Capricorn Rising: Great Lessons You Will Encounter -

Capricorn Rising: Great Lessons You Will Encounter

Most of us know our Sun Sign in Astrology because it is the easiest to identify since we only need our birthdate to find it out. If you are just starting with this whole Astrology thing, you might have heard about the three big signs. These are the Sun sign, Moon sign, and the Rising sign, and they are the critical components of your personality and overall life.

Your Sun sign represents your core self, your Moon sign reveals how you react to different things and situations, and your Rising sign represents the vessel you are in. This does not mean that one is more important than the others.

Our Moon sign reveals something about us pretty clearly. Our Sun sign and our Rising sign are two things that we get confused about.

Our Sun sign solely does not say everything about you. You can observe how most people do not resonate with their Sun sign, and this is because we have other placement in our birth chart that is equally important. But before you go deeper into Astrology, let’s first differentiate the Rising sign and Sun sign.

Difference between Sun Sign and Rising Sign

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Your Sun sign is given by the day you were born, and an example would be if you were born on August 24, then you have Virgo as your Sun sign. This represents your ego and how you see yourself in your head. This means your aspirations, your dreams, how you see the world, and how you interact with it.

You want everyone to see you like this sign, and if you are a Virgo sun, you want to be seen as this logical, practical, and systematic human being. The characteristics of your Sun sign are what you are aiming to become in the future. Capricorn Rising you want to evolve to the most excellent version of this sign, and this is what your ego wants you to be like.

The other term for your Rising sign is your Ascendant. This is where your first House is in, and to identify this, you have to know the exact time you were born. It rules your physical aspect, and you are most likely to look like your rising sign.

Your Rising sign gives you your public persona and how you present yourself to the world. It is the first impression that people give you because this is the identity that you project to the world.

Let’s say, for example, you are a Virgo Rising. To people, you are organized, put together, reliable, and they often approach you in challenging times.

Find out what’s your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign.

The Capricorn Sign

The Capricorn sign is the ultimate goat of all signs. Its element is Earth, and its Ruler is Saturn.

This is the last sign in the trio of grounding with Taurus and Virgo. It is the Goat of Fear and has a tail of a fish that is very good at facing fears and challenges.

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Capricorn Mythology

The tale of the Zodiac sign Capricorn is associated with the birth of Zeus. When Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she feared that her cruel husband, Kronos, would devour her child, just as he did with their previous ones. So, Rhea took Zeus to the Island of Crete, where he was safely kept in a cave.

In this cave, Zeus was nursed by Amaltheia, which name actually means “Tender.” Amaltheia was a goat, and she looked after Zeus with the greatest love and affection.

She fed little Zeus with her own goat milk. Zeus’ cradle was so high on the tree so that Kronos would never find him.

Now, when Zeus went out to the world to rule it, he didn’t forget his goat mother even a bit. So, he took one of his horns and turned it into the Horn of Plenty.

It was filled with whatever delicious food and drinks its owner would wish for. As a representation of Zeus’ gratefulness to his goat mother, he sat her image amongst the rest of the stars on the Greek Zodiac. This story forms the constellation Capricorn and is now part of the Zodiac signs.

Capricorn Rising: Physical Attributes

As you might have read earlier, your Rising sign gives you your physical appearance, or most probably. In this part of this article, you will know what physical attributes you share with other people with the Capricorn energy.

However, the other placements in your birth chart will also influence your physical appearance. Of course, your ancestry and ethnicity also play the main role in this. But here are some of the characteristics that are uncanny with people with Capricorn in their placement.

You have soulful eyes that are sultry and mysterious that when you look at people, they have no idea what you might be feeling or thinking. You have noticeable eyebrows and teeth and a high forehead.

Saturn rules Capricorn that is associated with time and structure. So, your face is timeless, and it holds up with age.

Your hair is fine and glossy but simply styled because you do not have the time to maintain a hairstyle every day. You also have a firm handshake because of your strength and assuredness.

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You have strong hands, stiff fingers, and square fingertips. You are physically strong and solidly built that can endure anything.

If you are a woman, you are very photogenic and calm, in control, and charismatic. You have a curvy body and a striking bone structure. You radiate strength but have an earthy feminine physical appearance.

If you are a man, you appear very elegant and project a strong sense of self. You have a chiseled face, a robust body, and your dress very well. For some people, you may come off as regal and majestic.

