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What Do Dreams About Wolves Mean?: Read These Then Ask Yourself

Wolves are native to Eurasia. These canines are social animals, and they travel and hunt in packs. Wolves are known to be excellent predators. They can be very deadly.

As much as they are dangerous, wolves rarely attack humans. Feared by many, wolves are depicted as bad animals and are associated with evil and witchcraft. The widespread fear of wolves goes back centuries ago in myths and stories that have become popular across many cultures. One of the most common myths about wolves that have been popularized in books and even in films is the myth of the werewolf.

Werewolves and wolves become a common theme in the middle ages, together with witchcraft and sorcery. Wolves are believed to be animals raised and owned by witches sent out to spy. These folklore and superstitious beliefs have people greatly fearing wolves.

Like the witches' trial (Salem Witch Hunt ) in the mid-17th century, trials were organized across Europe for people accused of being werewolves. People, mostly males, are believed to possess the power to change into a wolf or half-human, half-wolf.

When wolves appear in dreams, it could often signify feelings of aggression and hostility. It can also mean treachery and emotions of feeling trapped and threatened. For some, a wolf is a symbol of sneakiness, diseases, and illness. When wolves appear in dreams, it could mean a forthcoming danger.

Wolves in dreams can also signify loneliness and solitude. It can likewise be a manifestation of characteristics such as honesty and bravery. They can also indicate pride, confidence, and mystery.

Dreaming of wolves and their interpretation

Dream of being attacked by a wolf

When you dream of being attacked by a wolf, it signifies a life situation that you have no control over, and it is draining and exhausting you. It could also mean that you have overstepped your boundaries, and in return, got yourself an enemy. Your guides could be telling you to step back and mind your own business to avoid confrontations.

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Dream of a wolf chasing you

When a wolf chases you in your dreams, it could symbolize an obsession or a co-dependency. It could also suggest that you may be in an abusive relationship, and you want to break away from it. You may be emotionally feeling helpless and lost. It could also reflect your fears and things that cause you stress.

Dreaming of petting a wolf

Petting a wolf in a dream could mean that you are courting danger. Your spirit guides are giving you the warning to stop playing with fire. It could also mean that you are keeping a problem and ignoring it instead of taking action.

It could also reflect your passive behavior towards certain situations that you must face. You may be hiding a problem under a rug instead of dealing with it. That type of behavior could cause some unwanted consequences in the future.

Dreaming of wolves howling

Howling wolves in a dream is a clear warning of upcoming misfortunes and problems. It is an indication that you will face challenges, and your guardian angels are telling you to prepare and be ready. This is also associated with the negative energy of feeling lost and confused. There will be indecision that will bring you emotional pain and stress.

Wolves howling in dreams can mean you are calling for help. You may be in a situation where you need the support and the company of people close to you. Perhaps you will come to a point where you feel lost and don't know where you're headed, just grabbing chances on anything that comes your way. You will have to decide on something that will have a significant impact on your life. However, you cannot decide because you don't know what you really want, and this results in you missing the chances that rarely appear.

It may also indicate a feeling of being alone and an expression of a desire or longing to get back to your pack. This could mean being away from your family or being in a long-distance relationship. You may feel isolated. It could also mean some longing to be able to tell someone you love how you feel for them.

Dream about a wolf bite

When you dream of being bitten by a wolf and you're wound is oozing with blood in your dream, this can be a warning that someone close to you will betray you. A wolf attack or a wolf bite in dreams can mean pain and loss of trust. Someone is being very deceptive and is hiding secrets from you.

It could also symbolize resentment and hidden anger. Someone in your home or your close circle of friends has some hidden displeasure towards you. Be wary and ask yourself if you could have done or said something that may have caused them to feel this way.

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Dreaming of being a wolf

When you dream of being a wolf, this is a reflection of how you truly feel or your inner state. You may have the desire to be on your own and be left alone. This could also mean you are facing challenges in life head-on.

The wolf is a symbol of bravery and courage. This may be you trying you be strong despite some hurdles and difficulties. It could signify your inner strength and courage, not backing down from trials and tough times.

Dream about being friendly to a wolf

When you dream of being friendly to a wolf, this reflects your ability to be able to maintain composure in different circumstances. This symbolizes you can stand your ground and maintain peace even during hostile moments.

Wolf color in dreams

Wolf color in dreams can also represent different meanings. A black wolf is a manifestation of anger, discontent, and resentment towards your friends. You feel that they are not behaving the way you want them to. This is you being controlling and unreasonable.

A grey or silver wolf is a symbol of purity and clarity. 

A Red wolf represents anger. It can also symbolize fierceness in achieving your goals.

To see a golden or yellow wolf in a dream are your spirit guides telling you that you need to be confident in taking risks to achieve your life goals. Be bold and take that leap of faith because the universe is on your side. The universe may present you with some risky endeavors, but your angels are telling you to be confident and stay positive.

Wolves are a symbol of love

These fierce-looking canines are also used to symbolize love. Wolves, for the most part, do not sleep around. They are often monogamous and only find a new mate when their current partner dies.

Wolves in dreams have a similar connotation to breastfeeding dreams. Both are symbolizing family. They travel as a family. Mama wolves are great at taking care of their young, and papa wolves are equally protective of their kids as well.

When you see wolves in dreams, this could signify you want to be loved, or this could be your emotions towards someone.


Wolves are majestic creatures. They bring hidden meanings that could help you in the present situation or warn you. The following list above is the most common occurrence in wolf-related dreams. It depends on what the dream looks like to be able to interpret its meaning.

Wolves in dreams signify your emotions and the way you handle life, just like dreaming of a tornado. It challenges us to confront our fears for us to overcome them.  Dreams are a part of ourselves that we try to suppress, try to take a step forward, and ask ourselves, “What does dreaming about wolves mean to me?”

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