Cat crying at night spiritual meaning: Let’s break the stigma -

Cat crying at night spiritual meaning: Let’s break the stigma

Have you woken up in your sleep because you hear a cat crying on your roof in the middle of the night? This experience might seem frustrating, but there’s a meaning behind this.

Cats have a longstanding history linked to magic, sorcery, and witchcraft. Many stories and superstitions about cats have been that many people believed as if they were true. People think that cats have supernatural powers because of the mysterious aura they produce.

Because of this, cats depict as bad symbols. So, what does it mean when you hear a cat crying at night? Let’s find out.

Stray cat crying at night meaning

When cats cry at night (though not crying, they produce sounds similar to a child’s cry), it could represent a powerful meaning connected to a spirit with matter.

Some people believe that a cat crying in the middle of the night signifies inner wisdom or sixth sense.

In the spiritual world, a cat crying in the middle of the night is a worrying sign that you’ll be in bad luck. Others believe that if you hear it, it means that someone very dear to you has died. Another spiritual meaning of a cat crying at night is that it indicates negative energy in the form of a spirit. Or it could be from people you meet at the workplace or in the community.

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If you look back at old civilizations, for instance, cats are considered good luck and protection in ancient Egypt. Egyptians associate cats with spirituality because they are strongly connected to the God – Mafdet and Bastet.

A cat’s head represents Mafdet, and cats were considered manifestations of her spirit.

And if you hear a cat crying at night, it’s a sign that something terrible will happen or someone will get sick.

In Rome, people consider cats sacred, and they dedicate them to Diana, the goddess of the moon and hunting. Cats are also considered the protector; that’s why people keep this animal in their house; however, if they leave the house and go outside to cry, people see it as a bad omen that something will happen.

Because of this myth, it can jeopardize the entire household.

Cats are also considered a blessing to newborns and pregnant women because of Freya, the goddess of fertility. Freya’s chariot is pulled not by horses but by two male cats, and that’s why cats serve as a good luck charm for pregnancy.

Nowadays, people associate cats’ presence as a spiritual presence of someone. Because of their traits, like sitting silently, they seem to dwell or focus on something that we can’t see.

It’s still unknown where this belief about cats weeping and bringing bad luck came from. Therefore, don’t be frightened if you hear a cat wailing in the middle of the night.

It does not always indicate bad news, nor someone close to you has died. 

Also, if you notice, it usually doesn’t last long, and you can quickly identify the cause of their weeping. For example, if two cats cry at the same time, it could be they are mating. 

Another possible reason could be the cat is bored, so it may cry in the middle of the night. See? There are so many possible reasons, so there’s no need for you to worry about something tragic that will happen to you.

Cat crying in the morning meaning

Not just at night, but cats cry in the morning, too, according to experienced cat owners. Well, it doesn’t have a spiritual significance, yet it simply means that they want food.

Another explanation why a cat keeps on meowing early in the morning is because they are desperate to go outside and do their thing, you know, pee and poop, especially if they are trained for that. 

 Hence, in these situations, ignoring a cat crying in the morning allows you to get more sleep, or you have to wipe off something on the floor. So, choose your poison.

Cat crying Astrology

Whether you believe that cats crying at night can bring good or bad luck, it’s difficult to deny that cats, especially the black ones, have been linked to witches and sorcery through the years.

People say that if you see a black cat crosses your path, it means fortune and luck. But if it’s weeping, particularly a stray cat, most probably it needs some care.

Black cats have a bad reputation; that’s why some people are terrified of them. Well, a black cat is just the color of its coat to give you the distinction between a black cat, a white cat, an orange cat, or any other color.

Moreover, black cats are also believed as the spirit animal of a witch. It’s because of their nature as mysterious.

If you notice, a witch’s drawing isn’t complete without her broomstick and her black cat.

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Black cat crying at night spiritual meaning

Black cats are perceived with dark, negative energy, but it’s unfair to characterize them as evil or a source of dark energy. Historically, black cats are associated with witches and witchcraft, as well as bad luck.

Therefore, people believe that a black cat crying at night brings intense ill-luck because a crying cat represents misfortune; what more if the color of the cat is black? So, it’s a double negative.

On the other hand, if it’s a white cat, the message is the opposite. It could inform you that someone is protecting or looking out for you. Usually, these spirits are your lost loved ones who lend their energy to help, especially if you’re going through hard times.

Cat crying dream meaning

Have you dreamt about a crying cat? If yes, here’s the interpretation of your dream:

When dreaming of crying cats, it states two things: the unknown and the subconscious. If you’re learning about and knowing the aspects of your subconscious, then you’re punishing yourself.

This dream is a sign of weakness. You force things to happen instead of waiting for them to happen.

The crying cat signifies perspective changes from first person to third person. You want peace of mind, and you’re about to make a brand new start in a new environment.

This dream could also mean that you have to retrieve or regain control of something; for example, you were demoted in a position; this dream is a sign to get back on your track and regain what you’ve lost.

The cry in your dream means diligence and hard work. However, there are times when you’re tired and stressed out, so you need to slow down and relax for a while.

It’s because your inner resources have been depleted, so you need to replenish what was lost. This dream also means drawing a line between what’s good and evil.

It’s a drastic decision that you need to take action quickly.

In addition, the cry in your dream could be a sign to ask for help from others. You’ve been carrying on this challenging task or situation for a long time, so you are crying to seek help from others.

It’s because you were distancing yourself from others. After all, you don’t want to feel inferior or ineffective.

The cat in your dream symbolizes your personality that you fear or feelings you want to hide. This dream is a metaphor for something that you don’t understand, like what’s happening in your life.

You’re questioning certain events in your life, yet you do not see the lessons why you have to go through them.

The cat in your dream also expresses self-expression, skills, and abilities. You’re close-minded because there are situations in your life that you don’t want to accept.

It’s also an indication of confrontation or conflict that stems from a wrong decision you make.

When you combine these interpretations, it means you lack judgment. You are overdefensive about what other people say about your views and decisions.

The dream is an indication that you need to find something that is missing in your life. For example, losing a job, broken marriage, or a situation that has played a significant role in your personality as a person.

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If you’re dreaming about a crying cat, it symbolizes the opportunities, enjoyment, or pleasure that you’re rejecting in your life. You want to see things from a spiritual view so that you’re prepared for any significant changes that might happen in your life.

This dream shows how you view your working life. You’re making an impression through verbal expression, not by actions.

Final Words

There are many superstitions that link the behavior of cats to something more. A cat crying at night is a natural act of cats to express their feelings.

However, history has influenced how we see things, giving cats a lousy reputation for bringers of bad luck.

These superstitions about cats screaming at night have blurred our understanding of their actions without feeling worried or anxious, wherein they are just trying to be themselves, just doing their stuff.

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