The Truth About Dark or Fallen Angels: That No One Tells You -

The Truth About Dark or Fallen Angels: That No One Tells You

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Angels are everywhere. Whether it's in Heaven or Earth, angels are always present. Some angels guard us to safety, and there are those who we call dark or fallen angels. Among these dark angels is Lucifer or Satan. There are other dark angels out there, and not many people know how they exist.

In this article, you will know more about dark or fallen angels. Facts, truths, and their story will be laid upon you in this reading. You will feel impressed by how these beings exist and how relevant they are in the spiritual world. 

What are dark angels?

Dark angels are once angels in heaven who went to the dark side and chose to turn evil—referred to as fallen angels since they have been cast out of heaven for their sin. As we all know, angels in heaven do not tolerate anything evil, most especially in. Anyone who does so is automatically cast out from the gates of heaven.

However, angels do not necessarily make sin by themselves. They also tempt humans to do so and sin through them. Dark angels sometimes get very manipulative to human beings. An example of a dark angel would be Satan, who convinced Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of Life. 

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To whom do dark angels serve?

Whether an angel is a light or dark angel, they still serve one being—God. All angels, no matter which side they are on, do not go to war. They don't also make confrontations with each other because they only serve one Source, and that is God. 

You might be wondering that this thought is absurd, but it is not. There is no hate or defiance between God and the Devil. There is only God who is both the Source of light and dark. God intends to create humans on Earth. He is also the one who invented free will and duality among human beings. Thus, everything was planned by Him all along. 

With the duality God bestowed on Earth, He divided it into different energies. These energies are Yin and Yang, love and hatred, light and dark, and joy and misery. He does not only need good angels to spread positivity and goodness in the world. He also needed the dark angels to be there as a support system for the opposing side on Earth. 

With both light and dark angels, everything on Earth is in balance. However, some might think that cruelness is winning across the world. But the truth is, everything happens for a reason. The reason is mostly to keep the world in balance. 

Some theories say God kicked out Archangel Lucifer from heaven to complete a mission on Earth. Since everything was on the light side before, He needed a counterpart for it. Thus, people say God sent him to take the most sensitive and crucial mission to spread evil in this world. 

But you might wonder, why Archangel Lucifer? It could be God believes he can do it rightfully compared to the other angels in heaven. He trusts Archangel Lucifer, and as his most devoted angel, He sees the potential to carry the mission. 

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What makes a fallen angel a “fallen angel”?

People wonder why fallen angels exist. While there are many theories and stories about why they exist, we will never know which one is true. You might wonder, what makes a fallen angel as such? In this part, you will know why.

Fallen angels are those who have given up their righteous paths to an evil one. This is according mostly to the Bible. However, there are more stories about their existence. One story comes from a Jewish-Christian tradition. According to them, they believe fallen angels are equally holy as light angels. The difference is that they chose to go to the dark side when Lucifer got cast out from heaven. 

According to the Jews and Christians, the rebellion of the fallen angels started during that time. The dark angels, together with Lucifer, fought against Archangel Michael's army of light angels. After they got defeated, those who stood with Lucifer were cast out of heaven too. Now, these fallen angels continue to linger here on Earth, whispering evil thoughts and doings to humans. 

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Another story comes from the Hindu tradition. Their story about fallen angels is somehow different compared to the Jews and Christians. They believe that Brahma, their equal to God, made both angelic and evil angels at the beginning of time. They believe that Brahma planned how the Earth should be and that everything should be in balance.

In Islam tradition, they believe that angels are naturally good. There are no evil angels, but there are good ones who are in charge of evil souls in hell. Despite being assigned to hell to watch over evil souls, their task can consider as divine work. Islam tradition also has another theory about Satan, and they believe he existed from free will and fire. 

Dark angels, according to the book of Enoch.

Although Jews and Christians believe dark angels are rebels who joined Lucifer to war, there is also a story about them in the book of Enoch. This story is far different from the typical tale about dark and fallen angels, despite being in the Bible. 

According to the book of Enoch, dark angels were once good angels who got destroyed by lust. This story got featured in the book of Genesis, but it did not exactly go into details. Before the Great Flood happened, both humans and angels were visible on Earth. All of them mingled as if they were no borders between them. 

