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What’s The Difference Between Twin Flames And Soulmates?

It's pretty obvious to point out that humans have a short lifespan. Life will pass us by like a blur. The constant motion to move towards our goal or regress because of past experiences. Or maybe we define its pace with how profound moments are- if it's monotonous- it's fleeting, and if it's a turning point- it seems to last an infinity.

Growing up, the leading figures around us have groomed us to obey them. It's not just with their way of nurturing but with their genetic contribution as well- resulting in an internalized system of how we go about things. Society has also forced us to conform with the status quo- to meet its demands no matter how unrealistic it gets.

We hustle our way to be successful- to feel satisfied, or to have others validate our sense of worth. We pour our effort and time into meeting our objectives.

We wake up every day to try and present the best version of ourselves, from choosing the best clothes and appropriate shoes to staying in shape. We've had a quarter of our life preparing to achieve our chosen careers and another for mastering them.

Those sleepless nights to make sure there's no hitch for the project proposal for tomorrow or not fail a subject. It's as if we're stuck in a constant loop of meeting deadlines.

Many of us go through lengths to align our authentic selves with our ideal selves. Because if we have the power and opportunity to be more, then why not seize it?

But we give so much of our parts into one object that we begin to neglect the other aspect of our lives. Our stimulus is constantly triggered by our external environment that we forget to tune with our spiritual core.

It's there, lying dormant, yet we do nothing to connect with it. It's no wonder that many things are beyond our control because most of us are low in self-awareness, much less self-actualization.

You are content with the fact that you seem to be okay, but the truth is, you are just ignoring and side-stepping your problems most of the time. You repress it to the recesses of your mind and allow instincts to take over, and these instincts are usually defense mechanisms created out of your need to protect yourself from others. Meaning it's your way to survive, but not to live.

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How to know if there is a gap in your spirituality?

The material aspect of ourselves may be within reach, but tapping into our spiritual side is a more complex matter. Tending to our physical body is of utmost importance, but that doesn't mean neglecting our spirit. You might be aware that you have gaps in your spiritual body, but you don't know where it is specifically and how to fix it.

How do you even look for cues that you are spiritually unbalanced? Most of the time, it's vague, but it usually starts with uneasiness. Despite accumulating wealth, being physically fit, and thriving in your career and relationships- you might still feel empty or insufficient. You try to ransack through every possible nook and cranny, but it's a meaningless pursuit.

”Why do I still feel less when I have more?” No matter how much you gain for yourself, it never fills up that void, Because the answer isn't out there. It's in you.

You have secrets embedded in your soul that are waiting to be unlocked. Sometimes the signs might even be glaringly obvious, but you ignore intuition for your rationality. Not all things have to make sense to be right.

It's not about trusting blindly, but your total lack of faith. You try to logic your way into every situation when the only way to get into the spiritual realm is to detach yourself from the material world.

Your mental state begins to spiral down, and you try to hand the reins to someone else, so you don't end up blaming yourself again. You project your negative emotions to others and don't make yourself accountable. You push people away then ask for an explanation on why you feel abandoned.

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How to connect with your higher self?

You have to distance yourself from the clutter of your life. Disconnect from noise, like social media and the opinions of people who don't matter in the first place.

If they're kin and old friends, try to see it from their perspective if their assertions are valid. If you feel like it's not justified, then you might have grown towards a different path.

Forming a connection with your higher self is much stronger than any physical affinity. It's when the teachings of the world fail you, so your higher self guides you through intuition and insight.

Things that were once hazy suddenly become clear- your thoughts, desire, and your purpose. The higher consciousness is ascension, or what transcends you beyond your humanity. It may be part of your core, but it is far from your primal instincts.

To unite with your higher consciousness, you have to surrender to the divine power of a greater force. You must explore your relationship with God or deepen your understanding of his plans for you.

You have to recognize the soul gifted to you and pledge it to the universe. Acknowledge how God made it with beauty and purity and that it is worthy of love. Tell yourself that you are in your highest, authentic self and that you thread the path towards a greater purpose.

To receive divine power, you must be guided by truth, which you can only achieve by being at peace with yourself. Believe that you house within you the power and wisdom of the universe.

What does it mean to have a Soulmate?

For those who are not accustomed to the spiritual community, twin flames are likely a foreign topic. It's no surprise, though, as not a lot of people are in touch with their spiritual needs, so what more of a person who's supposedly your one genuine connection. If being skeptical is your general trait, then having a twin flame might be a hard pill to swallow.

Let's bring you to safer waters by introducing you to a concept that has the same implausible quality to it but one that you might have heard of already- the idea of having a soulmate. A soul mate is someone to which you are naturally drawn or have a deep affinity.

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It could be anyone- a friend, a sister, or a romantic partner. There's no specific time or place for meeting your soulmate- you might not even realize you've already met them in your first encounter.

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You may have already met them, in the park, in an obscure part of the library- or even in unlikely places like a graveyard. But recognizing that they are your soulmate can be a slow burn.

Its arrival is like a moment of epiphany for you, a great feeling that could render you dysfunctional for an indefinite period. I mean, who would have known that there's a perfect being out there who understands you in all aspects?