Both men and women with the Capricorn energy, your taste in clothing are simple, sophisticated, elegant, but comfortable. You like wearing pieces with neutral colors and prefer understated elegance and apparel that reflects strength and ability.

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Capricorn Rising: Characteristics

You’re highly motivated in the world and are very self-disciplined. When it comes to your goals in the world, you have a focus like a laser. You try and do everything to get what you dream and aspire in life.

However, most of the time, you might come off as intimidating and have cold shoulders. But it is just because you like being focused and staying in the zone to be more efficient. This is also because you do not like to focus on petty things, and you automatically get uninterested in topics that aren’t there to serve you personally or professionally.

You also might give off the trait of being bossy, but this is only because you are a workaholic and like to get things done.  When it comes to unimportant topics, you really don’t care. You are the type of co-worker that would disassociate yourself with the office people that gossip about your bosses and talk about what’s happening with their lives.

You can be calculated, consistent and loyal that you prioritize planning things. There is always a sense of stability in your life because your Rising sign is an earth sign. You usually will take something, plan on it, think about it, and decide whether to go through that thing or not.

You tend to buy luxury things for security and definitely not to flex them. You like buying these things because you know that the quality will last you long.

Also, when you are dedicated to something, you are very loyal to it. This is applied most especially in relationships.

The goat symbolizes the slow and steady perceiving approach to the world around them, and so you also have this characteristic. Just like the meme that was once going around the internet of how a goat was holding on a very steep wall, you are a survivor.

You are very resilient, and when it comes to challenges and obstacles, you are going to find a way to overcome them. This just goes to show how you love challenges, and you have the capacity to handle them.

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Some of the Strengths of a Capricorn Rising

You are loyal and dedicated to whoever cares about you, and you see every relationship as long-term. You are definitely very trustworthy when it comes to romantic and professional relationships. Your sense of determination and natural ability to be a survivor will bring you to a higher possibility of success.

Let’s go back to the goat meme going around the internet. Just like the goat holding on to the wall, you are ready to get through everything rough as long as you reach your goal. You are willing to embrace and love every challenge, especially if you know that this is one of the ways for you to meet whatever it is that you are aiming for.

You are also authentic and genuine in any aspect of your life, and you want the same thing from other people. You don’t tend to be very deceptive, and you value authenticity with how you carry yourself. You make sure that whatever you create is authentic and original.

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Here are some of the tips you can follow to live with Capricorn Rising

Because of your workaholic nature, it may be hard for you to let go of work at the end of the day. You must be careful not to approach life too cautiously.

Sometimes you just need to snap out of it to take care of yourself. Learn how to take a break and pamper yourself. To do this, try grounding yourself once in a while by spending time in nature.

You are also overly concerned with your safety and security, and this may lead to anxious thoughts and behaviors. You may also be prone to burning out, so it is best to know how to balance life and work. You should know when to step out from work and maybe enjoy a beer or two on the weekends.

You must also be wary of becoming a little bit selfish when it comes to your time. A great example is you not having enough time to bond with your family, and maybe a problem that you and your family are currently facing.

As a Capricorn rising, you may come off as a harsh taskmaster that is stern, strict, and serious. You are going to be appreciated for your hard work, pragmatism, and prolonged focus. However, the main concern here is that you tend to be weak in material resources mastery.

You need to cautiously plan and structure your approach in order to find ways to make practical and efficient use of the resources that are available to you. With this, you will meet the voice of responsibility inside of you.

As the Ruler of your Ascendant, Saturn is known as Father Time and teaches valuable lessons in time through patience, commitment, and endurance. You may think that success is far from happening to you.

Know that it is certain that it will happen because of your methodical approach. You have to submit to the need for order, structure, and discipline, and in time, it will lead you to long-term satisfaction.

With the things that you have discovered about yourself, it is safe to say that you are indeed a person of hard work and discipline. However, always remember that there is more to life than work and that in order to enjoy the success to come into your life truly, you need to know how to enjoy the journey.

With this placement, you will find a sense of purpose and inner balance when you finally reach your goals while enjoying enough time for recreation at the same time. Keep in mind that you are a work in progress, and you will likely succeed in the end. You are a born leader and strategist, and it is something to remember when you are having doubts along the way.

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