Chiron in Pisces: The Wound of Being Selfless and Belief -

Chiron in Pisces: The Wound of Being Selfless and Belief

Every individual from all walks of life has undergone pain. These painful experiences can sometimes be unforgettable, and they still haunt us until today. Moreover, there is also a similar experience in the spiritual realm, and they are known as spiritual wounds.

Chiron in Pisces points to wounds related to spirituality, intuition, and emotions. It's about healing deep, hidden pains and connecting with the collective unconscious. Embracing these challenges can lead to profound spiritual growth and understanding.

Spiritual wounds are the manifestations of feelings where we feel helpless, heartbreaking memories, and feelings that we don't understand sometimes. Yet, we find a way to heal ourselves from these negative emotions, a path to find inner peace.

Chiron in Astrology describes our deepest pain. It is the mere reflection of our weaknesses and our flaws.

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In this article, you'll be able to understand the shortcomings of people born under the Pisces natal sign. Also, read more to know how you can deal with these weaknesses and how you can heal yourself and others around you. 

Why Chiron represents wounds and healing?

The story of Chiron is based on ancient Greek mythology. The Titan god Cronus was enchanted by a water nymph named Philyra. He disguised himself as a majestic stallion. He chased her and seduced her. Soon after, the two bore a son, and they called him Chiron.

Chiron was born as a half-human, and a half-horse called a centaur. When his mother saw how he looked, she was dreaded with disgust and decided to abandon him. It was believed by many that centaurs were savage creatures. They were lustful, ill-mannered, and often vile, especially when they are drunk.

Chiron was different from other centaurs. He was very compassionate, well-mannered, and knowledgeable. He was later adopted and raised by the Greek god Apollo, the god of music, healing, and prophecy.

He was the wisest among the centaurs, and he was a very effective teacher. He taught and trained many heroes like Achilles, Jason, and Heracles, who would soon be the greatest champions in the history of Greek mythology.  He also learned the ability to heal like his foster father.

A misfortune happened when he got struck by a poisoned arrow, and he could no longer heal himself. Thus, he was then known for his moniker as the “Wounded Healer”.

In Astrology, Chiron is a spiritual wound that we need to mend as we go on with our lives. The pain that we have undergone throughout the years of our lives is a depiction of the person we are right now.

Chiron wants us to be brave in facing the challenges head-on. Let his wisdom guide you to reflect on all of your life's obstacles and turn them to your advantage.

Knowing your strength when you are vulnerable grants you the opportunity to heal not only yourself but others as well.  

Your Chiron in Pisces Wounds

People born under the Chiron in Pisces carry the burden of being obliged to help others and tend to dismiss their own needs. Your wounds are all about being selfless without thinking about your wellbeing. You feel that it is your responsibility to help other people and feel sorry about yourself if you can't deliver it.

You also feel that you are being betrayed. You thought that the universe wasn't there for you, especially when you needed help the most. Although these wounds could lead you astray, if you learn how to value self-importance, this could be the key to your healing journey. 

Loss of Caring for Oneself and Being Selfless Excessively

Pisces people are known to be caring and very kind. They have the talent to understand people's feelings and reliable if such need arises. The Chiron in Pisces insinuates that you are giving too much of yourself to help or serve others. As a result, you tend to compromise your own needs.

You inhibit extreme compassion to help those people in need that you end up sacrificing your wellbeing. It's always good to help people, but you tend to go beyond the extra mile, which is unnecessary sometimes. You would also feel bad if you can't be able to perform your role in helping others.

People who are in Chiron in Pisces are self-proclaimed martyrs. Somehow in your subconscious mind, you feel happy about it. Your selfless, noble actions could be detrimental to your health or your wellbeing. In worst cases, it could progress to behavioral problems such as short-tempered, anxiety, and other forms of stressful emotions.

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Loss of Trust in the Universe

Sometimes we can feel a bond that links us with the spiritual energy of the universe. We sometimes think that the universe favors us because of the good things that happened to us. The Chiron in Pisces is all about losing trust in the universal-spiritual aspect. You feel that you have been left out and betrayed because of the misfortunes that happened.

Though you may not have lost your trust in people, if there comes a time that you need help and no one goes to your rescue, you blamed it on the universe.  

The other thing with Chiron in Pisces is that you also think that you don't deserve the spiritual energy of the universe. You could also sense the pain and suffering of the universe that could drown you in your own world of suffering. You can also sense other people's pains. If someone close to you is in pain, you could feel it too, but your own wounds become amplified.

How Do You Heal?

The Chiron in Pisces healing process begins with loving and caring for oneself. Learning to value your own basic needs can help you lighten the burden. One other thing to fulfill your healing journey is to let go of the negative thoughts on your mind and divert your attention to helping people.   

Your Healing Gift

One of the best traits for people born under the Pisces sign is that they are compassionate to people, especially those who need aid, in relevance to having the Moon in Pisces.

They are natural-born healers, and they know how to understand people's thoughts. They are the best people to share your problems with because they know how to make you feel better. Pisces people are selfless, and they would willingly give up on something to make other people become successful and achieve their goals.

Learn to Value Yourself Before Helping others

Helping people in need is the noblest thing that a person could have ever done to his fellow men. While helping other people is good, it doesn't mean that we have to go overboard or tire ourselves to exhaustion. We have to learn to value ourselves, and we have to tend to our own basic needs first. The path to healing your chironic wound is to set your priorities first, which is yourself.

You should learn to value yourself before you try to offer a lending hand to other people. In that way, you can genuinely feel a sense of satisfaction in helping them.  As part of your healing process, you can heal people from their pain, and you are gradually healing yourself by helping them.

Learn to Become One with the Universe

There are times in our lives that we experienced terrible things in the past. Especially the things that we can't fathom and the series of misfortunes that left a deep wound. The negative feelings that caused you to blame the universe and how it made you feel irrelevant. The path to the healing process of Chiron in Pisces is not an easy path, but it's not impossible to overcome.

There is a saying that in order to overcome our worst fear is to face it head-on. The only thing that can overcome your doubts and uncertainties is to confront them. Sometimes you may have to re-live the bitter past experience and go through the pain instead of avoiding it. The main goal is to determine what reality and fantasy are, separate your false thoughts about the universe, and find your purpose. One other goal is to confront these negative beliefs and to find meaning by thinking more logically.

We have to dig deeper to understand why some of these false beliefs aren't true. It may take a considerable amount of time to work on, but it is a step closer to the healing process.

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Your Healing Journey with Chiron in Pisces

Wounds, profound wounds require a lot of time to heal. The struggle of finding your belongingness in this world and the thought of putting other people above you may be the current war that you're facing right now. Always remember that these setbacks can provide us doors of opportunities to develop our personal and spiritual growth, just like Chiron, who kept on fighting with his mortal wounds.

Without a doubt, putting others above yourself is the most compassionate thing a person can ever do. You should balance everything and prioritize your own needs first. For that reason, you can help more people effectively. A part of your healing journey is to search for the truth and become one with the universe. You must confront the negative beliefs logically, and you can see the bigger picture. You also begin to understand why things work the way they do, and everything in this world has a reason no matter what the consequence is.

Finally, you have to see the world from a much bigger perspective for you to be fully healed. For a person like you with Chiron in Pisces sign, your healing transformation comes from the power of helping other people by also helping yourself.

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