Chakra Colors and Meanings: An Easy-to-Understand Guide -

Chakra Colors and Meanings: An Easy-to-Understand Guide

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A Chakra is a spiral of energy that each connects to the others. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel.” You have seven primary chakras found in the body that resonates with the energy associated with each of these spectra of colors. By applying the proper color to the body and thereby re-balancing your chakras, color therapy can help to re-balance these ‘wheels.'

The chakra colors reflect the various frequencies of light and energy linked with each energy center. Their meaning may connect to the function of the chakras related to it and general symbolism. Chakras are energy portals connecting the physical body to the rest of the universe.

Understanding all seven chakras can help with healing and progress by bridging the physical and spiritual self. This idea has always had a connection component to the practice of yoga. Your chakras must be open or balanced to function optimally. You may feel physical or emotional symptoms relating to a specific chakra if it becomes blocked.

History Of Chakra Colors

The primary energy points on the body are the chakras. The record of writing the Veda is approximately between 1500 and 500 B.C. in India and was the first to mention the chakra system. Although specific yogic literature claims there are 88,000 chakras, the seven primary chakras are usually said.

Hues alter mood and relax the nervous system. These make situations less disturbing and are peace-inducing healing colors. Many societies throughout the world have used colors for their therapeutic properties through the millennia. Chromotherapy is still an essential tool for mild healing today. As you get over seven of the most refined colors for healing, as well as how to employ them to recover from illness, you may substantially improve your mood.

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You bring about many mind-body advantages by using these therapeutic colors for a home or apparel. Color Therapy is a truly holistic therapy that uses color energy from light energy. It has been helpful for thousands of years. Color, when used correctly, may have a profound and healing influence on humans of all ages.

7 Main Chakra Colors and Their Meanings

Colors have an impact on everyone, often more than you realize. Color has links to every element of your life, particularly its visual components. It has infiltrated your language, culture, and health. Colors, like the gemstones that have those specific color qualities, have therapeutic effects. Colors express your physical health, emotions, attitudes, and spiritual experiences.

Colour Therapy uses the seven colors found in the light spectrum to balance the chakras of the body. It tries to balance and increase your body's energy centers/chakras, boosting your body's healing. These seven primary colors of the rainbow correspond to one of the seven chakras. It has different frequencies, and each color has its energy.

Some of the colors might appeal to you more, while others are entirely unappealing. You will naturally draw to the colors that you need at any given time. Color can influence your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

  • Red

The Muladhara, or root chakra, represents your foundation. It sits near the base of the spine of the human body and provides you a sense of grounding energies. Your root chakra controls your sense of security and stability. It represents protection, survival, grounding, and nutrition from the Earth's vitality. 

It's worth noting that in chakra healing, red might indicate physical inflammation. You feel intimidated when there is an obstruction as if you are standing on shaky ground. Red is a vibrant and warm hue that inspires vigor and energy. It raises blood strength and boosts adrenaline; thus, avoid using it if you have hypertension.

The red chakra is mostly related to instincts and the physical dimensions of your existence. Its functions include survival, ensuring subsistence, feeling safe, and keeping you humble. Red can also help depressed people. It's one of the most effective therapeutic hues for boosting sexual appetite and general vigor.

On a physical level, the color red promotes vitality as it stimulates the circulatory system and the metabolism's energy levels. Your physical life force will be reawakened as it treats colds, poor circulation, anemia, and mucous problems. Red arouses deeper emotions such as sex, love, courage, anger, and even revenge. It bestows bravery and persistence by strengthening your willpower.

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  • Orange

The sacral chakra, or known as the Swadhisthana, influences how you relate to others' emotions. You can locate it below your belly button. This chakra controls your sexual and creative energy. It also holds sexual energy and creativity. If there is an obstruction in the sacral chakra, you may experience a loss of control in your life. 

It has meanings related to emotions, creativity as well as water flow. Orange is a warm color that conjures up feelings of excitement and happiness. Oranges are high in Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that helps repair and combat diseases while also boosting immunity. As a result, orange is significant on the color healing chart for healing colors.

