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7 Best Crystals for Fertility, Pregnancy & Childbirth

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Fertility crystals aren't simply for holding your ‘home in order.' They can be helpful before, throughout, and after pregnancy and in the early days of parenthood. Your power will surge, and your intentions will have every possibility of manifesting into a bright new reality. Crystals will be your assistance in removing toxins, strengthening your inner resolve, and keeping you linked holistically. Partners who want to boost their chances of becoming pregnant can use fertility crystals.

They're also beneficial for couples who want to unwind while trying to conceive. Crystals can help you prepare your body and mind for the arrival of your new family member. They aid in conception by calming the body and mind, restoring hormone imbalances, and lowering stress levels. There is a range of crystals that can help you with birth and fertility. These crystals will not only provide you with the desired outcomes, but they will also protect your unborn child.

History Of Crystals For Fertility, Pregnancy, & Childbirth

Over 6,000 years ago, in the Sumerian empire, the first definite record of individuals utilizing crystals for therapeutic purposes appeared. When the first initiation of crystals to practice close to the body, they believe that the human electromagnetic field alters. That is how they impact the body, and it is through this process that healing begins. Health difficulties can come from complications in chakras or energy flow in the body, according to the beliefs around healing crystals as an alternative therapy. Specific types of crystals can heal specific sorts of energy problems.

Crystals and stones may assist you in practically every part of your life, and there will be a crystal for almost every function imaginable, including fertility and pregnancy. Belief says that it could be possible that healing crystals can aid fertility. These gemstones absorb bad energies from the body during healing and release positive energy received by the body, resulting in an energetic balance. They emit gentle energy that boosts your vitality and, as a result, your fertility.

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7 Best Crystals for Fertility and Pregnancy

  • Jade

If you have trouble having a baby, keep this stone near you while trying to manifest it, and let lady luck shine on you. Those individuals who are trying to conceive can feel like a constant fight of stress and pressure. Jade is on hand to draw you back from the edge of despair. This stone is a good luck talisman that is suitable for assisting you in maintaining your composure.

  • Carnelian

Carnelian is a gem that associates with sensuality and creativity. It aids in restoring the sacral chakra's balance and removing any blockages in the reproductive organs. It boosts your self-assurance when it comes to giving birth, as well as holding and raising a child. Carnelian is a gem of passion, and it also awakens your sexual side. 

It causes you to fall in love more passionately and spontaneously. Carnelian protects you from miscarriage by stimulating your reproductive system and balancing your hormones. The ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, and vagina will benefit from its balancing properties. It relieves PMS symptoms as well as other reproductive-related discomforts.

  • Unakite

Unakite can help you stay calm throughout pregnancy or birth if you have any nervous energy. Wear this jewel for the next nine months to relax and infuse you with pleasant energy in preparation for your new journey. Many adore this diamond, also known as the Doula stone, especially midwives worldwide because it assists moms have a healthy and peaceful pregnancy. This stone, which is brimming with mild uplifting energy, can provide you with the patience and tranquility you need.

  • Moonstone

Moonstone is powerful because it associates with the feminine energy of the moon. When you correctly positioned the Moonstone under a full moon and infused with divine feminine energy, it can aid with fertility. That is why it's the most helpful crystal to have on hand if you're attempting to conceive. It gives you a surge of feminine vitality that will be full of love infused in crystal. Moonstone allows you to focus step by step rather than rushing to get pregnant while making love.

The likelihood of becoming pregnant will considerably boost by focusing on the love factor. It's also an excellent gemstone for controlling your menstrual cycle if you're having problems with it. The Moonstone is the ideal fertility stone. It provides relaxing energy and emotional stability. It also encourages conception through natural means. To maximize the healing properties of your Moonstone crystal, utilize it during a full moon.

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  • Garnet

You should place the Garnet on your uterine space to allow the healing light to penetrate. This stone can also be helpful as a part of a crystal grid to help you get back in balance. Garnet, the stone of hope and light, is a highly powerful stone that aids in removing obstructions in the body. This radiant gem can jolt your libido and keep you clinging to your partner as you ride life's emotional rollercoaster.

  • Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite also helps throughout pregnancy, especially when the fetus is developing. It improves fertility and the reproductive process at all stages, from conception to delivery and growth. It also stimulates the root chakra, which increases your zest for life and vigor.

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Use Selenite as a talisman or lucky amulet throughout your parenthood journey, either in jewelry like a fertility bracelet or in daily meditation. Beneficent calming energy abounds in the Selenite stone, ready for you to absorb. Pregnancy and parenthood will receive protection through this stone. For starters, it can improve your fertility, sharpen your energetic center, and keep you focused on a safe pregnancy.

  • Aquamarine

If you're fighting feelings of frustration and finding it challenging to submit as part of this process, Aquamarine's calm energy can help you relax. Fertility might feel like a path of bending the environment to your will sometimes, which may be stressful and difficult. Aquamarine is a calming, cool-headed stone that encourages you to go with the flow rather than fighting it. It's also thought to prevent miscarriage when the time comes.

