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6 Exorcism Dream Meaning: A Quick Guide To Avoid The Worst

Dreaming of exorcisms is a nightmare for everybody. This dream can be extremely fearful and might hunt you even when you're awake. If you have been dreaming about exorcism and wonder what it means, I can help you find the various meanings of this dream. Since this dream can have many interpretations, it's best to remember the details of your dream. It's fine that you can't remember them all, but at least try to remember some of its components.

Remembering some of your dream's details can help you have the accurate meaning of your dream. For example, if you dream that you were casting demons, terrible energies surround you. Nonetheless, if you have been watching horror movies recently, you could be thinking about it a lot that it manifests in your dreams. Now, what does it mean to dream of exorcism? Let's find out!

Meaning of Exorcism in Dream

If you happen to dream about exorcism, you could be feeling vengeful and jealous of someone. There could also be feelings of greed and fear that someone might do better than you. You could feel exhausted as you keep on competing with others for all the wrong reasons. Consider making time to reflect and commit yourself to shift your bad intention into a good one. Identify the root cause of why you are feeling in such a way and do your best to take the necessary action to change.

This dream also indicates the need for you to cleanse yourself from all the negativities. Start purging out all the negative thoughts in your mind and take positive actions. This way, you can improve your mind and achieve the peace you badly wanted for yourself. To dive more deeply into this topic, you may proceed to our guide below.

But before that, it is possible to purify oneself of negativity by taking a spiritual bath. If you're interested in learning more about spiritual bathing, I've put up a guide for you. 

6 Exorcism Dream Meaning

Having this dream can also mean that someone could be manipulating you in your waking life. You might not be aware of this, so you need to be extra observant of the people around you. Some might be only there waiting for an opportunity to bring you down. Therefore, it's crucial to keep your eyes open to prevent these things from happening.

Keep this dream as a warning to help you avoid worse stuff from coming into your life. Now, without much further ado, let's now go to the interpretation of this dream.

Demonic possession dream

Dreaming of demonic possession means that someone will bring a huge problem to your life. You could be trying to help someone without knowing that this person can bring big trouble to your life. Therefore, you should be aware of people around you and know them well before trusting them. You can avoid great disappointment if you try to get to know each person coming into your life. This way, you can foresee what kind of person this will be if you're not around.

You will also save yourself from the trouble that this person might bring into your life.

Casting out demons dreams

If you were casting out demons in your dream, it signifies the bad energies you are feeling in your home. You could be feeling uneasy and tense without knowing the reason why. This dream can indicate that you need to cleanse your house from the harmful elements that could be residing with you.

This dream could also signify that you have to shoulder a burden from your family or partner in life. Things can be challenging for you, especially if you are the breadwinner of the family. So, you need to cleanse yourself from the negativity and strive to support your family.

If you were casting out demons at your workplace, it indicates toxicity at work. You might find it hard to cope with work politics, but you have to do your best to focus on the things that truly matter. This way, you will not lose your job and cut off your income, which can be pretty hard in the world we are living in.

Casting out demons from children

Dreaming that you were exorcising a child means that your past trauma will try to keep up with you. You could be starting to remember or experience the bad past experiences you had in your past. This dream is trying to tell you to free yourself from the bad experiences you had experienced. You could be still thinking of the past and keep on reliving it each time you've got the chance. Therefore, it will be best to leave all the past behind and move on with life.

This dream can also be a warning for you to make the needed changes in your waking life. You could be making excuses not to do something that will change your life for the better. Ensure also that you are walking on the right path to avoid regrets and more difficulties in the future.

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Dream of close people being possessed

If people who are close to you get possessed in your dream, it means that you are bringing problems to your circle. You could be making decisions that need their approval, or you are going the wrong way that makes them feel bad. Try to reevaluate your actions and see what you need to do to make them feel less burdened by you. If you're doing something dangerous, consider not doing it for those people that care for you. Try not to be hard-headed and listen to their advice, especially if it's for your own good.

Exorcising demons at home

Dreaming that you were exorcising demons at your own home signifies family problems. There could be problems that you and your family are facing, causing a stir in your family. If this resonates with you, try to identify the root cause of this and find a better solution to solve this issue. You have to solve these issues before it gets worse and causes family's division. Be understanding and try to listen to each family member without any remorse or hatred.

This could also be a misunderstanding, so you have to sit with your family and deal with this problem.

Exorcising demons at the workplace

Exorcising demons at the workplace is a warning sign that you need to be careful at work. You could be treated very unfairly or get blamed for something that you did not do. You might get allegations for fund misuse, among others that you will need to take legal actions. Therefore, be very careful and cautious in your workplace. As much as possible, avoid hanging out with people that have questionable actions.

Focus on working diligently and avoid getting entangled with workplace politics.


To dream of seeing someone being exorcised correlates to negativity and possibly, energy drain. This is the result of associating yourself with someone tricky and full of crap. So, you've got to consider ending your relationship with such a person for your peace of mind. This dream also suggests that you need to be careful with the people whom you trust as not all are trustworthy. Be cautious and observant to catch these types of people and cut them off from your circle if needed.

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