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Dreams About Black Shoes: Are You Somehow Obsessed With Shoes?

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What does a shoe or shoes in your dream mean? Dreaming of shoes is quite common. When you bought a new shoe that you really liked or if you've been eyeing a pair of shoes for some time now, then the meaning could be literal and simple to understand. Shoes are things we see in our daily waking life, so it is not uncommon to see it in our dreams.

Some dreams are symbolic and warrant interpretations. Shoes in a dream may be an indication that you need to make necessary changes in your life or your lifestyle.

It could also symbolize a wrong path or journey that you are currently taking or a new path that you will soon embark on. Your spirit guides may be guiding you and showing you through them that you need to step backward and make a detour.

Shoes in dreams can symbolize your plans and future ventures. For some interpreters, shoes can mean career growth and advancement. It can also mean the beginning of a new journey.

Dreaming about shoes can also signify a new chapter in our life. It could represent the important first step you take towards your goals. It may also express optimism and resiliency in reaching for your dreams.

What does it mean to see black shoes in a dream?

 Black shoes in dreams could be associated with your professional life. It could mean that you are advancing in your career. It could also mean getting a promotion. Black shoes could mean travel for work purposes.

There are some negative interpretations of these dreams, as well. Shoes in black color could indicate being somewhere you aren't meant to be. It could mean a wrong decision or a wrong path.

Suppose you're married, and dreaming of a black shoe has a similar interpretation to dreams about crabs. These types of dreams could also signify a big marital problem that will rock your marriage. Black Shoes in dreams may symbolize differences in relationships. It could be a sign of great hurdles and problems that will cause chaos in your marital journey. They are a representation of challenges, hardships, and hurdles with your partner or someone very close to you.

Black shoes in dreams imply a major event in life that will change everything. It usually signifies positive changes. It can also mean opportunities that will soon come your way. Be ready to face these changes and stay positive.

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Type of shoes and their meaning in dreams:

The type of shoes you see in a dream is also of great importance when interpreting dreams.

Sneakers – When you see a sneaker in a dream, it could reflect some deception. Someone or you may be sneaking or is involved in very deceptive behavior. It could be your conscience telling you that you are engaged in something that may bring hurt and pain to people who trust you.

Boots – It can mean taking control of your life. It could also mean toughness and strength. Boots are also a symbol of decisiveness. It could mean that you have clarity of the path you want to take and, you know what decisions you need to do to achieve your life goals.

Ballet shoes  Ballet shoes are a symbol of balance. It could be a warning that there are things in your life that you need to balance. It could also signify a one-sided relationship where you tiptoe all the time. They could symbolize a situation that is very uncomfortable for you, or your celestial guides telling you to go out of your comfort zone.

Sandals – Sandals in a dream symbolize comfort. It could also represent a carefree and free-spirited individual. When you see sandals in a dream, it could mean you are in a peaceful state of your life. Everything may be going well for you.

Here are some common shoe dreams, their meaning, and interpretations.

What does changing into different shoes mean?

Changing into different shoes in a dream could foretell a change in roles. You may pick up new responsibilities either, in school, at home, or at work. It could signify that a change is coming and, you will play a big part in these changes.

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To remove your shoes and put on someone else shoes is a sign that you are trying to fit into someone's role. You may be assigned a new task that has been assigned to someone else before.

What does it mean if the shoes are too big?

Wearing shoes that are too big for you in a dream reflects your feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. You may find yourself falling short in taking over someone's role. You may feel that you are not up to the task. These negative emotions are gnawing at you, and you are feeling down about it. 

What does it mean if the shoes are too small?

Wearing shoes that are too small in a dream indicates that you are forcing your beliefs and perspective on others. Your guardian angels are telling you to respect other people's views and step back. Allow them to be who they are while staying true to who they are. It is a matter of being able to agree to disagree.

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What is the meaning of wet or uncomfortable shoes?

Putting on wet and uncomfortable shoes suggests that you are in an awkward situation. You may be in a disagreement with someone about differences in opinion or idea. It could also be a situation where you are hurting and stressing out.

Uncomfortable shoes could mean you are trying to avoid some issues. You could be pushing through with plans even though you see red flags. This could also be a warning that something unexpected will happen and, will push you out of your comfort zone.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes in dreams could symbolize arguments and fights with your partner. It could cause you to be in a difficult situation with them. You or your partner may want space and some time alone.

To dream of ripped or worn-out shoes

Just like dreaming of dragons, dreaming of a ripped or worn-out shoe could indicate an unrequited love. It signifies a relationship where love is not mutual. It could be an indication of trying to hold on to a relationship where one person doesn't feel the same for you anymore. One partner has fallen out of love.

Your guardian angels may be telling you to let go and move on. They are giving you the wisdom that holding on to such a relationship is futile. They are showing you that it is not worth investing your time and yourself into someone who isn't willing to put any effort into your relationship, same with Lake Dream.

Losing your shoes in a dream

Dreaming of losing your shoes could indicate a relationship that is coming to an end. It could mean goodbye or a farewell to a partnership that you hold dear. Things may come to an end and, you can't do anything about it.

Losing your shoes in a dream could also mean rejection. You might offer someone your love and, this person will reject it. It could also mean trying to hold on to a relationship that's already gone.

It could also reflect an ongoing struggle in your relationship. Things are not the same, and there are things that you and your partner need to sort out. Address the issues before it's too late.

To dream of dirty shoes

Dirty shoes in a dream could be an indication of trouble due to you being careless or reckless in decision-making. It could also be your guides telling you that you have made too many wrong decisions in life. This could be them telling you to make changes for the better.

Dreaming about someone stealing your shoes

If you dreamed of someone stealing your shoes, it could mean some losses in your business or investment. It is also a warning that someone you trust will betray you in one way or another.

This could also symbolize a third party in your relationship. Be watchful and observant. Someone may bring you trouble and pain.

Dreaming about a closet full of shoes

If you keep on dreaming of a closet full of shoes or dreaming about wolves it could indicate keeping or hiding something. It could represent a part of you that you don't want the world to see. It could also mean that there are things about you that you refuse to accept.

The dream could also indicate your inner state of mind. You may feel trapped, or you may be bottling up emotions that soon need to be released.

What does setting shoes on fire mean in a dream?

Setting shoes on fire in a dream indicates you are destroying your life. You may be in a state of rebellion, and you are full of violence. It could mean violent behaviors and actions that will lead to the loss of something or someone dear to you. This could also be a manifestation of you doing self-harm.

What is the meaning of throwing shoes?

Throwing shoes in a dream could mean letting go of a relationship. You may initiate a break-up, or you may let go of opportunities at work.

If you are throwing shoes at someone in the dream, it could imply you do not want anything to do with that person. You are throwing away and turning your back on responsibilities.


Dreaming about shoes is quite common. It symbolizes a lot of meaning in your life, emotions, and present situation. However, some dreams about shoes mean that you've been obsessed with a pair of shoes for some time now.

There are a lot of different meanings depending on what type of shoe you saw in your dream. It is important to take note and remember the details of your dream to be able to interpret it and apply its meaning to your life successfully.

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