  • Hematite

Hematite is a grounding, peaceful, and tranquil stone. It can help regulate bleeding and cure anemia, muscle cramps, blood circulation problems, and nervous system diseases. When facing difficult situations, you can wear it as a necklace or a bracelet to boost your courage and bring positive energy. Hematite crystals will protect you from negative energies in your surroundings.

  • Amethyst

Turn to Amethyst if you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious, whether it's due to infertility or pregnancy, and let its brightness wash over you. This healer of the third eye and crown chakras can help you reconnect with your inner cave of love, truth, and peace. 

Fertility and parenthood can be challenging, from ovulation cycles to morning sickness and sleepless nights, as you have difficulties keeping up with all the changes. Rather than attempting to handle it all while smiling, rely on Amethyst for assistance. This little gem is all about wisdom, serenity, and healing energy filling your cup.

  • Citrine

Sit and meditate with Citrine when you're feeling down, desperate, or physically and emotionally depleted. Let its bright essence fill your cup straight up. Fertility can be draining in a variety of ways. It can be tough to stay positive for individuals trying to conceive, and it can be challenging for the body, mind, and spirit of those experiencing a tough pregnancy. Citrine is a beautiful stone full of radiant energy that may lift your spirits and keep you driving high. 

Fertility can be a stressful time full of constant change, but the Rose Quartz crystal can help you stay calm and in the light of loving energy. This love stone is your connection to all things love, whether you're seeking increased confidence, compassion, or a closer relationship with a new child. Rose Quartz's gentle feminine energy captures infinite colors of love. This stone, which has always been the heart chakra crystal, surrounds you with loving and compassionate energy, which is what you need at every stage of your path.

  • Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz can help you visualize how you want your life and then call on it through visualization and quantum leaps to make that vision a reality. When it comes to healing your spirit, neutralizing negativity, and placing you on the path to achieving all of your goals, the master healer has you covered. When it comes to crystals for clarity, Clear Quartz is at the top of the list. This gem is incredible for amplifying intentions and bringing them to life.

  • Aventurine

This stone is excellent for attracting abundance and ensuring that your foundations are rock solid before welcoming a new addition. Aventurine is a powerful fertility and pregnancy stone, full of vibrant energy, calm tranquility, priceless harmony, and an excellent dose of good luck. If all of those things seem like bliss to a new parent, then take this beautiful jewel and let it shower delight on you.

  • Fluorite

Fluorite is an excellent stone to have on hand for all types of fertility concerns and increases your reproductive system's health. It is especially beneficial if you suffer from PCOS or PMS. It can also assist those who are struggling with the stress of mood swings. 

Fluorite is a breath of fresh, pure air, bright and fun. This stone is always ready to move stagnant energy and remove harmful vibrations from your aura. It does not only neutralizes all of this, but it also balances hormones and prevents catastrophic thinking.

  • Lepidolite

No matter where you are on your track, Lepidolite is a stone to keep nearby and let the light, relaxing energy wash over you. Lepidolite is an excellent stone for reducing anxiety since it allows all of your problems to flow away. Lepidolite gives a serene cloak of delight from conception through birth and beyond, instantly putting out the fires of dread.

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  • Rhodonite

Wear Rhodonite or keep it close to you until you give birth. This stone enhances confidence and acts as a chi stirrer, so it can help you confront the birthing process without feeling overwhelmed or fearful. Rhodonite is a heart-healing stone that is well-known for its ability to keep you grounded in unconditional love. Rhodonite is far more than a sentimental stone. The Rhodonite has a rare strength that fosters emotional harmony to help prepare the uterus for childbirth.

The Metaphysical Benefits of Crystals For Fertility, Pregnancy, & Childbirth

Bathing in the energies of fertility crystals is a feminine and loving way to connect with them. Simply combine a few crystals with your favorite bath salts, herbs, and essential oils in your bath. Performing this ritual every new or full moon is a fantastic approach to ensure that you do it regularly. While fertility concerns can be stressful and painful, crystals encourage you to follow your heart and use these excellent crystals as part of a lovely and relaxing ritual.

For additional information on how to include your crystals in your bath, check out this post about spiritual bath.

Learning to surrender and trust in the universe can be difficult, especially when you have a strong desire for something. Keep your soul in touch, and don't forget to prioritize your health, self-love, wellbeing, and emotional equilibrium. Remember to consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your fertility. You are sending love and light, as well as thoughts of wonderful new beginnings.

Place crystals on your body where you need healing on an intuitive level. Allow your intuition to reveal which parts of your body need healing to improve your fertility. Make a grid with your chosen gemstones that you on your body.

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It's fun to choose which fertility stones to incorporate into your life. Don't feel obligated to pick the proper one — there aren't any wrong turns here. These stones help with fertility, reproductive organ healing, sexual energy, and menstrual cycle regulation, among other things. While crystals for fertility will never substitute professional or medical treatment, they can surely assist you in improving your physical and emotional health to increase your fertility. All you have to do is to choose which crystal is perfect for you.

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