Does Everyone Have A Twin Flame? (Important Question: Answered!) -

Does Everyone Have A Twin Flame? (Important Question: Answered!)

We meet a lot of different people all throughout our lives, and some of them might have the biggest impact on us while some just go away. But have you ever thought about someone you have met to be someone that is destined for you? While you are pondering on this question, try to think about whether that person is your twin flame or just your soulmate.

Are Twin Flames and Soulmates the Same?

No. The twin flame connection is much more intense than any other connection, even than soulmates. A soulmate is a person that is meant to be with you romantically or not, and it is someone that is meant to be with you together. This is someone you will settle down with and maybe start a little family together.

First of all, the purposes of twin flames and soulmates are different. The purpose of soulmates is to help us remember and help us awaken from the deep slumber we have. We are meant to be together to do the standard processes in this 2D world: to marry, build a house, and start a family.

Twin flames, on the other hand, have a higher purpose than soulmates. This connection helps us speed up our growth, release wounds and blockages, and lead us to become the highest versions of ourselves. And in time, this union will have a big impact on humanity and have this higher purpose that only they can accomplish.

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Do All of Us Have Twin Flame?

This question has a lot of answers on the internet, and people tend to have mixed opinions about this. In this article, we will be looking at two opinions on this topic, and you must have an open mind with these answers. Let's start with the people who answer YES to this question.

People who believe that everybody has a twin flame say that we get to meet our twin flames if we are fully aware and awake. They believe that the more conscious you are, the more you will align with your twin flame. However, most people believe that twin flames are a very rare connection, and NOT everyone has it. Let's read about why there is such a fuss about this topic.

Twin flames were a single soul divided into two different bodies in the physical realm. To answer the question “Does everyone have a twin flame?” really boils down to knowing the real purpose of twin flames.  If you still do not know, everyone came down on Earth with different purposes in life.

Before I knew my twin flame, I was at rock bottom. I was working two jobs, struggling to survive the day, and extremely lonely. 

After I met him, everything just naturally worked in my favor I launched a business and made $11,300 the first month, moved into a bigger home, and everything just felt so magical. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

Some people are experiencing as humans on Earth for the first time, and their sole purpose here is to experience it and become humans. For other people, they have a bigger purpose that they need to accomplish.

They might be galactic bodies that came on Earth to fulfill a bigger mission, and these are the twin flames. This mission of the twin flames is to anchor divine light and unconditional love. This is a very big mission, and each twin flame soul requires a partner to do this.

We all have soulmates, and some would require some form of help from their soulmates on the journey to grow and evolve. But there are only a few souls that need a twin flame, and these souls are those that are destined to anchor divine light and unconditional love.

Twin flames have become more known today than in recent years in the past. It is likely that you and your friends are already talking about it, and when people are talking about the twin flame relationship, it is most likely that they are talking about their soul body or soulmate. If you feel like you are a twin flame, you don't need to go looking for your twin flame because this connection will always be the one to find you.

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Does Everyone Meet Their Twin Flame?

The simple answer is no, they do not, and to explain this, you may be a twin flame, but you may not be able to meet him or her in this lifetime. There are various reasons why this happens, and first, it is because you are unaware of their existence. Sometimes it is because these twin flames are not ready to meet in this lifetime or because of the availability of that twin flame.

Sometimes it is because of the reason that you and your twin flame did not reincarnate in this same lifetime. You might have a spiritual contact, but the 3D contact is impossible to achieve.

Not all the souls in this world are reincarnated in this world like we are. If you are a twin flame, you can meet your twin flame through physical appearance, but there will be no 3D contact.

Some people who are not awakened yet may not even be aware of this spiritual contact. And just to make everything clear, everybody meets their twin flame, but not all meet in this lifetime.

What really matters is you and whether or not you feel complete in the presence or absence of your twin flame. Because if you are a twin flame, you will be able to know through your dreams, senses, and synchronicities because remember that souls communicate through dreams.

With the information on the Twin Flame journey going around the internet, it can be a good thing because we are drawing more attention to the topic of spirituality. But it can also lead some people into a trap of chasing the idea of an intoxicating relationship. This will lead to us making it too easy to fall into a destructive karmic relationship because we might believe that it is a twin flame relationship.

If you are on the twin flame journey, this article is not meant to distract you from this journey. It is very normal to doubt this process and the fact that you are here; it is one step to understanding this whole twin flame connection.

Here are some signs that your partner is your twin flame or not. You may or may not experience these signs because, after all, all twin flame journeys are different.

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Some Signs of a Twin Flame Connection:

  1. In previous relationships, you may have felt that you are not really connected to your previous partners, and you never saw someone you will be building a life with.
  2. You have never felt a strong connection like this one because no one was really on your “wavelength” that you share a core connection.
  3. There is a high chance that you are already on your spiritual journey, and it may seem like you have never really felt at home in this world. You have never really fit into the standards of the world because you were created never fully to integrate into regular society.
  4. You grew up strongly focused on love because you could have grown up with people who embodied mutual unconditional love. However, if you did not, your twin is there to assist you to a higher state of love-based consciousness.
  5. You have a latent memory of the person that you are meant to be with, like hair color, an occupation, or his or her style of clothing. Growing up, you may have been drawn very strongly to a specific type of men, like blonde-haired men or someone of a specific race. If you have experienced this, this might be an indication of your soul remembering your twin flame.
  6. You get a subtle underlying feeling that you are someone special, and you are not like everybody else. You may not know this, but it may be because of a bigger reason, and that is your twin flame.
  7. You may have been dreaming of a particular someone repeatedly every night, and you may not have any idea why. This can be a way of your twin flame communicating with you, and there is always a sense of familiarity when you first meet.
  8. You experience a spiritual non-physical love through feeling, seeing, or sensing a person holding you. This is a sign that your twin flame is interacting with you on the soul planes.
  9. You might be seeing a lot of repeating numbers called “angel numbers.” These angel numbers may be 333, 777, 111, or 11:11, or any other synchronicities. These synchronicities can also be symbols or events that you have been thinking about in your head and eventually happening.
  10. You might have come across the topic of twin flames by accident, and in this world, we are always guided to information. So, you come across the topic of twin flames is meant to be because it is part of your soul's path.
  11. You suddenly feel bursts of happiness without even knowing why, and you might even feel palpitations in your heart. This is a sign that your Twin Flame connection is activating and interacting with you energetically.
  12. You are experiencing déjà vu moments every time, and sometimes if you think or dream about something, you see or experience it in real life. This is the way of the universe showing you that there is a larger spiritual process going on in your life, and you are awakening to your soul's path.

Compare the twin flame relationship to other relationships, in the Twin Flame, Blocked me – article, you will find out more.

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