December 19 Zodiac – Personality, Compatibility, Birthday Element, Ruling Planet, Career, and Health -

December 19 Zodiac – Personality, Compatibility, Birthday Element, Ruling Planet, Career, and Health

Were you born on December 19? Learn about your characteristics, lucky numbers, compatibility, and get the best advice about love, career, and more for people born on December 19.

December 19 Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
December 19 Birthday ElementFire
December 19 Ruling PlanetJupiter
December 19 Birthstone    Zircon
December 19 Lucky Number20
December 19 Lucky MetalTin
December 19 CompatibilityCompatible with Leo

The Personality of December 19 Zodiac

As a Sagittarius born on December 19, one of your biggest strengths is your honesty. It implies that you always keep your words. As much as you can, you don’t like to tell something that you can’t do. You always choose to tell the truth even if it will put you at a disadvantage.

Most of the time, you decide to do the right thing, although it’s against the opinion of others. You don’t like pretending to make other people like you. Therefore, most of your actions are sincere. Usually, you are generous to the people who are in need. You treat them with genuine kindness and give what you can. Because of that, you are most likely getting help from others when you are in a difficult situation. People also respect and see you as an individual worthy of their trust.

Being an extrovert, you usually prefer to be with others than staying alone. You enjoy being in a large crowd because it keeps you entertained. Your social skills help you talk with confidence in front of a large audience. In addition to that, you are approachable and frequently a conversation starter. As a result, you tend to have a lot of friends and many people admire you.

Your great sense of humor makes others enjoy talking to you. Frequently, you are witty and quick to come up with ideas to make others laugh. Thus, you tend to keep your environment bright and enjoyable. The positive perception that you have in life also inspires other people. Even when things are not on your side, you always cheer yourself up. You usually think of the nice things that you have to be motivated. So, the hardships that you encounter are less likely to bring you down.

When the people around you are having difficulties, you do the same too. You help and encourage them to stay positive and endure their hardships. It’s because you believe that all the efforts and endurance are worthy. After all, you will succeed in the end. Your ability to encourage and persuade other people is beneficial in different situations too. When you need to convince a person about something, you usually can handle it smoothly.

Your zodiac also says that you are a person of ambitions. You have high goals in life that you will pursue no matter how challenging it gets. However, because you are honest with yourself, you don’t dream of something unrealistic. You base your standards on what you think you are capable of. As a result, you are less likely to put too much pressure on yourself.

Another trait that you possess as a Sagittarius is being family-oriented. Your family members are the ones who are present during your ups and downs. So, you appreciate that and support them too. However, even with your great love for your family, you tend not to listen to them about making your decisions. You have a strong will that makes you too stubborn at times, to the point that even your family can’t convince you.

It is one of the characteristics that you have to work on and balance. Try to be open to the suggestions of other people, especially those who are concerned about you.

December 19 Zodiac Birthday Element

Fire is your birthday element as a person who's born on December 19th, the same as those who are born on November 26th. It symbolizes your burning passion for the things that you desire. You usually dedicate yourself to what catches your interest. Even if things get complicated, you are less likely to stop until you accomplish them. This trait is highly beneficial, but without control, it can harm others. So, make sure that you are not stepping on anyone as you reach your goals.

Adaptiveness is another influence of your fire element. It signifies that you can adapt to any environment. Whenever there are changes around you, you can smoothly adjust and work things out. In addition to that, new situations often excite you. It's because you want to challenge yourself and learn new things.

Your birthday element makes you possess an extreme hunger for knowledge too. You are often observant and analytical. When something catches your attention, you usually pursue it. You are less likely to stop until you discover more information about that thing.

One of the negative things that your element does is increase your stubbornness. You don't want anyone to control you, so you tend to rebel at times. Sometimes, other people's opinions can help you be a better person, so try to be open-minded.

December 19 Zodiac Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Jupiter is your planetary ruler as a Sagittarius. In mythology, Jupiter is the ruler of the Gods, which makes your ruling planer associated with leadership. It signifies that you are capable of leading other people because of your leadership skills. Aside from that, your ruler also influences you with a great sense of responsibility. When you work on a task, you won't leave it behind, even if it is hard to handle.

Expansion is another representation of Jupiter. It implies that you have a big room for more knowledge. As long as you consistently be wise and observant, you'll be able to improve. In addition to that, you usually desire something more significant as you accomplish your current goals.

You also inherit the love for traveling from your ruler. Visiting different places gives you a lot of excitement. So, you usually travel a lot and explore places.

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December 19 Zodiac Birthstone

Your birthstone as a person under the Sagittarius is Zircon. This gem is associated with wealth which influences you with prosperity. You have a low tendency to experience financial problems as long as you work. Aside from wealth, Zircon is also a symbol of wisdom. It signifies the vast knowledge of things that you have. These pieces of knowledge make you creative when trying to develop ideas. In addition to that, your birthstone tells that you usually use your wisdom to guide other people.

Some people Zircon to relax the mind and help people sleep easily. Individuals also use this stone to awaken the energy that is hiding inside a person. It can also help people to have the confidence to express themselves. In addition to these benefits, wearing a Zircon as an accessory will help you attract good fortune.

Lucky Number for December 19 Zodiac

Your lucky number as December 19 Zodiac is 20. This number influences you with empathy and affection. When you feel that someone needs assistance with a task, you often offer help. Aside from that, you also help people ease their pain when they have problems. You give pieces of advice and hope that they can overcome anything.

When it comes to your loved ones, you always express your love and care. You treat them with affection and tenderness.

Lucky Metal for December 19 Zodiac

The symbolic metal of December 19 Sagittarius is tin. It represents ideas and innovation. As your lucky metal, it influences you with the ability to generate unique and innovative ideas. These ideas tend to benefit you and help you be advanced.

Using tin as a decorative metal will increase its influence on you. Aside from that, it will also protect you from dangers in your environment.

December 19 Zodiac Relationships and Compatibility

The most compatible sign for you as a Sagittarius is Leo. Your relationship has a high tendency to be smooth and harmonious. On the other side, being with a Scorpio is less likely to turn out as an ideal relationship.

Your zodiac tells that you believe in love at first sight. When someone catches your heart, it doesn't matter if you just barely knew that person. As longs as you feel like you and that person has a spark, you don't mind what others will tell. As a lover, you like to achieve your ideals of romance. You often want to do doing romantic activities with your loved one.

The honesty that you have makes you faithful when you are in a relationship. You don't like to do anything that will hurt your loved one's feelings. As a result, you have a high tendency to have a happy love life.

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December 19 Zodiac Career

With your creativity and talents, many career paths can be suitable for you. Some of these career options are in the field of business, politics, and finance. Your sharp intelligence will help you stand out like you want to. Because you have a talent for art, you can also be an excellent fit for music, theater, and art.

At work, many people admire your seriousness when handling tasks. It's because you can do that despite your humorous and outgoing personality. You do not forget your duties, and you make sure to prioritize them.

You have a high tendency to be successful at a young age. It is because of your burning determination and hard work. As long as you are consistent with your positive attitude, you will achieve your set goals.

December 19 Zodiac Health

According to your zodiac, you are at risk of getting mental issues. Your drive for success often gives you a lot of pressure and stress that could lead to depression or worse. However, you can reduce the risks if you learn how to manage them. Try to express your feelings to your friends or family. Releasing your thoughts will make you feel a lot better.

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