Top 10 Healing Crystals for Anxiety & Stress -

Top 10 Healing Crystals for Anxiety & Stress

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Life can be very stressful; you need to be yourself if you cannot balance. This is where these healing crystals can help.

Stones have mighty healing powers. I have hand-picked these gems with their calming effects to keep your mind at ease. From Amethyst to Rhodonite, each stone will bring balance back into your life and calm your soul.

These beautiful and calming crystals can be just the cure to anxiety that you need. Each crystal has its specific properties to benefit your well-being.

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a gemstone that helps calm anxiety and stress. It has a long history of being used for spiritual growth and spiritual awakening. This healing crystal helps strengthen the aura and is a stone of spirituality.

Amethyst doesn't only reduce stress, but it dispels negativity from your life. It attracts positive, calming energy while stilling your mind chatter, keeping us awake. This stone is excellent to keep you focused and grounded in meditation.

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Also, it helps ease nightmares so you can enjoy a night of deep, restful sleep. Amethyst offers help to the mind and emotions by bringing clarity, calm, and stability.

Amethyst can help change your perspective to something more positive. That is if you're prone to bouts of anxiety or stress. It helps balance our quiet and active minds.

It would be an excellent crystal to have at work or school to promote a relaxed environment if you find yourself tense from time to time. Amethyst helps with cell regeneration and the nervous system healing.

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2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a soft pink gemstone that can promote love and beauty. It has a gentle energy that creates a sense of calm and peace. Rose quartz is also known as the stone of love and brings peaceful and loving energy.

One of the most popular stones, rose Quartz, has been used by women to help with anxiety and stress. Place next to your bedside table as a calming aid as you go to sleep. You can also keep it in your living space as a reminder that it's time to relax.

It is a crystal that teaches love for oneself first then extends that love outward to others. Healers use it during Reiki treatments to channel forgiveness and unconditional love towards patients. Rubbing rose Quartz will send loving energy into the heart chakra to help heal any negativity that has built up there.

Rose Quartz is a calming stone, bringing peace and security to all who carry or wear it. It brings a calming, soothing energy to one's chakras.

It can also assist in calming stress, anxiety, and high emotions. This stone is a gem of the heart, allowing the wearer to open it to love and be loved by others.

3. Moonstone

The gemstone known as the Moonstone is a symbol of balance and harmony. Its visual features resemble the gentle, soothing moonlight.

The Moonstone is a stone of intuition. It encourages clarity and understanding between those who wear it. This crystal can also work as an aid for those recovering from an unhealthy lifestyle. The Moonstone is both calming and uplifting.

Known as the stone of intuition, it enhances psychic abilities. Also, of all forms of intuitive gifts. Many find that the Moonstone helps one relax under pressure, keeping calm in even stressful situations. The Moonstone also allows the user to feel the full impact of all emotions.

Empowering them with a deeper understanding of themselves and with an appreciation for differences in others. Moonstone promotes inner calm and boosts fertility, pregnancy, childbirth. And all things related to women's health.

It connects to our feminine side and helps with balancing female hormones. It represents new beginnings and encourages inner strength and growth. Used in crystal healing for stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and depression.

4. Citrine

A yellow crystal inspires confidence and optimism, bringing back the golden glow of all things beautiful. It is treated with love and care from nature's most potent forces. This yellow crystal shines bright with an energetic feeling that lifts the mind out of a gloomy day.

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It is a sunny gem that can give off an aura of comfort. Citrine crystals are great to have on hand if you are feeling anxious. With an ability to set your emotions back in balance, it can also ensure that you find faith in your decision-making abilities.

Unlike most crystals for stress and anxiety, Citrine does not need to be recharged with light. Instead, she is always at peak brightness, ready to help calm you down when no one else is.

This Citrine stone can assist you in accessing your inner wisdom and energy for manifesting creativity, joy, happiness, and clarity in your life. The power of Citrine works to create order out of chaos within yourself. Use it to reflect any negativity to send it away.

5. Rhodonite

A member of the Quartz family is a pink-to-reddish stone. It is believed to stimulate and open both sides of the brain. This pale and pretty crystal helps you understand and process those deep-seated emotions, and traumatic experiences buried deep in your subconscious.

This crystal is known as the ‘Stone of Compassion.' Rhodonite's soothing and protective energy infuses feelings of security and warmth. It also helps you release things that no longer serve you.

Bring order to feelings of panic and instill a sense of peace and calm with a Rhodonite in your space. Rhodonite is a powerful stone that helps reduce and suppress anxiety. Crystals have many benefits, It has a gentle, nurturing energy that makes you feel calmer and more secure.

It holds space to clear away old wounds or triggers. It also helps direct deep-seated, subconscious fears toward the higher good. Waves of anxiety are no match for this nurturing stone.

If you are worrying, fearful of the future, or haunted by past incidents, place one Rhodonite crystal on your desk, in your pocket, or under the pillow. As the pale golden hues of this crystal remind us of a spring dawning, so will it restore you to balance.