An outsider could not begin to fathom how you're overwhelmed when you’re with this person; you might as well be a champagne glass that's about to overspill. There are different kinds of soul mates, and we have here a few:

Life partner

These are the kindred spirits that you would keep for a lifetime. A mutual agreement exists on both sides- whether it be friends, your backup plan if you are not going to get married at a certain age, or a business partner. The primary foundation for this relationship is the trust you have in them and having common interests.

Love and respect are present between the two of you and are highly sensitive to each other's needs and wants. With a life partner, you find yourself someone who supports you in different facets of your life. They lighten your burden whenever you feel like collapsing under the pressure of reaching your goals.

Past-life soul mates

Have you ever caught yourself staring at a partner for too long because they evoke a feeling of nostalgia? Does their mannerism strike a chord of familiarity? Do they look like you? Did it not take too long for you to feel at home in their presence? If yes, chances are your fates were already interwoven in your past lives.

You may have heard of the term reincarnation- the act of rebirth or a new version of one's soul. Why do we have past-life soulmates? It's said that you may have had unfinished business with this person, so the Gods allowed you to meet again. Or that in your previous life, your time together was cut short.

Isn't it comforting to think that endings aren't permanent, that the passing of our precious people only signifies that they're on their way to meet us in the next life? Or that a connection could be strong enough that a past companion found their way to you even in this lifetime. What we can pick up from this is that the spiritual realm is powerful enough to bridge the gap between tangible things.

Karmic partner

Our natural knowledge of karma assumes two forms- a reward or a type of vengeance. But a karmic soulmate is less dramatic and more of a cause and effect system. It also involves the connection of two souls, but unlike soul partners, it can be temporary—this type of relationship results from the culmination of our daily interactions with people.

There's no need for you to be on edge around this type of soul mate because they aid us in improving our karma through the energy we build with them. Karmic soulmates can be together, but because they're usually temporary- it won't be easy.

This person is hard to let go of, but it might be necessary to. Think of your the-one-that-got-away, a co-passenger that accompanies you in your usual route, but at one point, they have to get off. You met for a reason, but he's not your final destination.

A karmic partner can guide you in achieving a lesson you once failed in your past life. Because they're with you in a major transition phase of your life -parting with them will be painful.

Romantic soul mates

It's the classic when-our-eyes-meet-the-world-seemed-to-stop-for-a-moment trope. The kind of person that enters our world and knocks out our breath as we dreamily say, “he's the one” to our dubious friend.

  • Sparking attraction: check
  • An intimacy like no other: check
  • A soulmate that's willing to take you to bed: check
  • Genuine affection: check

A romantic soulmate is not agreeable all the time and would constantly prod you, bringing you to different heights of discomfort and frustration. More than any other soulmate, this is the one that actively seeks to assert their place in your life. A karmic partner might think it is best to leave you, but a romantic soulmate will fight to stay with you.

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You have similar traits, but there are obvious differences between the two of you. In this relationship, both of you attend to your ego, so there's bound to be more tension.

Because of the amount of time you spend together, you may fall into a repetitive pattern which causes the relationship to be dull. The challenge is to find the passion you once had in the beginning; otherwise, you might end up as a stranger to each other.

Unlike a lifetime partner, cutting ties with a romantic partner is more likely to happen. As big as the part they filled when they came into your life, the emptiness will just be as heavy when they leave.

Your boat might constantly be rocking but having this connection is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. It makes all the suffering you feel pale in comparison to the happiness you receive when you are with this person.

What is a Twin Flame?

They say that everyone has a soulmate, but not everyone has a twin flame in their life. On a soul level, twin flames are inextricably linked.

We think of it as having the same soul but splits into two physical bodies. When you meet your twin flame, you will immediately recognize your connection.

This is what I felt when I first met my twin flame.

Before I knew my twin flame, I was in such a bad place. Working two jobs, struggling to pay my bills, and 

After meeting him, I launched a business and made $11,300 the initial month, moved into a bigger, better home, and I’ve never looked back since. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
>>> My Friend Psychic Jane clairvoyant can see your twin flame and sketch them for you.
(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

A twin flame means meeting the shadow side of you. It unravels the parts of you that you need to improve.

This revelation is often not to one's liking, as it tends to destroy your old age beliefs. It mirrors you, so the problem you usually nitpick that your partner has might actually be yours.

As gazing into your twin flame means looking at the dark truth, there will be a period in which you will experience separation. It will cause you excruciating pain, but it is necessary for your healing process. You will feel as if you've lost a limb. But through the emptiness you feel, you will start paying attention to yourself and realize that you have unresolved issues that only you can fix.

A twin soul teaches you to be independent and feel complete as an individual before feeling whole together. Though you are irrevocably drawn to each other, it is not their nature to monopolize you for themselves.

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What’s the difference between Twin Flames and Soulmates?

A soulmate means other souls we meet along the way carved from the same energetic signature as ourselves, whereas our twin flame is simply the other half of us. Another key difference between them is that while a soulmate could exist in many souls, a twin flame only resides in one and for many lifetimes.

They are similar for the purpose that the universe sent them to you so your awareness of your latent potential would rise and so you could be polished to become the most refined versions of yourself.

A twin flame reflects your best and worst qualities, whereas a soulmate is a perfect fit who can provide a meaningful and satisfying relationship. Soulmate relationships are enlightening. You come to learn from each other and complete karmic accounts, whereas twin flame connections are transformational because you are two sides of the same energy field.

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