Catalyst Twin Flame: Why they exist? -

Catalyst Twin Flame: Why they exist?

The word “catalyst” is a stimulus for an event to happen. When you dig deeper into its purpose, you understand its importance better.

A catalyst twin flame acts as a test run to prepare you for the real one. They will come into your life, activate your heart and trigger you to your core.

You feel a strong connection with them, and you feel like you are meant together. However, you also think that something is off and usually does not last long.

You may believe that they are your twin flame for quite some time. They ignite something inside you that connects to your soul.

When you are ready for that real thing, then you will notice it when it happens. No one can predict when it will be but in the most unexpected ways.

Just to be clear, the catalyst twin flames and actual twin flames are entirely different. You might get confused about which because both have strong spiritual connections.

However, when it comes to their purpose, they have different agendas.

What is the purpose of Catalyst Twin Flame?

The catalyst twin flame comes into your life to be the spark of growth. They help you move through your emotional, mental, and spiritual darkness.

You may have been stagnant for a while, and they come to shake you up. They trigger those bondages out of you to reveal what you need to learn.

As a catalyst twin, they reflect what you need to see, and through them, you grasp it. The triggering factors they bring to you make you aware of the underlying reasons.

Events occurred in the past that left you with an emotional stain. The energetic stain can cause an adverse emotional reaction when triggered.

The stain becomes a blockage that affects many aspects of your life subconsciously. You are not aware of it, so you do not understand why you react in such ways.

Emotional stains can hold you back and serve as bondage. They can limit you from what you can become because they keep you from living freely.

It would be great if you were willing to look at the causes relating to the trigger. It would help if you allowed emotions to surface fully to clear those bondages fully.

If you cannot clear out the stuck energy, you cannot proceed with your twin flame journey. You cannot move on to meet your real twin and into the union with the truth.

You may have the same vibrations with the catalyst twin that brings you two together. But a catalyst twin flame connection fades over time.

You become aware of the stories of why you react to certain situations. It is an opportunity to discover what is hidden underneath to have a better perspective.

You clearly see the bigger picture that the catalyst twin flame experience promotes expansion. It becomes a potential source of quick soul growth and ascension.

They are like your temporary guides or teachers to help your soul grow. It is because you balance out the traumas from your past lives.

And it's not only about your journey because you also take part in someone else's life. You might be unaware, but sometimes you also give soul lessons to other people.

You may also be a catalyst to help other people improve for them to be ready for their twin.

Either way, when you learn the soul lessons, you become mature. It helps you handle the dynamics of the twin flame connection.

The real experience will be a bit familiar, and it will run easier. You might have a painful experience with your catalyst twin, but you'll appreciate why it happened.

You may have wounds and scars along the process, but you learn to forgive. Forgiveness opens your heart to welcome and give more love.

When you focus less on anger with no grudges, you feel lighter. You will know that you complete the lesson when you sincerely wish them well.

The most valuable life lessons are not always pleasant and easy. It requires pain for you to have realization.

Although you do not choose when or how it happens, you'll be grateful in the end. It is what's best for you as the experience gives you a fresh perspective on life.

When you have awareness, you'll be fully present at precious moments. You enjoy the good life has to offer but never ignore the lessons along the way.

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What's the difference between a catalyst twin flame and a genuine twin flame?

When you meet them at first, you feel the connection between you. It can be subtle at first and changes over time.

As mentioned earlier, the catalyst twin flame tends to end quickly and definitely. They give a sense of belonging, just like your twin flame.

They have the same soul group; thus, they hold a similar vibrational frequency as your twin. Their purpose is to trigger soul memories and a grand spiritual awakening.

You can learn from my own personal experience.

I used to be in a really dark place before I knew my twin flame. Working two jobs, struggling to pay rent and just always so lonely.

After meeting him, I started a business and earned $11,300 the initial month, moved into a bigger home, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

You feel that they are destined to be with you. But you don't understand why it is not working out.

Once they've done it, they are out of the picture.

On the hand, your real twin flame is all about your healing. Since you are mirror souls, you reflect each other's doubts, fears, and insecurities.

But your real twin flame relationship brings out the best in you. It is a permanent spiritual bond created with the same souls as yours.

So, your real twin flame is your exact vibrational match. The Divine split you from the same soul signature and frequency.

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Signs of Catalyst Twin Flame

It may be challenging to spot the catalyst twin flame from your real twin flame. Here are some signs you might see:

You have a strong connection with them, and it seems like they you better than anyone. You feel like this person has a reason why you met them.

It's like you have an instant solid connection which is positive energy. You attract each other, and you feel attached to them for no reason.

When your relationship seems like drama series, then chances are you're in a karmic relationship. Even in a minor argument, it looks like World War three.

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Most of the time, catalyst connections are not absolute. You encounter push and pull of miscommunication, causing many frustrations.

These issues bring light to what you have to value. It must be necessary for a relationship where you need healing.

They will heal something within you so that you can move forward on your spiritual journey. It could be any blockage, such as anger or fear.

They can help you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. They can motivate you to do something you have never done before.

Many things could go wrong depending on your catalyst connection. Since many issues arise, you can clash at so many levels.

There are times they make you feel insecure about yourself. There are also moments when you doubt their feelings for you.

You begin to second guess everything that is happening to you. It can result in inner struggle, and it becomes a challenge to be yourself around them.

Although you will have happy moments together, you feel that something is off. Something feels off, and you feel that it is not right.

Some issues mentioned may be obvious, but it's difficult for you to let go of the catalyst connection. Damages can be done, but both partners hold on tightly.

Because the catalyst twin helps you with your healing, you might feel dependent on them. You seem to be addicted to their presence since catalysts connect resemble codependence.

They consume your thoughts and feelings, but they don't last. At some point, it's challenging to let go, but you'll both move on at the right time.

You can distinguish it from the real one because twin flame energy is permanent. You will notice how the catalyst twin flame connection fades away.

Be aware of their role in your life, which is to further your twin flame journey. You must focus on yourself and your journey rather than on other people.

Take it as an opportunity for your holistic transformation. They provide you with a stepping stone to the next stage.

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How many catalysts twin flame will you have in your lifetime?

You'll have only one twin flame, but catalyst twin flame is hard to say. Some say they only have one catalyst twin, while others say otherwise.

It is still a huge mystery if several karmic catalysts or catalyst twin flames exist. It depends on your personal journey and the traumas you need to heal.

If one connection may not be enough for you to learn, the Universe sends more. Everything happens for a reason, and a catalyst twin flame moves you on your journey.

The number does not matter as long as the objectives are met. It is essential to be open to your higher self that sets it out for you.

Trust that anyone that comes along sends a powerful message. The endpoint is to help you reach and maximize your potential before your twin flame comes.

Since they initiate your twin flame journey, their roles are significant to the process. They step into your life to clear any mental and emotional baggage.

Once you learn the soul lessons, your true twin flame connection starts.

It can be simultaneously meeting your twin flame while with your catalyst. It can also take some time with a long gap before you meet the one you are waiting for.

And sometimes, you might not need one because you are far enough in your path. The catalyst twin flame meeting signifies a significant change in your life.

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