Happiness, wisdom, and creativity all connect with the color orange as it physically energizes the body. On an emotional and cognitive level, it fosters optimism and hopes while it boosts your muscular system. It helps with the spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestines, adrenals, food absorption, and depression recovery. Its expansive character enables you to extend your horizons. The color orange can revitalize the physical body in various ways. 

  • Yellow

The solar plexus chakra or also known as your third chakra represents your ability to be self-assured and in command of your life. You can locate it in the area of your stomach. This chakra is the one in charge of your self-esteem and confidence. You can correlate it to your experience having butterflies in the pit in your stomach, and that's the Manipura chakra at work. 

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You may have intense feelings of shame and self-doubt if your solar plexus chakra has a blockage. But if your sacral chakras are open, you feel free to be yourself. It represents cerebral activity, intelligence, personal power, and willpower. This bright and happy color can aid in enhancing intelligence as well as purify the body and mind, allowing you to heal more quickly. Yellow is very beneficial if you are suffering from skin problems. 

It can help you, if you are feeling sluggish or lethargic, to become more creative. Avoid using too much yellow since it can wreak havoc on your digestive system, causing stomach issues and insomnia. Yellow stimulates your mental powers and helps you to think clearly. Its sunny features of joy, optimism, and confidence, as well as a renewed love for life, make it an excellent antidepressant. 

Yellow is effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal issues. That is why it is good for the stomach, intestines, bladder, and the rest of the digestive system. It helps to keep the gastrointestinal tract in check. Both your body and the intellect will benefit from golden-yellow hues. It has the potential to improve your learning ability.

  • Green

The Anahata, commonly known as the heart chakra, does link between the lower and upper chakras. It's in the center of your chest, close to your heart. The heart chakra reflects your ability to love and exhibit compassion, which should come as no surprise. As its name suggests, this chakra can affect your ability to give and accept love from others and yourself. 

When the heart chakra is not functioning well, it is difficult to fully open up to people's lives. Deep compassion and empathy will be flowing when your heart is open. It has to do with love, connection, integration, and compassion. The color green has a well-balanced healing quality. It's a soothing color that represents development and rejuvenation. 

It also promotes relaxation and balance and is especially good for the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Your energies will soothe and balance when you are in the presence of green. It aids in the development of compassion, sensitivity, and self-acceptance in you. Green has a soothing effect, especially when the body is full of anger and hatred. 

With this color, you will have an outstanding friendliness, hope, faith, and peace thaw will foster. To your overworked mental states, it is relaxing and revitalizing. It links to gratitude and growth as the spiritual color encourages faith in the developing process.

  • Blue

The Vishuddha, or throat chakra, controls your ability to articulate your unique power and provides a voice to the heart chakra. You can find it in your throat. The ability to speak vocally relates to this chakra, and when it's working correctly, it allows you to express yourself clearly. A person having a blocked throat chakra will experience hardships in finding the words to say how you genuinely feel.

It represents self-expression of truth, artistic expression, and communication. This spiritual hue associate with the sky and the water. Blue is a powerful healing hue because it evokes feelings of tranquility and calmness. It will aid in lowering blood pressure and slowing down the heart rate when you are in a panic. Blue is a soothing color for both the mind and body. 

It connects to organs such as the eyes, ears, and nose and the perceptions of smell, sight, and sound. Blue has a cooling, calming, and relaxing effect on the body. It soothes your energies and acts as an antibacterial. The respiratory system will strengthen and balance in this color. 

Blue is excellent for high blood pressure and all throat problems. It relieves asthma, chickenpox, jaundice, and rheumatism. It bestows the attributes of commitment and understanding. The color blue gives your experiences a new perspective as you work with your intuition that it will reawaken while reducing the feeling of loneliness.

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  • Dark Blue/ Indigo

Found in between your eyes is the third eye chakra, also known as Ajna. This chakra can provide you a strong gut instinct because the third eye controls intuition. It connects to creativity when moving closer to communication with the divine as you ascend the body. The Anja holds your ability to see the larger picture and connect to intuition. Consider it the soul's eye as it registers information that isn't visible on the human eye. 