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6. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a grounding stone. It attracts and absorbs negativity and fears and can eliminate them in the process. This dark-colored stone is a popular choice for energy protection, and it has a profoundly calming effect when you carry it around in your pocket.

Use it to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed by events in the world or even tricky relationships. It is one of the most popular healing crystals for anxiety and stress. The shiny black stone is an inexpensive addition to your collection that can provide you with grounding energy when you need it most, allowing you to clear your mind and put all of your focus into the present moment.

It is one of the best protection stones, protecting you from negative energy and absorbing such energy from your space. In this way, it's a perfect choice for keeping anxiety at bay.

Carry a small piece of black tourmaline around with you to keep negative energy at bay. It can calm your mind when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. It can also cleanse your space and clear up any bad energy accumulated there.

7. Smoky Quartz

The powerful, blessed crystal Smoky Quartz promotes healing, giving you the courage to face the day free of your fears. Smoky Quartz‏ ‏is often described as the stone of bravery. Its energy surrounds those with openness and transparency.

This is to process their emotions, including those related to anxiety and stress. A stone of healing and courage, this mineral helps us shape our own lives as we guide others toward self-awareness and healing. Smoky Quartz is a stone of courage, grounding us with a profound source of inner strength.

It takes the burden off you by gently releasing these heavy energies from your day-to-day worries. It's a powerful yet safe way to promote emotional support for those concerned about their health. This polished quartz crystal reminds us that fear only moves us backward – it binds us to what we fear and transforms into something dangerous to ourselves or others.

By realizing that our fears are nothing more than voices in our head, we free ourselves from fear's iron grasp and awaken our courage. Smoky Quartz also smooths the flow of your thoughts, which can help you deal with anger or other unhelpful emotions or walk through life with ease.

It is used as a cleansing stone to energetically clear the aura, chakras, mind, heart, and any environmental energy present. Smoky Quartz helps ease the stress of everyday life and relieves tension and anxiety associated with work and daily chores. It can be worn to calm yourself in times of stress or worry.

8. Sodalite

Try wearing a Sodalite healing crystal to combat stress and anxiety, especially if you feel out of control. This blue stone encourages rational thought, intuition, objectivity, truth, and understanding.

It also helps with communication. Use this crystal when dealing with a heavy or emotional subject matter or when your life is changing rapidly so you can process the changes effectively. Wear this stone in uncertainty to help bring calm order to mind.

Sodalite is an easy-to-find stone that is blue. For this reason, it is often used during meditation to help bring tranquillity to mind. It allows for rational thought processes and encourages the act of objectivity.

Additionally, Sodalite gives people insight into their consciousness, helping them explore their inner selves further. This crystal is excellent for dealing with anxiety-provoking situations. It aids in understanding the root cause of emotions and encourages calm.

It is a stone of logic and rationality, helping one see the truth behind a problem. It assists in communication, especially the verbalization of feelings. Sodalite is a blue crystal associated with the Throat Chakra, lending its power to transmit all kinds.

9. Hematite

Hematite is a smaller-sized crystal with a powerful punch, used as a protective stone for thousands of years. It is not a hard choice when clearing negative energies, keeping you grounded and in check with the earth's natural frequencies. It is an iron oxide crystal known to ground us with our earth, keeping our energies in check with the planet's elements.

This will ensure you feel aligned, balanced, and free – less lost in the confines of a confused mind. Hematite is also a wonder at soaking up bad energies, effectively cleansing your surrounding environment. Its extraordinary powers to absorb negativity will ensure that any stressful point is cleared before it can make its way into your life.

Hematite allows you to filter out distractions and helps you focus on what is most important. Hematite will give you strength, courage, and the boost that you need to keep pushing forward even when feeling exhausted, especially after dealing with an intense day of people interaction.

10. Howlite

With properties that include the ability to ease raging emotions and bring about clarity and calm, howlite can benefit anyone looking to become more centered and at peace.

It softens frustration and improves sleep. It also helps clear any communication barriers you may have to communicate with others on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Howlite is a calming and stress-relieving stone known as the ‘Stone of Introspection and meditation.’ With its subtle energy, it's the perfect stone to help you slow down and connect with your inner thoughts. Calm your emotions, relieve anxiety and stress, and bring about clarity.

This crystal brings tranquility and peace during stress and crisis, allowing for a grounding and calming effect. Howlite works to release bad habits by allowing you to identify faulty thinking patterns and behavior. It encourages the awareness of self-defeating thought processes and assists in developing positive methods that can be used as replacements.

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You may not control everything around you, but you can start with your mind and create balance. By using these calming stones, you can take charge of your emotions. It can also keep you calm, neutralize negative energy, and remove the stress of situations out of your control.

The crystals featured below are self-care tools that bring calm, balance, and healing to an otherwise anxious life. You can use them as decoration or choose to place them on your body or in your environment.

They can be beneficial for those struggling with anxiety. Also, from stress relief and other forms of mental illness.

You may also use these crystals as part of your spiritual bath to help you cleanse and calm your energy. My post about spiritual bathing is here to help you how.

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