Chiron in 12th House: The Wound of Emotional Suppression and Sense of Being Alone -

Chiron in 12th House: The Wound of Emotional Suppression and Sense of Being Alone

Our earliest encounters with life may have given us a profound spiritual wound. These hurts are soul-deep and may take a lifetime to heal. Your astrological chart can reveal the aspects of your life where you need healing. Which areas of your life that you’re struggling with right now?

In Astrology, Chiron symbolizes our deepest pain. The house placement of Chiron indicates the area of our life where we are most vulnerable and hurt. If your Chiron falls under the Twelfth House, then this article might be of your interest to. Read further and discover all the wounded places in your life.

Why Chiron represents wounds and healing?

In Greek Mythology, Chiron was the son of the Titan Cronus and the sea nymph Philyra. He was one of the Centaurs, but he was nothing like them. The other Centaurs were drunk, lustful, violent, and savage. Chiron, on the contrary, was sober, wise, and well-mannered. 

Because he was raised and trained by Apollo, he had acquired the gift of healing and prophecy. He was known for his wisdom. He had also served as a teacher of many famous Greek heroes such as Heracles, Perseus, and Achilles.

However, when he was wounded, his healing power did not work on him. Thus, he was called the “Wounded Healer.”

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In Astrology, Chiron is the spiritual baggage that we need to release in this lifetime. Its placement in our birth chart symbolizes emotional and spiritual wounds inflicted upon us in the past. Now in our present timeline, we constantly struggle to heal ourselves from this wound. 

In your healing journey, Chiron asks you not to give up. Find your strengths in your vulnerabilities. Chiron sign is your pain, but it is also your hope and healing opportunity.

Painful experiences are part of our identities. Chiron gives us the courage to overcome our life’s obstacles by facing, acknowledging, and accepting our wounds. It shows us the relationship we have with our pains and heartaches. Most of all, it teaches us that our healing takes place when we help others heal themselves.

Your Chiron in 12th House Wounds

Your chironic wound was born out of your vulnerability and susceptibility to emotional undercurrents since childhood. When you were young, you could not still name these emotions and discern why you feel them.

As you grew up, you tend to cope with this issue by suppressing your emotions. You put up high walls and seclude yourself. You may even not aware that you carry an emotional wound from childhood.

Chiron in 12th House wound is also related to spirituality and belief systems. Sense of self and feeling of completeness comes from your identification with the Divine. As someone with Chiron placed in 12th House, spirituality shapes your identity through isolation and imagination. Separation from the Source may lead to existential pain.

Hypersensitivity to Energies and Emotions

As someone with Chiron in Twelfth House, you are naturally hypersensitive to the energies and emotions around you. You can sense emotional undercurrents even when you were a child. Sensing negative emotions is distressing for you as a child, especially when you still didn’t understand these emotions.

Absorbing negative energies, pains, and sufferings from your environment, or even from the collective unconscious, may have resulted in a childhood wound that you may try to suppress when you grew up. If it's not the case, you’re probably not conscious of having this emotional wound.

This vulnerability to the energies and emotions of the collective unconscious often leads you to the belief that the world is inherently a horrible place, full of misery, woes, illness, chaos, and injustice. So, you fall into disgust and resignation. Feeling unsafe with the world, you react by suppressing your emotions to protect yourself.

Suppression of Emotions

You deal with pains and sufferings by suppressing your emotions. Because you can absorb the chaos from the collective unconscious deep into your psyche, you create an emotional protective barrier between you and other people. However, too many barriers result in suppressed feelings and emotions, which is not healthy for you in the long run.

Sense of Loneliness and Existential Grief

Your childhood chironic wound may cause you to seclude yourself away from the world. You desire to be alone, but the sense of loneliness of being alone is unbearable to you. So, you go out of your way to find connection with those around you, even at the expense of losing your authentic self.

You may even allow toxic people into your life. When they hurt you, you fall into self-victimization and start isolating yourself again. With loneliness gnawing at you, you begin the cycle all over again. 

Your sense of loneliness and existential grief may also stem from your disconnection with the Divine. You question your faith during those times when you were in great pain or when you see the world filled with chaos and misery. You may have asked, “Why does God abandon His people? Does He really exist? Where is He now when we need Him the most?”.

Unless you learn to open your heart and create a healthy boundary between you and other people, your healing journey will never take place.

How Do You Heal?

As someone with Chiron that lies in Twelfth House, you heal through empathy and your profound connection to spirituality.

Well-being and happiness will happen when you don’t seclude yourself from the world, when you have a solid connection to your faith, and when you use your ability to sense energies and emotions to heal other people.

Your Healing Gift

Our chironic wound is an essential part of who we are. We can't hide it away because it will still manifest in our life as a form of inner struggle.

Your Chiron in Twelfth House asks you to dig up the emotional wound that you’ve suppressed. Face your pains and hurts. Trying to escape from your emotional struggles is a roadblock to your healing journey. It leads you away from a happier and more fulfilling life that your soul desires.

As a carrier of Chiron in Twelfth House wounds, use your power of empathy to heal others and eventually heal yourself as well which is similar to having the Chiron in Pisces. Connect to your soul with your faith. This is how you feel complete.

Healing Power of Empathy

Your chironic journey ends when you transcend your wounds by sharing your healing gift with others, similar to having the Chiron in Aquarius. Being hypersensitive to emotional undercurrents can be overwhelming and painful, but because of this hypersensitivity, you learn to empathize with the sufferings and miseries of other people.

Being an empath is never easy. You can always absorb the moods and feelings of those around you, leaving you emotionally drained. This can impact your emotional and mental well-being.

As someone with Chiron in Twelfth House, your response to this experience is through suppression and seclusion. But these coping mechanisms are not healthy for you as well.

Instead of suppressing your emotions and isolating yourself, create a healthy emotional boundary by naming the feelings and emotions you’ve experienced and by practicing self-awareness and mindfulness.

Identify what you can tolerate and accept. Recognize what makes you feel uncomfortable and frustrated. Most of all, be aware of your own emotions and triggers. In this way, you know which energies and emotions that belong to you and others. Self-awareness and mindfulness help you recognize which emotional energies you need to release.

Only when you set a healthy emotional boundary can you heal others through empathy without putting your well-being in jeopardy.

Empathy is your healing gift. Don’t misuse it by secluding yourself. Find ways to connect to people without drowning yourself in their pains and sufferings. Then you will see that your chironic wound starts to heal as well. 

Connection with the Divine

Because the Twelfth House is the House of spirituality, your soul always aspires to connect to the Divine. Losing your faith and disconnection to the Source result in a deep sense of loneliness and existential sorrow. So, your Chiron in Twelfth House asks you to develop a rock-solid faith.

Don’t let the world’s misery shake your faith. No matter what religion and belief you choose, being one with the Divine takes away your loneliness. Sustain your connection with the Divine through prayer or meditation. Find ways to strengthen your faith.

Your Healing Journey with Chiron in 12th House

Your healing journey starts when you open your heart. Do this without drowning yourself with the emotional undercurrents of those around you or the energies that flow from the collective unconscious.

Suppressing your wounds and secluding yourself is detrimental to your overall well-being. You don't grow when you hide. Get the courage to face the pains and sufferings. You have the ability to understand the misery of other people, use this ability to heal them, and eventually heal yourself as well.   

You thrive in emotional engagement. Just don’t forget to keep a healthy boundary between you and other people. This is how you can protect yourself.

Lastly, always remember that you are not alone. You are complete and connected to the Source. Recognize yourself as One with the Divine while using your healing gift of empathy. Then your Chironic journey will end.  

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