Capricorn In 2nd House: Hoarders Or Simply Sentimental? -

Capricorn In 2nd House: Hoarders Or Simply Sentimental?

The second house rules the material aspect of our life so receiving this energy makes you have strong ties with wealth and possessions. You rely on securing your finances and investments to maintain balance and power. This energy gives you the ability to use your personal resources wisely. When people see your discerning eyes with money, they will try to get you on board with their business.

Falling under the domain of this house allows you to predict your financial matters. Your monetary standing will determine your quality of life. Venus and Jupiter are the planets guiding this house. The power lent to this house will also manage our emotions and how we project it to our immediate family. Capricorn In 2nd House

You will feel a sense of incompleteness if you only rely on your assets. You must look into your values and personal desire to motivate you as well. Monetary gains that do not line up with your personal goals do not feel satisfying for you. You must regularly assess if you are using your energy given by this house in meaningful ways.

Capricorn Ruling The Second House

People who have this zodiac placement are the type of people who are very responsible for handling their resources. They always try to take responsible care of the things that they value. However, they tend to put “too much” value on these things. They might let money and other material things take over their life and affect their relationships. This can lead Capricorn people to be often seen as the “hoarders”. They are very sentimental over money and things that they like to a point where they purchase or save more than they have to.

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They can’t easily let go of these things as they don’t see them as “wastes”. They don’t run out of reasons in justifying their large amounts of purchase. They’re fond of saying statements like “This might come in handy later” or “I could use this when this certain scenario happens”. No matter how unnecessary other people see them as they will always reason out and make these things sound useful.

People with the Capricorn ruling the 2nd house can also become a little compulsive. Even if they hoard a lot of things, they, most of the time, remember their exact placements. When someone tries to touch their things and place them in other places, they tend to become anxious and uncomfortable. They’ll feel as if that misplaced item is the only thing that matters. That if they don’t put it back in its right place, their entire life would get ruined.

Capricorns, you might not be aware of this. But, you might unconsciously guard your money and other material possessions way too much. You become overprotective of them to a point where you are willing to bite at anyone who tries to lay a hand on it.

You take very good care of your things that you expect other people to do the same as well. Whenever someone borrows something, no matter how small, you expect them to treat your item well and for them to return it in the same condition they borrowed it. You always take back what’s yours, unless you’ve officially given it to someone.

Nothing stresses them out than the thought of losing what they own. The trauma they have experienced from the past makes them possessive of the things they have now.

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Capricorn In The 2nd House: Financial Management

When it comes to finances, people who have the Capricorn in the 2nd house want to take responsibility. They don’t like depending on their financial decisions on other people. The primary base their savings and earnings on the things that they need or want. People with this placement are very good at tracking their belongings and money borrowed from them. Capricorns feel easily threatened when their money is taken or borrowed from them.

This might be because as a kid or in growing up, they don’t have a secured financial status. It might be because as a kid, they have seen their parents struggle financially. They might move because of the incapacity to pay rent. Worse, their parents might be divorced because of financial reasons.

Whichever it may be, a Capricorn has experienced even once in their life what it feels like to lose something or someone because of some shortcomings when it comes to money. These struggles enable them to develop a strong fear of poverty. They also have a hard time putting their entire trust onto others.

Overspending and hoarding are more like a defense mechanism to them. They have this “survival of the fittest” instinct. So, they always need to have “more than enough” in everything. They don’t believe in the idea of “less is more”. Security, to them, only happens when they at least have 3 times the amount of what is necessary.

Unconsciously to them, nothing is ever good enough. When they look at things they have, a voice always comes at the back of their head. It urges them to want more. To make them believe that only having one can lead them a long way. It’s like they attract temptations. Especially in buying and owning things.

People with this astrological placement find it uncomfortable when people talk about their financial situations. They feel like they are being belittled when other people bring up their financial status. They are insecure with this aspect of their life so it’s only natural for them to come up with such conclusions.

Similar to Capricorn in 4th house, they believe that there are better things to be talked about. They just want to build relationships with people that respect them as who they are and not based on their finances or economic status. This is why most Capricorns hate depending on others for financial support. They handle their problems on their own, as much as possible. They don’t like the idea of having someone blame them for certain problems that involve money. They rather build their own than accept support and have to use it against them when things won’t work out.

Establishing Values

You must understand that a value system to acquire is those that are built. It’s not about traditions or traumas. It’s about creating your values through your own experiences. To overcome your tendency to hoard things and do another unhealthy coping mechanism, ask yourself the following questions:

“What is it that I truly value?”, “Do I value myself” or “Do I need this many bags, or clothes, or shoes?”

It is important for people who have the Capricorn in the 2nd house to realize that their denial of their unhealthy habits is not helping anyone. Their constant belittling of themselves doesn’t make other people feel better. In all honesty, it will only make people around them feel worse. Because they don’t believe in their abilities, they tend to rely on other people when things won’t go according to their plans. So, instead of helping, they are only becoming a burden to others.

How To Activate The Energy Of This House?

To activate the second house into lending you its energy, you must take control of your speech. You must use your ability to communicate to influence people. Control your words and make them more significant instead of plentiful. Prevent yourself from speaking profanities and criticizing without a solid basis.

