Capricorn Moon Sign: The Best and Worst Personality Traits -

Capricorn Moon Sign: The Best and Worst Personality Traits

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Our sun sign represents the side of us that we show other people. It describes the things we aspire to be and the goals we would like to achieve. However, sun signs do not provide a complete view of human personality. Some may feel that they fail to recognize themselves in their zodiac sun signs. The explanation may lie in the zodiac moon sign.

Your lunar or moon sign will describe the “inner” you, the one that represents your deepest desires, your secrets, your emotional needs, and your subconscious. Much like how the moon waxes and wanes at night, your lunar sign represents the side of you that reveals and hides, the one that comes up when no one’s looking.

This article will dwell the most on the lunar Capricorns. As one of the cardinal earth signs, Capricorns are responsible, disciplined, authoritative, and persistent. The 10th house of the zodiac also rules Capricorn, which means that this zodiac is governed by career, long-term goals, structure, organization, reputation, and public image.

We should also note that lunar Capricorns, governed by the Moon and the planet Saturn, represent a contrast in their personalities. The moon sign, which is motherly, homey, and focuses on family, contrasts the planet Saturn which rules over the past and the future, karma, dryness, and coldness. This contrast creates a great mix in the personality of someone born under the lunar Capricorn sign.

Let’s go down to business and check what makes lunar Capricorns the best and the worst type of people to be with.

Best Characteristics of People with the Capricorn Moon Sign

1. Practical and Very Organized

Governed by the planet of Saturn, lunar Capricorns tend to be very practical and organized. These ruling also makes lunar Capricorns responsible for all the things they focus on.

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For lunar Capricorns, being in control of their emotions is a priority. The amount of control they exert on themselves depends on the task to be done or the person they're facing with. You’ll notice that people born under the Capricorn moon sign never exhibit hot-headedness and hysteria. They know how to organize and compose themselves when faced with a difficult situation.

Their practicality also helps them strive for jobs meant for handling earthly materials such as money and jewelry. Lunar Capricorns ensure that the environment is conducive enough to be able to work.

2. Purposeful and Rational

Lunar Capricorns tend to be the best when it comes to pursuing a particular hobby or business idea. No matter what type of endeavor, Capricorns will pursue it with great perseverance and motivation. Their sense of responsibility and practicality will bring lunar Capricorns a long way.

Also, these people have a quick sense of what's going on. They'll act out of this sense after considering all the pros and the cons. Nothing can stop a lunar Capricorn once they established a definite purpose and goal in life.

3. Grounded and Down-to-Earth

As an earth sign, lunar Capricorns will feel that they're rooted down to the ground. They'll have a sense that they need to stay grounded to strive and have a successful life. Thus, lunar Capricorns tend to earn earthly materials such as money.

On a more emotional and deeper level, lunar Capricorns will never brag about their success to other people. They please no one except for themselves, thus making them self-sufficient and independent. Thorough and careful, lunar Capricorns will never rush into something so drastic and unexpected.

4. Always looking for stability.

Lunar Capricorns look for stability. All the things they do will boil down to their desire to have a stable and peaceful life.

They may look unkind and serious, but deep inside, lunar Capricorns harbor a feeling of stability not just in life but also in love and relationship. They know they're loyal and caring, but they will never rush into a relationship. They need to test if this relationship will be stable in the long run.

Their tendency to go for stability makes lunar Capricorns one of the best signs to be within a relationship.

5. Hardworking

Every moon sign has a comfortable situation, and Saturn dictates lunar Capricorns to take satisfaction in their work or studies. Out of all the zodiacs, lunar Capricorns have the highest tendency to become successful in life. They find joy by being busy and workaholic. You can even see sometimes that lunar Capricorns will put a lot of extra time into their work.

When lunar Capricorns exert their efforts to their jobs, they can't help but feel satisfied. It boosts their self-esteem, and they find value in their lives by being at work or school every day. Look at the higher-ups in your office or your faculty; chances that some of them may be lunar Capricorns are astronomical. Overall, lunar Capricorns enjoy being in authority and being able to do their jobs successfully.

6. Self-disciplined

If you will give something to lunar Capricorns, that will be planners and organizers. Lunar Capricorns have the innate sense of being organized and self-disciplined that they can apply it anywhere. They can overcome any laziness, instant gratification, and nonsense pleasure for their future.

They can diet, organize their day, plan the weeks, and schedule events without breaking a sweat. Future-oriented and set in their goals, lunar Capricorns know their limitations and will act under the boundaries they set themselves. They don't show off, and they don't like people snooping around their corners.

