form lasting connections with them. Your relationship with people includes a variety of your personalities. Your Cancer Sun Libra Moon will try to please everyone because you hate to let down people.

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You would feel disappointed when you fail the people who are important to you. Even though you are diplomatic, you can still be very effective in cutting people down verbally.

There will be times when you can be indecisive and inconsistent. Your Cancer Sun Libra Moon combination can go changing your minds and opinions often. It would be best if you anchor yourself in your principles and objectives.

You care about fairness and justice because of your Libra Moon. And so, you must figure out where you truly stand on circumstances with what you truly believe. You have to ensure that you are consistent on it and not merely shifting sides whenever convenient.

Your combination is socially aware, and you have excellent emotional intelligence. You read the situations better, and you can adjust to them accordingly. You like to bring out the best in everyone and, most significantly, yourself.

You are emotional and sensitive, but you often try to be who others want you to be. You can lose yourself frequently in the roles you play.

Your Sun in Cancer has an immense emotional capacity, making you dreamy, sad, and fragile. With this water sign, you are imaginative and deeply intuitive, making you capable of seeing through people. You trust your intuition more than you trust your reasoning.

Most of the people who have Cancer and Libra combination have a flair for designing. You prefer to keep your environment clean and tidy with aesthetic quality. Moreover, you purchase stuff that will accentuate and zing the space even better.

You aspire to have a gorgeous home, and it is one of your biggest dreams. As a result, you would like to invest a lot of money into beautifying your home. It could be constant progress because day by day, you add something beautiful to it.

You are into humanitarian work because you want to delight others. You are helpful and protective, but you are at risk of being manipulated or exploited. You live according to your principles of love and kindness. You are afraid to express your feelings that you might get hurt openly.

You are cautious in making connections because you like deep and long-lasting. You think about the past often dwell in memories. You can be quiet because you do not like attention. You remain silent and only act when your heart and intuition tell you when it is appropriate.

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Cancer Sun Libra Moon in Love & Relationships

Physical beauty matters to you when it comes to relationships. You somehow enjoy showing off an attractive partner to the world.

You love beautiful things and people because you appreciate them. However, you can often fall head over heels on appearance alone, which can be superficial. You are likely to go through the ups and downs before you decide on settling down. You would want to marry someone whom you know how they are when things are smooth or rough.

But with your natural magnetism for people, you like to hang around to mingle. You may want to continue to play the field for as long as possible. You enjoy meeting different kinds of people, and they like you to be around.

There might be a few enemies, but they would eventually bring out the best in people. You are great at adjusting because of your flexible attitude. You know how to compromise and work with others other than making a fuss about everything. You have compassion for the people who are suffering or having misfortunes.

The combination enjoys the satisfaction of feeling the love in the committed relationship. You love to be in love and to be with a loving partner who takes care of you. You are uncomfortable when you are alone, so you want to be with someone.

You will likely recover from breakups faster. It will not be long before you recover from them and join the dating scene again. You enjoy the dating process and get thrilled with courtship in getting to know someone.

Whenever you get into trouble or fight with your partner, you tend to resolve it subtly. You often express your discontent and frustrations through passive aggression.

Your combination is a pleasing partner because you are empathetic. You can feel your lover’s desires even if they do not express them openly. You have the strong sense to protect and care for someone, especially the one you love.

When you let your partner in, you turn into a nurturer. When someone needs you, it gives meaning to your life. Being able to help and care for others is your purpose.

You have to be careful not to become a little too much for your partner. You can be smothering if you are frightened of getting ignored. Your Libra Moon wants to be with someone and being in a relationship. You like to share everything with your special someone, and you feel that they make you whole.

Above all, your combination needs balance and harmony in life. You tend to stay away from emotions is the best way to achieve it. You think that getting too emotional could jeopardize your bond.

However, there will be times when you are no longer paying attention to yourself. You focus on pleasing your partner that you forget about yourself.

You are often passive-aggressive, which could get you into trouble. There are moments that you cannot decide, even if things require you to do so.

You are elegant and sophisticated, and without a doubt, you like beauty in general. It can be overrated sentimentality and wanting to cultivate hopeless emotional relationships. No one can deny that you are a romantic idealist and can become a victim of being hypersensitive.

The forces come from the outside influence you, but the good thing is you are adaptable. You can deal with many different lovers, even your complex and dynamic character. You are lively and restless, so you enjoy this dynamic relationship.

Your emotions are visible, so when you do not feel good about something, everyone will know.  You will try to resolve all issues with your friends by talking to them. You try to understand the other side to be able to compromise.

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Your combination possesses Libra’s reasonable view of the world with the influence of the emotional Cancer. It means that sometimes you cannot put your emotions aside even in critical situations. However, you do not hesitate to accuse someone of being unfair because you surrender to emotional impulses. You can make a wrong judgment, but you also admit your mistake and apologize.

You have an inborn need to defend those who cannot stand for themselves. You invest in too many emotions, but you are prone to be emotionally and mentally drained. You take things to your heart and may not be unrelated to them. You become sensitive to any kind of injustice, and you do not tolerate it.

You possess diplomatic Libra, which still has common sense during dramatic situations. Overall, you are calm, gentle, and relaxed because of your Libra. You are also stricter in your opinions, which could be very judgmental.

The spiritual balance that the Moon in Libra contributes to the Sun in Cancer. The blend produces a creative and recognizes every value in life. The essential value in life is to achieve balance and harmony. Fortunately, you have all the virtues necessary to do that.

You provide a rich and controversial personality. But you choose silence in many things so as not to disrupt the consistency of the relationship.

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