Depression Spiritual Meaning: A Sign of Spiritual Awakening! -

Depression Spiritual Meaning: A Sign of Spiritual Awakening!

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You always think of depression as a purely natural term for a mental illness that can be treated with medication and counseling. Well, not all sadness is depression. People go through times of unhappiness. You may feel sad, grieve a loved one, or go through a tough time.

Depression happens when you cannot get out of this state, where physical and psychological symptoms manifest. There are other sources of depression that aren't widely known; it's called spiritual depression.

Spiritual depression refers to the loss of spiritual vitality and joy. In Christianity, when you experience spiritual depression, it might involve losing touch with your faith, forgetting God, or having a general sense of unhappiness.

While depression shares similar signs, there's no concrete list of signs of spiritual depression. People who experience spiritual depression often say that they feel disconnected from God.

You feel confused or frustrated about your faith or no longer believe in God. These feelings could create a conflict in your relationships.

Causes of Spiritual Depression

Once in a while, most Christians go through spiritual melancholy. It could be brief or could last for entire seasons.

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If you have been a long-time Christian, you most have likely experienced it. You often struggle to find out why this feeling has crept into you during this period.

Grab this opportunity to search for the reasons and ask the Lord to give you the wisdom to identify the cause. One probable reason is physical tiredness.

The man was created with body and soul. There are times that your physical body might be tired, affecting the soul.

This physical tiredness could be due to lots of things. It could be that you're struggling to balance work and sleep.

You have forgotten the weekly routine to rest on Sabbath day because you're too fed up with all the tasks served on your table. If this is the case, rest your body and meditate.

Even though you feed your bodies, you also need to feed your soul. You need to attend some family or even private worship and sit under the word of God each week.

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You need to restore your affection through prayers and feed your soul at the Lord's table. On the other hand, if you're experiencing some trials and suffering right, it could lead to spiritual melancholy.

It could be that you lost a job, loved one, or a home. 

You feel persecuted or betrayed, and you're suffering the effects. You suffer spiritual melancholy because you don't have a healthy expectation of trials and sufferings coming into your life.

If that's the case, you need to remind yourself to expect them and get through them. This problem will eventually end, and you are not alone.

Though you may feel abandoned, nothing could separate you from the truth. The Lord is with you.

Well, giving in to a specific sin could cause spiritual melancholy. Your sin could view God's glory and pursuit of Christ.

It's not the Lord hid His face, but it can be uncertain by habitual sin in your life. If this is the case, then embarrassment is the day's call.

Another is lukewarmness, which is a bit similar to the previous one. There's a sin that consists of going through the motions and not being passionate about things with Christ.

A lukewarm heart has both fire and spiritual melancholy that sometimes signify to awaken you.

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There are times that you look inward and examine your spiritual life. However, there's a self-examination that goes for too long.

A self-examination that can constantly look within and look up to God is an arrow of gloominess pierced at the Christian's heart, which can quickly spread poison and lead to spiritual sadness. Hence you have to examine yourself periodically, but if you're always doing it as if you are putting your soul on a plate, that is introspection.

On the other hand, the home you live in, your title, position, and dreams you want to pursue can end your joy in the world. You can be too invested in the things of this world but remember to invest some time to hear God's word.

Meanwhile, God can withdraw a sense of his delight. Nevertheless, He is not abandoning your or forsaking you; He merely withdraws.

He does it for your sound so that you might grow in your reliance upon Him, know the fruit of suffering, have your hidden sins uncovered, learn to seek Him ultimately, and be encouraged to look forward to the next life.

Spiritual depression can happen gradually or suddenly. It's not a season that any Christian wants to endure. It could be one of the most significant ways of one's sanctification and reveling in God's grace.

Your life will be filled with eternal melancholy if not only for His grace. Take this period to reflect and search for ways to reconnect with the Lord.

You have to look for the throne of grace, and your affections stirred for heaven where melancholy will have no place to foster.

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Depression and Spiritual Awakening

People want to feel at peace, joyful, and expansive. They are meant to understand that people are all one and connected, which gives rhythm and meaning to life.

When you don't have much sense of these feelings, you can blame it all on chemical imbalance, toxic relationships, desire for a new car, and many more; however, this means a lack of spiritual connection.

When you are connected spiritually to the feeling that is something bigger than you, you have that peaceful and blissful feeling that all is well. There are almost no words to describe it, but you will know when you feel it.

A feeling of awe between you and the world dissolves into tiny pieces. This imaginary feeling isn't just an imaginary, esoteric feeling. You have to connect to this feeling on purpose instead of accidentally falling into this awesomeness that you least expect.

People who are more sensitive to depression can feel this sensitivity to spiritual connection and will feel even more strongly after a major depression. Like hiccups, depression and anxiety could be a sign from a deep level to connect to a deeply personal spiritual connection.

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When you are used to developing a meditation practice and have your spiritual connection, you are now geared up to fight against depression and anxiety.

A spiritual connection doesn't necessarily mean going or following God's words. It denotes a personal sense of connection that's something bigger than yourself.

Spirituality does not have adverse side effects; hence, it's a natural way to lessen depression and anxiety and connect to your more profound wisdom to lead a more peaceful life. Being a sensitive being, you are more capable of diving into this beautiful feeling.

One of the main reasons is that the more you are aware of the spiritual realm around you, the more you will understand how broken the physical world is. It can be a doubting realization, especially for those who are new to spirituality and want to seek light from their path.

This sudden depressive state could be discouraging and might make them leave their spiritual awakenings.

Here are some reasons you shouldn't:

You have to know that the world is broken. Although you had an impression that it was true before your spiritual awakening, there's a good chance that once you're enlightened to the power of your intuition, you think that the wounds of the world will not affect you.

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However, a part of your spiritual awakening needs to be aware of how the physical world cannot live up to the expectation of the universe.

The harshness of the universe could be the reason it is broken. The spirituality of the human is how you can recover the partnership with the universe.

It can open your eyes to the truth of what you have become and how you can become better in spirit. It's not the easy way, especially for someone who had a spiritual awakening.

You have become aware that the world around you is broken. Nevertheless, you need to know that it's part of your spiritual growth so that you can continue in your divine partnership.

Another reason is that you still need to grow spiritually. The depression you're experiencing is temporary.

It is not permanent and does not mean to feel hopeless; you are just aware of the happening around you and pushed to make a change. Therefore, it means that depression is part of your spiritual growth.

Knowing how to be at peace with the broken universe is part of your journey.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you can heal everyone and everything around you. However, if you still feel depressed, then it's likely that you haven't learned this lesson.

You have to know that the universe is broken, and you can heal. And speaking of, another reason is you have healing power.

Don't make the mistake of believing that the healing power of spirituality only works by regenerating the body from injuries and diseases. Your spiritual awakening is more potent because you can reconcile the physical universe with the spiritual realms.

Your awareness of the world allows you to be the pillar of light wherever you go. This pillar can heal others by your presence and will become proof that it's possible.

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