Lunar Capricorns may be one of the most rational and practical zodiac signs. They like to stay grounded and on-track so they can work to achieve their goals. They have the perseverance and motivation to achieve their dreams, and they do so with great structure and organization.

These characteristics make them the best leaders of the group. But it would be best if you also took note of the things that challenge lunar Capricorns. Listed below are the worst characteristics of a person born under the Capricorn moon sign.

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Worst Characteristics of People with the Capricorn Moon Sign

1. Too practical and realistic

Lunar Capricorns mastered the art of not feeling anything and being rational, that other zodiacs see them as indifferent and insensitive. This pragmatic and too practical way of life can be very detrimental not just for the Capricorns but also to other people.

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As earth signs, lunar Capricorns view emotions as trivial and hinders their rational thinking process. Capricorns' house sits opposite the house of Cancer, which means that Capricorns deviate from anything that makes them emotional. They hate the feeling of showing emotions, even asking for it. They don't like homey and familiar homeplaces. They strive at places conducive to work and achieving their agenda.

They can also be too materialistic since they're earth signs. They can obsess with anything material and set their whole lives to get all those earthly and worldly things.

2. They never forgive

They may be persistent, but they're also sensitive and unforgiving. Lunar Capricorns can be loyal and stable, but they also don’t forget people who wronged them. They tend to become obsessed with the idea of revenge, that they sometimes fixate on this.

If you're a lunar Capricorn or you know someone who is, work on forgiving others when they did something wrong. Doing this can help you establish a good relationship with other people.

3. May appear cold and distant

Their capability to devote themselves to their dreams can drain their energy to be compassionate and romantic. Yes, that’s right. Lunar Capricorns have a hard time showing their emotions and establishing a romantic relationship. All those qualities of being perseverant and motivated can come at the expense of being indifferent and insensitive.

On an emotional level, they also miss being sympathetic and compassionate, which may be deemed cold and distant. Lunar Capricorns can use the energy bestowed upon them by the Moon to focus on themselves and show a little bit of compassion towards other people. They can work to become more cheerful and more ready to establish an emotional connection.

4. Apathetic

Speaking of their inability to establish an emotional connection, lunar Capricorns fail to show empathy and compassion to other people. They can block all emotional channels and focus on more tangible and sensible things.

When making decisions, they can slash any instincts or emotions out of the equation. These lunar Capricorns don’t need that. What lunar Capricorns need are solutions based on logical reasoning and critical thinking processes.

Being apathetic doesn't mean that lunar Capricorns can't feel anything. They just so happened to set their emotional GPS to zero that they could not even imagine using instincts as a decision-making tool.

As a lunar Capricorn, you must realize that you won’t lose anything if you learn how to express your emotions.

5. Tends to be workaholic

Lunar Capricorns may obsess on achieving the goals that they tend to miss out on things essential for people such as friends, family, and romantic relationships. Lunar Capricorns find it hard to separate life and work. They tend to bring their work home or exert more hours to finish their work. They also have this innate sense of responsibility to discuss their work with other people.

Lunar Capricorns also find it hard to relax when they're at home or on the weekend. Their mind keeps on going back to work, which leads them to distance themselves from other people so they can work a little.

When lunar Capricorns receive negative comments from other people regarding their workaholic tendencies, they retreat and distance themselves further from the crowd. The distance they create can be detrimental because it can lead to anxiety, depression, or psychological disorders.

In summary, Capricorns have the highest tendency to be cold and distant from other people. They do so because they view the emotional connection as something trivial and unimportant. They can also be workaholics and apathetic to the people around them.

Despite these challenges, lunar Capricorns still attract some of the zodiacs. Find out which of these are in the next section.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility

1. Match Made in Heaven

Lunar Signs: Taurus and Virgo

No one understands a lunar Capricorn better than their fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo. The need to strive and be successful more or less unites all these three signs, and earthly materials such as money give them their sense of emotional well-being.

Lunar Capricorns persevere and do their best to achieve their goals. They can cancel emotions and feelings in the name of success. Practical, rational, and a little bit serious, lunar Capricorns look for partners who will value the same things they adore. Taurus also puts a lot of value in achieving their dreams and focusing on reaching their destinations. Lunar Taurus are also responsible, but their difference with Capricorns lies in their capability to balance work and life.

On the other hand, lunar Capricorns and lunar Virgo match their defined structure and organization when working. Both these signs work hard to achieve their dreams, and material security gives them their emotional security. This relationship can become all work and no play, but they can both adjust to see where things go.