While the association happened, some angels and humans bore children together. The children who mostly walked on Earth were sons and daughters of humans and angels. According to the book of Enoch, these children were gigantic and measured up to 450 feet tall. Angels and humans kept breeding, and the angels slowly taught their evil offspring ways.  

The book also says God imprisoned those angels who taught evil doings to humans and their children. However, He ended up subjecting those angels for judgment still. To reset what he created, he sent the Great Flood and assigned Noah to lead the salvation. The flood wiped off mostly the children of those angels who mingled with humans. 

Enoch, who is the person God selected to act as the mediator between fallen angels and humans, tried to defend and speak on behalf of them. However, the book did not specify how he did it. All the book said was Enoch is responsible for letting the fallen angels know their punishment would be if they do wrongdoings. The punishment is eternal condemnation to the ends of the Earth.

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What is the truth about dark angels?

As mentioned, there are different stories and truths as to were fallen angels came from. Their existence comes differently in traditions and religions. With that, here are some untold facts about dark angels and their existence from different perspectives.

According to other traditions, dark angels became disobedient to God's orders. 

According to Jewish writers in early times, Enoch is among God's prophets. Christians adopted his teachings, but Judaism did not believe in his beliefs. Christian writers who possessed the book of Enoch during that time brought it with them. They left the Ethiopian places during this time, and this was between the fourth and fifth centuries.  

The Christian writers preserved the text for many years and brought it to Europe in the early 1770s. But during that time, Christian scholars and writers got busier with studying the church's newly approved Bible. In that version of the Bible, it did not say anything about Satan falling out from heaven, nor is he a fallen angel. 

According to theories such as from Live Science, Satan becoming a fallen angel is quite questionable. The closest reason was God made everything in the universe; hence, he also created Satan. However, let's not forget that God only made good things, which only means Satan was once a reasonable being. When Satan had his free will, he chose to be wrong and thus becoming a fallen angel.

To dig deeper, there are parts in the Bible that refer to Satan as Lucifer. It also states that the name did not come from a fallen angel, but it came from Jesus. In a passage in the book of Luke, Jesus said he “observed” Satan fall from the sky like a flash of quick lightning. Lucifer appeared in the older books of the Bible, while Satan appeared in Luke 10:18.

The first of the fallen angels on Earth

Referenced from the book of Enoch, the first few fallen angels here on Earth are the ones who taught humans how to sin. An example of that would be Asbell. Asbell is among the evilest member of the Counsel of God who introduced sin to humankind. Among the first sins, he taught people is lust and sexual intercourse with women. 

Jadeja is also a member of the council who taught humans about demons and spirits. The existence of giants from the mating of humans and angels started with Shernihaza. He is also the leader of the dark angels. Other references would say it was Samjaza. However, the Book of Giants stated he is a good angel and led the imprisonment of the fallen during the Great Flood.

The most muscular fallen angel who walked the Earth was Penemue. He has led humankind to different kinds of evil. The worst part is he taught humans evil doings in written language. The evil writings caused many destructions among humans, and it spread across the world like wildfire. 

The most famous fallen angel is Gadreel. He was responsible for almost all troubles and evils here on Earth. Many say he is also the same fallen angel who enticed Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden. According to other writers, Gadreel is also the fallen angel who gave humans the weapons of death, such as swords and armors. 

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How do dark angels look like?

Many assume that dark angels look similar to demons: dark red eyes, black clothing and wings, and mischievous faces. However, fallen angels don't necessarily look scary. According to National Geographic, Christians in early times perceive fallen angels just like the light angels. They look nice too, but light angels are holier compared to dark angels. 

Among the earliest ideas of how fallen angels look like is compared to the mosaic in the Basilica of Sant' Apollinare Nuovo. In the basilica, the mosaic shows Jesus in the center and an angel with some sheep on his side. The angel was in red clothing, and it represents the depiction of the holy kingdom. The sheep, on the other hand, represents faithfulness.

On the other half of the mosaic lays a figure of Satan. However, he does not look satanic, as many would assume. He stood next to the goats, and he wore blue clothing. Blue is a color of the damned. Hence, it was what he wore on the mosaic. According to religious writers, the mosaic shows fallen angels on one side and light angels on the other. 

Jesus, as the mediator of both good and bad, lies in the center. The similarity between light and fallen angels on the mosaic is every angel have halos above their heads. According to history, the halos were a symbol of power and not holiness. 

But always remember that not all Earth angels are dark, some guides us.

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