The second house is not in favor of us when we speak ill of others. Speaking too much without thinking it through is not ideal. We command others with our power of words, so it is harmful to them that we resort to verbal abuse. A lie, no matter the intention, is still a lie, and as such, it would be better not to make any promises you are not sure you can fulfill. We must try to avoid deception in using the energy of this house.

Be concise but kind and true with your words. If you want to urge an audience to listen to you, your words must be purposeful and not having the intention to harm.

Dearest Capricorn Of The Second House,

If you often feel like the world has been against you, lately. Like you're a walking time bomb with the mistakes you've been making. Where good luck is a foreign concept, and all you've been having are rainy days. It's not that the universe is conspiring your downfall. Nor is it the Gods picking on you for no good reason.

You weren't meant for a life that turned its back on you, but you still chose the path of self-rejection. When the cosmos has been sending out signals to guide you, you resist it and harbor negative emotions. You try to block out those signals by kicking your emotions to a curb. You like it safe. You like happiness within your reach because you feel like things from afar are at a distance for a reason. Or maybe you're just scared.

Scared of plucking the forbidden fruit in the garden for fear of damnation. There are a lot of people in your life who assume the role of God. And you flinch at the idea of people condemning you because you've always viewed yourself as the good son. The expectations that people have of you will continue to pile up. Their hopes of you are like roadblocks that lead you to a rigid way of living. You become so used to following what others want that you no longer know what you truly desire.

The power of having your ambitions fulfilled is so immense, that there will be sacrifices to pay. You will lose your connections with people and become detached from reality. For you to balance things out, tap into your emotional core. Draw out your repressed feelings and acknowledge them. Tell yourself: ”My feelings are valid, and the universe is more than willing to hear me.” When you finally accept what fate has in store for you, your path towards guided opportunity will open up.

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In this domain, you must know financial management and securing your resources. Your work ethics must contain good time management, discipline, and taking responsibility. You have a habit of being all over the place, so you must improve your organization skills. If you're not keen on details, then at least do a double check to make sure you're not overlooking things.

Your enthusiasm towards achieving your goal will be your strength, but your fear of failure will restrain your movements. Shouldering other people's expectations and turning them into your own will get in the way of your independence. To succeed in your professional life, you must be innovative and delve into unconventional ways.

Their Social Circle

The second house empowers communication, but Capricorn cancels this out with his lack of social skills. He doesn't have time to spare on shallow relationships. People of this placement would prefer keeping a few but genuine friends. When they do make solid connections, they make sure platonic friendships stay platonic.

So rare are the friendships they form that they would try their hardest not to cross over the bridge. There are only a few who could stand their obnoxiousness, and it would be a waste to lose them for something they consider fleeting. They are not very open to the idea of adjusting. They do not like to change themselves and conform to beliefs just to belong in a group.

So they would opt for the easiest method, and that is to find people of the same characters as them. They like discussing with people having the same collective goals. They would sidestep forming relations with people that would tarnish their image.

How To Catch The Eye Of A Capricorn Of This House?

In Dating

Scoring a date with a Capricorn of this house is like a one-in-a-million chance. They're so set in their ways of succeeding that you hardly see them auctioning themselves in a romantic sense. They find the whole ritual of courting to be tedious that they would project themselves to be aloof. Before falling for the bait, they would always ask, ”What's in it for me?”.

If they don't see it as worthy of their time and effort, they would easily dismiss the idea. They're mostly preoccupied with work and how to make themselves secure in the future. They can be opportunistic because if you can play a part in their success, they'll be the ones approaching you.

Your main takeaway is that Capricorns won't pursue unless they're sure of the results and it is to their liking.
But if these earth signs are the ones pursuing you, then prepare yourself because you're in it for a hunt. Industrious as they are at work, they're just as persistent in the game of courtship. Only the strongest wind will shake off their leaves.

Being calculative by nature not only applies at work but in dating as well. They don't like to invest if their loss would be greater than their gain. Not being able to visualize any concrete results will discourage them from taking the first step. They even take risks into account.

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They like to plan intricately on how to take you out for a date, so you'll have to be patient with waiting for their call. With their taste for an expensive lifestyle, they may bring you to a high-class restaurant or a museum. A picturesque place that's good for your Instagram feed. And because they're such huge egoists, they like it subtle but sophisticated.

Don't expect a grand romantic gesture that's for public viewing, for that's not their style. When it comes to the emotional side of the relationship, you should not expect much. They're very reserved with their feelings. They don't want others to view them as cowards for being vulnerable. They would rather use actions instead of words.

Their love languages are acts of service and providing presents, so you're in luck if yours is the same as theirs. But if you're a huge fan of romance like writing love letters, then you'll be sorely disappointed. You can tell them all you want on how they should treat you, and they still won't be taking notes. It's either their approach or nothing.

If you want him to see you like his equal, you must elevate your social position. Compatibility matches for them are a big deal, and they treat relationships like politics. What they would seek for a partner are values that would balance theirs. At the very least, others will consider it- a marriage of convenience. At its best, a golden union. A formidable alliance.

So as much as true love is accepting you for all that you are, this isn't the case for your beloved sea-goat. His perfection at presenting himself will demand the same level of pristineness from you.

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