2. Very Compatible

Lunar Sign: Capricorn

Although they share a lot of similarities, lunar Capricorns can enforce their bad habits with one another.

When lunar Capricorns match with other lunar Capricorns, the relationship will lean more on the need to grow as a couple. They will motivate each other to persevere and achieve each other’s goals. Both of them will be hardworking, practical, and rational. They’ll understand each other when they seem to be distant and cold. Overall, lunar Capricorns can work well with other lunar Capricorns.

3. Compatible

Lunar Signs: Scorpio and Pisces

The water signs also seem to understand the passion of Capricorns as well as their repressed feelings. Among the three water signs, Scorpios and Pisces stand closest to the heart of the Capricorns.

Capricorns and Scorpios may not express their emotions, but the reason behind this lies on different pages. Capricorns repress their feelings because they view emotions as something unimportant and insignificant. They seem impassive, insensitive, cold, and distant because they don’t want any emotional involvement. On the other hand, Scorpios hide their feelings because they don’t want to show their vulnerability. They bask in their emotions and even take a bath in them, but that only happens in the bathroom. Once they go out, what they’ll show is the calm and cool Scorpion.

Pisces may be the most sensitive of the zodiacs and the most perceptive of emotions. Since they lie at the last house of the zodiac, they carry a little bit of each one on their back, which helps Pisceans feel other people without difficulty. They can see the emotions of other people. This emotional intelligence seems to be lacking with Capricorns.

The match between lunar Capricorns and lunar Pisces or Scorpios will work because of their depth and sense of loyalty.

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4. Neutral Relationship

Lunar Sign: Cancer

As mentioned, the house of Capricorns lies at the exact opposite of Cancers. This placement means that the practical and rational Capricorn balances the emotional and perceptive Cancer.

Lunar Cancers tend to become emotional and sentimental. They love to express their emotions to the people they love, even if it means sacrificing their whole body and soul. They can nurture and take care of the people they love, and they see the world in a spectrum of emotions. On the other hand, lunar Capricorns see the world for its material composition. They strive hard and persist in the face of challenges, suppressing their emotions along the way.

This partnership can bring neutrality to each other. Capricorns may teach the Cancer a little bit of pragmaticism, while Cancers may show the Capricorns how to express their emotions properly. Cancers' softness and genuineness attract the Capricorns, while Cancers may need the strength and reliability of Capricorns.

5. Incompatible

Lunar Signs: Sagittarius and Aquarius

The fire and air signs may not be the best match of a lunar Capricorn. Fire signs like Sagittarius tend to enter a situation without considering the consequences, which happens to be the exact opposite of Capricorns. Air signs like Aquarius like freedom and to break free from the chains of structure, authority, and organization. Something that Capricorns stick to.

6. Very incompatible

Lunar Signs: Leo

Proud and megalomaniac, Leos like to boast all their achievements and bask in the limelight of fame and success. On the other hand, Capricorns love to work low-key and will often calculate everything before doing things.

Capricorns also dismiss emotions as something unimportant to their goals and ambitions. This characteristic contrasts with the way Leos views emotions. Leos like to exaggerate and amplify emotions, which can be too much for a Capricorn. Their personalities contrast each other that meeting halfway is far from possible.

7.      Clash of Signs

Lunar Signs: Aries and Libra

Lunar Aries tend to be impatient and enthusiastic, while lunar Libras rely on other people to validate their self-worth. These things cringe a lunar Capricorn who loves to stay grounded and work in the shadows while being self-sufficient and independent.

Lunar Aries likes to express their dominance, and they like to be ahead of other people. They love their freedom and independence, making them self-centered and insensitive. Aries loves the idea of soaring up in the clouds and exploring the world under them, while Capricorns will plant both of their feet on the ground. They will invest in material security rather than flying into the unknown.

Libras, on the other hand, will need people to be happy and contented. For them, companionship and relationship define the world, and they love to cuddle and be with their loved ones all the time. Of course, Capricorns hate the idea of not working, which will create conflict with the Libras. 


In summary, people born under the Capricorn moon sign share a common characteristic of being persistent and motivated. Whatever their sun sign is, lunar Capricorns have the inner tendency to become workaholics and dedicate their lives to their work or passion. Lunar Capricorns also show great practicality and self-discipline with whatever they're working on.

Some of the challenges facing lunar Capricorns include the tendency to become obsessed with their work. They also seem distant and cold because they see emotions as something that’s not important and will ruin all their rational and critical thinking process.

All these characteristics make lunar Capricorns the most successful in life. They have to balance work and play so they can enjoy life to its fullest.

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