Visions and intuition are typical among those who have their third-eye chakra open. On both physical and spiritual levels, indigo is a vibrant healing color. It supports the lymphatic system, glands, and immunological system. It is a potent blood cleanser that also aids in body detoxification. Indigo will help you tune the left and right hemispheres of the brain and all neuronal connections between them. 

Indigo is an excellent treatment for all facial problems, including the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and sinuses. These have a soothing influence and can aid you to reach more profound levels of consciousness when used in meditation. The color indigo promotes a more profound understanding while also arousing devotion and intuition. It can also help in the treatment of any problems in the lungs.

  • Purple

You can locate the uppermost chakra, the Sahasrara, or crown chakra at the head's crown and signifying your ability to be entirely spiritually connected. Your Sahasrara is a manifestation of your spiritual relationship to others, the universe, and yourself. It also contributes to your life's purpose. You can access a higher awareness when you fully open your crown chakra, which just a few people ever do. 

It awakens inner wisdom, intuition, and extrasensory awareness. Purple and violet, and kindred colors such as lilac and lavender all attach with spirituality. Perception, higher consciousness, and insight link to these healing colors. Purple helps with the cerebral and neurological systems in terms of health. It has a cleansing effect on both the physical and spiritual planes. 

Purple has a strong antiseptic effect and is helpful in the treatment of malignant disorders in the body. It will aid in improving the absorption of nutrients and minerals by the body. Truth, commitment, responsibility, inspiration, and humility are all values evoked by the color purple. It also improves the dream quality. 

Purple is useful when the body needs detoxification thoroughly. It has a strong vibration, which allows it to clean the body. It can help with headaches by stimulating venous action. The red-purple color spectrum harmonizes the body's polarities. The blue-purple color spectrum helps to shrink tumors and chill, reducing inflammation.

Other Color Healing

  • Brown

Brown is a color that connects you to the Earth. It helps hyperactivity and hypertension by bringing all body systems into balance. Brown is reassuring and encouraging, reducing the discomfort of both physical and mental problems.

  • Pink

Pink is a feminine color that is also relaxing and conveys compassion and affection. It is a healing and soothing color that is both protective and compassionate. Like its distant cousin red, bright pink may enhance energy and elicit passionate behavior if consumed in excess.

Pink is a calming color on all levels as it can help relieve anger and feelings of neglect in mind. Delight, compassion, playfulness, love, purity, and self-acceptance are some awakened traits by the color pink. Your emotional energies will be calm as it facilitates the thymus gland and relieves immune system stress. Pink, especially when mixed with aqua, is the most beneficial color for curing skin disorders.

  • White

White is a calming color as it purifies and cleanses the entire energy system. The color white increases creativity as a result. It stabilizes and boosts the energy system as a whole. White enhances the effects of any other color that you combine with it. 

  • Black

Black is a protective, grounding, and relaxing color. It stimulates and increases the body's magnetic or feminine energy. Black activates the subconscious mind, restoring perspective to life and everything that comes with it. You should only use Black in combination with other colors, and you should never use it alone. When used in union with white, it is most effective.

  • Cream

The cream brings the purification of the color white but with a warmer and softer vitality. The color cream has the effect of calming you down and making you feel at ease. 

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The Metaphysical Benefits Of Chakra Colors

The electromagnetic field that envelops the body is the aura. Its colors represent the flow of energy through the chakras and link to the state of many physical processes, emotions, and other psycho-spiritual factors. Although specific colors often represent the chakras, they may emerge in the auric field with varied tints and tones depending on the individual. When representing energy centers in the human body, healing practices use a wide range of colors.

The seven chakras are the body's principal energy centers. There are numerous colors that aid healing. The seven listed above have proved to work through everybody's cell and impact the soul, awareness, and spirit. Make the most of these therapeutic colors to offer serenity, joy, and vigor to yourself and your loved ones.


Working with colors is an excellent method to bring the chakras into harmony. You can match a color to the energy center to support or activate its flow on the most basic level. During a chakra meditation, in your living environment, or healing activity, color therapy provides extra resources to generate a desired emotional or physiological reaction.

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