Chiron in Sagittarius: The Wound of Finding Meaning and Belief -

Chiron in Sagittarius: The Wound of Finding Meaning and Belief

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All of us experienced pain in our lives. Those pains may be inflicted by other people or by the people that we love. Furthermore, in the spiritual world, we're also vulnerable to spiritual wounds.

These wounds go way back in our past life, even in our childhood days, and we still carry the scars it left until today. There is also a time in our lives that we're searching for redemption. It is a way to mend our wounds and to find peace within ourselves.

The representation of Chiron in Astrology symbolizes our deepest pain. It depicts our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. If you are born under the Sagittarius sign, then you'll find this article interesting to read. Learn how you can heal yourself and the people around you.

Why Chiron represents wounds and healing?

In ancient Greek mythology, The Titan god Cronus disguised himself as a magnificent horse, and he tried to seduce the nymph Phylira. The two bore a son, and he was named Chiron.

Chiron was born as a half-human and a half-horse. When his mother saw him, she was dreaded and abandoned him. It was believed that centaurs were savages, full of lust, and oftentimes violent drunkards.

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Unlike other centaurs, Chiron was rather a well-mannered and caring centaur. He was adopted and raised by the Greek god Apollo, who is the god of music, healing, and prophecy.

He was the wisest of all centaurs, and he was a very successful teacher who taught and trained a lot of warriors who became the greatest heroes in the history of Greek mythology. Like his foster father, he had the ability to heal as well.

When a poisoned arrow struck him, his healing ability had failed him. Hence, he was known as the “Wounded Healer”.

In Astrology, Chiron represents our spiritual wound that seeks healing over our lifetime. We experienced pain throughout our lives because it is a part of who we are today. Chiron taught us a valuable lesson in facing our life’s obstacles head-on.

So, learn to acknowledge and accept our wounds. It shows us the relationship we have with our pains and heartaches.

Let Chiron guide you into knowing more about yourself, finding your greatest strength in your most vulnerable state, and inspiring other people to become courageous. Although Chiron signifies your pain, it also grants you the opportunity to heal yourself and others.

Your Chiron in Sagittarius Wounds

Your wounds are all about disconnection. People who are born under the Chiron in Sagittarius trace their wounds back to the roots of finding meaning in their lives and their beliefs.

These people usually feel that their existence has no sense of purpose and they are highly obsessed with gaining their freedom and independence and won't stop at anything to protect it.

They also tend to give up easily when everything seems to be lost and could not find their way. However, these wounds could be their downfall, but if they learn to find the root cause of the issue and begin to understand it, this could be the first step towards their healing journey.  

Loss of Faith and Fear of Death

You often strive to seek out the truth and find meaning in your life, which would usually turn to doubts and fears. If you are a religious person, you may have lost faith in God or in a divine being that would have served to be your guidance. As a result, you often have suicidal thoughts without knowing the real truth and your existence on this planet.

An experience or a trauma may have triggered this, such as losing someone dear or plagued by unfortunate circumstances. Because of this, you lose confidence in yourself, and you tend to question your sense of purpose.

You wage war with yourself in pursuing the universal truth. It could result in losing your focus on the things that really mattered. Hence, the reason why you tend to be inquisitive.

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Lossing Freedom and Having no Boundaries

Freedom and adventure are important aspects for anyone under the Sagittarius sign. The Chiron in Sagittarius suggests the fear of losing someone's freedom.

As a Sagittarius person, you enjoy your freedom very seriously, and you love going on adventures. However, if someone tried to deprive you of your freedom, you wouldn't hesitate to rise up by any means necessary.

This could escalate in making such drastic actions that could result in hurting someone. One of the reasons that would result in this kind of behavior is when a person was deprived of his freedom, such as parents setting very strict rules.

How Do You Heal?

Chiron in Sagittarius heals in a manner of recognizing oneself through self-transformation. Learning to accept that life is a thousand-mile journey can help you unfold the truth.

As part of your healing process, considering every relationship does not compromise independence or freedom is a good way not to be obsessed with having too much freedom.

Your Healing Gift

One good trait that people under the Chiron in Sagittarius has is that they have an intrinsic ability to solve other people's problem who seemed to have lost their hope. 

They also have a knack for saying the right words in order to make them feel good or to motivate them to resolve their current issues.

A recommended solution to mend these wounds is through transformation. Change what you think and believe and understand yourself better.

Letting Go of Your Doubts

The scars of the past can be painful especially if it leaves a mark to your present life. The past experiences that would continue to haunt you and made you lose your self-identity and brewing a cloud of doubtfulness. 

You seek to find the truth by reasoning with philosophy or finding redemption through religion, but what's important, which many people often missed, is to find the sense of purpose within ourselves.

The path to healing from your chironic wound is learning to embrace your fears and finding the inner desire in your heart.

To do this, you must do the things you desire the most, follow where your heart beats, your burning passion, and the dreams you aspire. Try to look for the meaning of your actions and your sense of purpose in whichever path you decided to take. Those are the things that will guide you to your simple truth.

You may also experience fighting with your beliefs, but it's not because what you believe in isn't real, rather you have to gather all of the pieces together and incorporate them to find the true meaning of your life.

 It would also be good for you to appreciate how amazing it is to be alive.  Never allow other external factors to intervene with your happiness and the path to find your sense of purpose. 

Learn to recognize boundaries and limitations

Deprivation of freedom is one of Chiron in Sagittarius' downfalls. You tend to become violent if you feel like your freedom is being threatened. You would strike at anything just to uphold the freedom that you love.

To start your healing process, you have to explore the issues that may have caused you to desire to have too much freedom within yourself. You have to face this dilemma. You should resist being obsessed with freedom.

Freedom is a right that everyone must have, but you have to understand that there are scopes and limitations to where your freedom should be placed. Deprivation of freedom can bring conflict, but the solution always lies in discovering these uncertain feelings and taking the proper actions to deal with them.

Your Healing Journey with Chiron in Sagittarius

Like all wounds, it could take a long time to heal a chironic wound. The conflict of having boundaries in freedom and the struggle in looking for meaning in your life may be evident in your present life right now.

However, just like Chiron endured his mortal wounds, these trials serve as an opportunity for your personal and spiritual growth.

It is undeniably true that we share a lot of pain in our past experiences. The major disappointments could have developed our fears and doubts about the things we believe in.  These would gradually consume us to lose our own identity.

If we traced back in history, the people that were deprived of their freedom started to uprise from their oppressors. Being stripped away from the things that we love could turn us into the person that we hated; becoming violent and irrational.

The Chiron in Sagittarius may be confusing and oppressing. However, these doubts and freedom can be indispensable because you know how to deal with these dilemmas and uncertainties.

You can help other people to find solutions when they are feeling hopeless. You also know what to do and put them into action to resolve the issue.

Lastly, to fully utilize your abilities to heal your wounds, it is also important to heal other people. By healing them, you're also healing yourself from the wounds you have inflicted.

For someone with Chiron in the Sagittarius sign, your healing transformation surges when you help people overcome their doubts and to appreciate freedom.  

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