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Dreaming About Your Ex Meaning & Interpretation: What The Heck?

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Dreaming about exes could mean a lot of things. It could also be that you miss your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. To dream about your exes could refer to your past pains that have not yet healed. The break-up with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend could have caused you to feel angry.

Having this dream reveals your deepest emotions about your break-up with your ex. Nonetheless, be careful of how you feel. You could be stuck in the memory and find yourself wanting to come back with your ex.

Going down in memory lane will cause you more damage than good. Although it's nice to reminisce good things, it could also bring you a painful memory. Try to be strong and move on according to your pace.

Some people might tell you to move on fast as there are many fishes in the sea, but that's not how it works. We all have different paces on how fast or slow we move on. If you're ashamed about the situation, know that you're not the only one who's going through it.

You also have to understand your dream context to know what the dream wants to relay. Uncover some of the interpretations of dreaming about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend below.

The Meaning behind Dreaming About Your Ex

●    Kissing Your Ex Dream

Dreaming about kissing with your ex means that you miss him/her. You could still be thinking about your good times together. This dream also represents your longing for your ex.

Are you still thinking about your ex in your waking life? If so, it's the reason why you are having this dream. Sometimes our brain manifests our thoughts in our dreams. If there's no hope for reconciliation, it's best to accept that there's no more you and him/her.

Accepting the fact can be challenging, especially in the case of breaking-up. It can be excruciating at first, but you will get through it. Cry as much as you want, but you have to move on and make your life better after that.

●    The Ex Wants You Back Dream

To dream that your ex wants to get back together with you indicates your longing to get back with your ex together. It could be that you missed your bonding together. However, you have to face the truth.

You can't live well if you kept on thinking about your past. If you know that you don't want to get back together with your ex, this dream means you have moved on.

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●    Seeing Your Ex Dream

If you saw your ex in your dream, it means that you are still holding on to the feeling of jealousy, worry, and insecurity. It could also be that you are afraid of damaging your current relationship. Try to control your jealousy to avoid ruining your current relationship.

●    Seeing Your Ex with Someone

To see that your ex was with someone else means you have to move on. Your ex could be at peace now with his/her current relationship and you should do the same. It could be that you were still thinking about him/her that it manifested in your dream.

●    Dating With Your Ex Dream

Seeing yourself dating your ex in your dream suggests that you need to think back on why you broke with your ex. It could be that you broke up only because of ego. There could still be feelings between you two and you are thinking about reaching out.

If you have second thoughts about reaching out, know that it isn't wrong to reach out. It's actually a good sign that you have matured as a person and you're willing to deal with your past. Have a mature talk with your ex, open up and communicate your feelings with each other.

Mostly, these kinds of things are for closure. But, who knows what your heart-to-heart talk will bring?

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●    Fighting With Ex Dream

To dream that you were fighting with your ex means several people got hurt when you broke-up. It could be that you two are open with your relationship with both of your families. Your family and your ex's family could already be close that they got disheartened when you two broke up.

Try to let go of your grudge, especially if your ex's family is still friendly to you. Holding on to your grudge will only make you sick and feel so troubled.

●    Forgetting About Your Ex Dream

Dreaming that you forgot about your ex indicates you had your lost identity when you two broke up. Try to remember who you are before you had that relationship. You don't have to be indifferent because you got hurt; instead, stay true to who you are.

Love yourself enough to move on and make your life better. You deserve so much better than letting yourself get emerged in hate and self-pity.

●    Ex Apologizing Dream

Seeing that your ex was apologizing in your dream doesn't mean that he will apologize to you in your waking life. Instead, the dream refers to your desire to want your ex to apologize to you.

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●    Getting Back With Your Toxic Ex Dream

Dreaming that you were back with your toxic ex suggests that you need to let go of your past. It could be that you're still holding on to the abuse that you have gone through. Try hard to clear your mind and remind yourself that you are free from that horrible situation.

If the thoughts of your abusive past still run into your mind, consider asking for help.

●    Marriage Proposal from Ex Dream

Dreaming that your ex proposed to you indicates that you have accepted what has happened. You have also taken the lesson from your past mistakes. The experiences that you’ve gone through with your ex have made you a better and wise person.

If in your dream you accepted the proposal, it means you still love and miss your ex. Nonetheless, the dream also suggests that you have to let go of your past to move forward with your life.

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Reason Why You Dream About Your Ex

●     You Still Miss Your Ex

Feelings are not easy to discard, no matter how hurt you are. The feeling of missing your ex will linger for months after the break-up and that's normal. You've shared special moments and have been with some thick and thin moments.

Nonetheless, if there's no hope for reconciliation, don't stay too long reminiscing. You could be setting yourself to more pain without you noticing.

●     Getting Into New Relationship

When you get into a new relationship, there's a possibility that you'll think more about your ex. You could be comparing your ex to your current girlfriend or boyfriend in your waking life. When you keep thinking about your ex gf or bf, your brain will manifest your thoughts into your dream.

●     You're Not Satisfied with Your Current Relationship

If you are not satisfied with your current relationship, you will end up thinking about your ex. It could be that you were the reason that you two broke up and now you are regretting it as you're not satisfied.

The Meaning of Meeting Your Ex at Different Situations

●    Meeting Ex at a Random Place Dream

If you dreamed that you had met your ex on the airplane, it means that he will stay away from you. If you met your ex at the church, it suggests that you two have something in common that got wasted away when you broke up.

●    Ex Ignoring You Dream

To dream that your ex ignored you means that you have to move on with your life. You could be wasting time lingering on the past while your ex is happy with his or her life. Try to shake off your past feelings and concentrate on the future.

You will still meet people in your life and who knows that you'll finally meet the one who's genuinely for you one day.

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●    Ex Giving You Advices Dream

When your ex tries to give you bits of advice, you must listen well to what his or her advice is. It could be your subconscious message to you. Your subconscious could be telling what you should be doing or what you should avoid.

Scrutinize the advice thoroughly and follow them if they make any sense in your waking life.

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