Chiron in Virgo: Wound of Self-Worth   -

Chiron in Virgo: Wound of Self-Worth  

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We all have this emptiness in our hearts and souls that we cannot seem to fill. No matter what we do, this feeling always remains. The shadows of our past pains, struggles, and sufferings create the deepest wounds that may take a lifetime to heal. But these life challenges can lead us to profound healing.

In Astrology, Chiron symbolizes our deepest pain. It is where we are most vulnerable and hurt. If you have Chiron in Virgo in your natal chart, then this article is for you. Read on and discover more insights about your struggle zones. Search and trace the Chiron part of your life from an Astrological point of view.

Why Chiron Represents Wounds and Healing?

According to Ancient Greek Mythology, Chiron was one of the Centaurs. He was the son of the Titan Cronus and the sea nymph Philyra. Unlike the other Centaurs who were drunk, lustful, violent, and savage, Chiron was sober, wise, and well-mannered. 

The Greek God Apollo adopted him and taught him all of his knowledge, abilities, and skills. He was also known for his wisdom and expertise in medicine, which is ironic because he could not heal himself when he was wounded.

Chiron in Astrology is the fourth asteroid that signifies the wounded healer in our birth chart. It indicates the areas in our life where we are uncomfortable, disappointed, inadequate, or hurt.

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On the other hand, Chiron also represents our healing gifts by recognizing, acknowledging, and accepting chironic wounds.

Chiron encourages us to accept ourselves unconditionally. It is alright to admit and surrender to our weakness in order to heal. It might be hard for our ego. We will continue to face repeated disappointments, but overcoming this fear will result in self-confidence, self-love, self-worth, and self-respect.

Your Chiron in Virgo Wounds 

As someone who belongs under the Chiron in Virgo, your wound centers around perfectionism and self-worth, these wounds are maybe your weakest points, but through them, you can find your strengths. Learning to accept that suffering is part of life is the first step to your healing journey.


Chiron in Virgo tends to be a perfectionist. You are organized yet controlling and critical, responsible yet overly obsessive.

The Chiron in Virgo shows the area of your life or personality where you are most sensitive and vulnerable. Your perception of yourself that there is always something wrong with you is a wound related to your self-worth.

You tend to feel incomplete. You try to look perfect just to hide your fear and feeling of incompleteness. Sometimes hiding from the world does not help you. You always have dissatisfaction and a lack of belief in yourself.

The Need to Control

You desire to control everything around you and to be responsible for what is currently happening in your life. The loss of control and the fear of rejection drive you to create a perfect safety net.

You desire to control everything in your life. Your relationship is not an exemption, which often results in toxicity. Your fear of rejection leads you to seek power over your relationship partner without any emotional involvement. You are afraid of being too intimate and being in a sexual relationship.

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Growing up, you had many responsibilities and had too little fun. You may also have suffered from illness during childhood. Due to your upbringing, you tend to be obsessive in taking care of others while neglecting your own health.

Remember, you are perfect as you are. You need not live in the ideal standard set by others. You are worthy of good health. Continue to help yourself and others without compromising yourself.

Your outlook on the relationship and other aspects of your life stems from your past experiences. You might have thought that your parent was very critical of you, or you were so obsessed to fix whatever you thought was wrong with you as you grew up outside of the expected standard.

But overcoming these will make you realize that control and being perfect is just a façade. It simply became your coping mechanism and didn't necessarily decrease any negative emotions within yourself.

Toxic Relationship

Too fixated on controlling everything to appear as “perfect” to others and the difficulty of being flexible contributes to how you nourish and handle your relationship, leading to an unhealthy relationship. The inability to accept your flaws and unproductive self-criticism dramatically affects your self-confidence and forms the fear of rejection.

To compensate and hide away your insecurities, you seek to control and overpower your significant other. You build a wall around yourself and project a powerful and perfect individual that fails to connect with your partner, either emotionally or physically.

To establish and maintain a healthy relationship, you are asked to learn how to relinquish control and accept your flaws. No one is perfect. You are enough as it is. How can you nourish a healthy partnership and relationship with others if you fail to foster a healthy relationship with yourself?

How Do You Heal?

Chiron in Virgo represents your pains and struggles to heal your wounds. Although Chiron signifies the deepest wounds, it also expresses the greatest spiritual strength. The healing path of Chiron Virgo is to face and accept that every part of you has a purpose, and you have to recognize and embrace it.

Your Healing Gift

Chiron in Virgo heals through self-acceptance. Your healing starts within yourself, reflecting and purifying yourself. Through overcoming your own insecurities and desire for perfection, you can develop the ability to serve life – serving your own true truth and that of others.

Healing People Through Transitions

Your journey starts when you accept you are perfectly imperfect. Every part of you, the good and the bad, has its purpose. All parts are necessary to stay true to yourself and to love yourself. It would be best to learn how to give up the image of perfectionism and the need to control.  Through this, you can recognize your vulnerabilities and embrace them.

You will find that you can help and teach others to love and accept themselves once you overcome your fears. That is your healing gift—the ability to form a clear and unbiased individualism to serve others. Remember, you are a working progress.

Building Trust

The fear of rejection and your insecurities greatly affected your ability to trust yourself as well as others. For you to heal your wounds, one must try to trust oneself again.

Be vulnerable and accept that you are flawed. To be able to trust others, you need to trust and believe in yourself first. To heal your wounds, you mustn't reject yourself. Don't let the standard of others dictate your worth and value. It is your power to define who you are.

Security in Relationship

You have to acknowledge the root of your need to be perfect, to control everything, and self-worth problems. Spend time reflecting on your own and realizing your true value. Giving up control and perfectionism doesn't mean rejection.

It is a matter of freeing yourself from your wounds and pain. Learn to appreciate and encourage yourself as you do to others. Be generous and kind. You cannot continue to be responsible for others if you neglect yourself.

Often, true healing takes place when you accept that you are flawed, vulnerable, and weak. You empower yourself when you embrace all parts of yourself.

Your Healing Journey with Chiron in Virgo

People with Chiron in Virgo are usually a perfectionist and have a deep desire to control everything. They put so much pressure on themselves. They are their own prominent critics of their flaws and imperfections.

Your desire to be perfect and in control was due to your own childhood upbringing, as well as your fear of rejection. It greatly influenced your outlook in life. All your fears are manifested through destructive and toxic behaviors like the need to control, obsession, the desire to overpower another, worthless feeling, and trust issues.

People with Chiron in Virgo desire to help others. When people reject them, they become angry and stressed as they failed to organize everything according to their own standards.

To heal the wounds of Chiron in Virgo, you need to understand the root of your emotional wounds, to unconditionally accept that you are, in fact, imperfect and flawed. You need to accept that all parts of yourselves make you whole and complete. It is who you are.

It is never easy to accept yourself, to be comfortable in your own body. It is an everyday battle in your mind and heart. Sometimes it is easier to think that you already accepted yourself, but sometimes, your actions contradict your thoughts.

We tend to undervalue ourselves yet overestimate our limitations. To foster a meaningful and healthy relationship with others, you need to start it with yourself. Nurture the relationship with yourself through acceptance, self-love, and vulnerability.

You can serve and heal others, but the healing must come from within yourself first so that you can show them how to be true to themselves. True strength is found when you acknowledge your own weaknesses.

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