Capricorn Man Friends With Benefits: Follow The Signs! -

Capricorn Man Friends With Benefits: Follow The Signs!

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How can you take your casual relationship with the Capricorn man further? Your sign can show you how!

The Capricorn man can have flings and casual “friends with benefits” before committing to a serious relationship. Looking into your signs and personalities can help you predict whether he goes forward to a committed relationship or stays friends with you.

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Friends with benefits or FWB is a relationship where you can be intimate and physical without the commitment and responsibilities of a serious relationship. The Capricorn man may enter this kind of relationship if he is physically attracted but wants to keep his options open.

An old school friend of mine named Dennis told me that a person’s sun sign, even if it’s a Capricorn sign, may not be relevant. He suggested that it’s better to assess an individual's actions with their moon, venus, and ascendant signs instead of only focusing on the sun sign.

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Relationship with the Capricorn man  

The Capricorn man takes things seriously, so how does he do FWB? First, let’s look into his sign and the personality that comes with it.

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn and represented by The Sea-Goat. Cardinal signs are all about making new beginnings and fresh starts, Earth signs are associated with practicality and stability, Saturn relates to restrictions, and the Sea-Goat is connected with bravery and mystery.

The Capricorn man is often misunderstood as cold, unfeeling, and calculating, but that’s his nature. He is not romantic or showy in love, but he expresses it through his unconditional support and generosity to his loved ones.

Capricorn man as FWB  

How the Capricorn man acts in a “friends with benefits” relationship depends on many factors but mainly on his compatibility with his “friend.” Keep reading to know how he handles FWB with other zodiac signs.

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Capricorn man and Aquarius woman FWB

The Capricorn man is attracted to the Aquarius woman for her rebellious nature and disregard for society’s restrictions and standards. She influences him to throw his inhibitions out the window and enjoy new and exciting experiences with her.

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The FWB relationship between the Capricorn man and Aquarius woman can become more if they learn to open up to one other. She must initiate and make an effort to connect with his intellectual and emotional side, making him trust her and convincing him to commit to her.

Capricorn man and Pisces woman FWB

The Capricorn man is attracted to the Pisces woman for her blend of innocent and sexy personality that brings excitement to his dull life. She makes him chase after her and work hard for her attention and affection.

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To make the Capricorn man commit to the Pisces woman, she has to learn how to keep him interested in not only her body but also her mind and soul. She also has to use her natural charm and a lively personality to make him enjoy his life.

Capricorn man and Aries woman FWB

The Capricorn man finds the alluring and fiery Aries woman a perfect match for his passion and determination to succeed. As Cardinal signs, these two are go-getters and leaders; they enjoy working together and competing against each other.

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Capricorn man and Taurus woman FWB

The Capricorn man and the Taurus woman have the most similar personalities of all the Zodiac signs. They are both reliable, practical, and stable, and they have a similar way of thinking and expressing how they feel; you can’t find a better match.

The FWB relationship of the Capricorn man and the Taurus woman needs a little excitement from time to time, or they’ll be stuck in their monotonous routine. She needs to channel her Venusian sexuality to keep him interested long enough to see that she is the ultimate choice for him.

Capricorn man and Gemini woman FWB

The Capricorn man and the Gemini woman feel an instant attraction between them due to their opposite qualities. She is spontaneous and changeable, while he is stable and stubborn; their differences complement and make for amazing sexual compatibility.

To make the Capricorn man commit to her, the Gemini woman must learn how to match his pace and not force him to keep up with her. She also has to show that she is reliable and consistent, making him see her as a long-term partner.

Capricorn man and Cancer woman FWB

The calm and stable Capricorn man is drawn to the Cancer woman for her sensitive and loving personality. They have similar Cardinal qualities in their signs and share the same pace in forming relationships, having similar reluctance to trust people.

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Capricorn man and Leo woman FWB

The Capricorn man is attracted to the fiery sexuality of the Leo woman, loving her infectious energy and unpredictability. She makes him feel powerful and strong, pushing him to test his limits in everything he does.

The Capricorn man loves that the Leo woman prefers relationships that have no strings attached, but he will want something more from her in the long run. She has to learn to overcome her fears of commitment and open herself up to him.

Capricorn man and Virgo woman FWB

The Capricorn man is attracted to the hardworking and dependable Virgo woman, loving the challenge of wooing and convincing her to be with him. She is shy and reserved because of her fears and insecurities, traits that help draw out the romantic and protective person in him.

Capricorn man and Libra woman FWB

The Capricorn man and Libra woman share a practical and realistic view of a relationship, having the same standards and expectations. She is cooperative and a great follower when he leads her, but she can also challenge him with her own opinions and ideas.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman FWB

The Capricorn man loves the complicated and unpredictable personality of the Scorpio woman. She is a passionate lover and a loyal friend, and he loves that he can always depend on her to be truthful and straightforward.

Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman FWB

The Capricorn man is intrigued by the Sagittarius woman’s energetic and explosive personality. She is the wildfire that he is scared to get involved with but is still drawn to her like a moth to the flame.

Capricorn man and Capricorn woman FWB

The Capricorn man and woman may share the same sign but can have clashing personalities that prevent them from committing to each other. She is prone to becoming less rational when dealing with her emotions, while he will treat a relationship like any project he has to succeed in.

For the Capricorn man and woman to be more than FWB, they need to stop micromanaging their relationship but enjoy every moment they are together. They can lose sight of the good things in their relationship because they focus on the wrong parts they need to fix.

If you've made the mistake of attaching strings with your Capricorn man FWB, you can at least avoid the mistakes that might push your Saturnian man away.

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