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Driving Vehicles Dream Meaning: No License? In Dreams, It’s Fine!

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Have you ever discovered a comfortable position that puts you to sleep, only to find yourself in front of a fast car/vehicle racing to who knows where in a matter of seconds?

It wasn't just me, was it? I don't even own a license yet.

Driving vehicles has been a pretty common dream and already has dozens of interpretations. I mean, there's a lot to consider when it comes to dreams. Like where is your destination, who's driving or are you in the passenger seat, are you going to crash, even the feelings you had when you or someone else was driving.

Dreaming about driving a vehicle has been a signifier of change as change constantly occurs in many factors and aspects of your life. I mean, that seems easy to understand, right? I think so? Maybe?

Don't worry; I got you!

That definition was slightly vague as we don't know which part of our lives would exactly change. Although one thing we should look out for is the context and details inside the dream. It is pretty essential to remember who was driving in the dream and possibly what vehicle you or someone else is driving in the dream you just had. Perhaps in some traditions driving a car may be interpreted as a bad omen.

You may be:

  • Right in the driver seat, defying the odds of traffic in your Porsche
  • In a driver's license test with the instructor and his check and score list.
  • Driving at full speed
  • Escorting someone else while driving 
  • You were being chauffeured in a car by someone who is known or unknown to you.

I'm guessing what happened in your dream wasn't on this list, but fear not! It is not limited to what was listed.

Possible Feelings Encountered In A Dream

It's going to be hard to remember, but you may have possibly felt like:

  • Being in control of the speed of the car
  • You have a clear mind, are confident in your driving skills, or are relaxed while being chauffeured or behind the wheel.
  • You are possibly feeling alone, powerless on a long road.
  • You were feeling wild, confident, and assertive as if you're drifting like one of those drivers in fast and furious.


In most cases, the dream of driving a vehicle must mean that you're seeking strength and control over your life, much like how you felt in your dream. 

Let's start with the most crucial detail of your dream. Knowing who drove the car signifies a level of control.

Dreaming that you are driving a car

Just with that alone, if you're dreaming that you were driving a car on your own, this dream would reflect how you control your own life. It's kind of like a reflection of you being the center of control and responsible for your own life, making your own decisions and actions. It's kind of like driving straight to your dreams and goals in life.

Dreaming that you are driving at full speed

Like you driving a car, running at the max speed, it would seem like you're the type of person who'd make decisions without thinking about them first, much like jumping straight into conclusions without fully thinking about the consequences.

What does this mean, then? Even when there are consequences, when we make wrong decisions, this dream is most likely giving you the warning to think about your choices before actually making a decision.

While we can consider that interpretation, alternatively, you can probably consider yourself as someone irresponsible in your waking life, which people define as hard for your friends to rely on you. This dream can mean that you should change your reckless ways of dealing with situations. Or – It could mean you're just a reckless driver in your real life, and this dream could be a warning for you to drive safely.

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Dreaming that you are in a car and someone else is driving

Yikes, this could mean that someone is trying to take control of your life. Whoever he or she may be, doesn't want you to feel like you don't have any freedom. Maybe someone you know might be jealous of your success and maybe trying to deceive you.

Be careful, and watch your back at all times.

Dreaming about being alone in the car

Isn't it quite lonely being all alone in a car or in a room? Maybe you might be feeling alone in your waking life. It can be pretty heavy or suffocating to do everything on your own, and it definitely can lead to isolation which can make you feel as if you have to carry everything on your own.

Dreaming about having someone on the passenger seat of the car you're driving

Oh dear, it might be that you're taking your driving test, but it's another bad sign. You might be unconsciously controlling someone you know or may want to betray someone, or it could mean that the person on your passenger seat will disappoint you in the future. These people are probably those who you deem as your friends.

Dreaming about the car spiraling out of control

This dream could indicate your feelings; maybe you've been feeling a bit anxious about any crisis or setback in your life. It could be pretty tricky to control a car that's out of control.

Knowing the context of who is behind the wheel, let's go straight to how we could remember the road in the dream.

Having a straight road with no blocks

It's absolutely a good sign. Everything in your life is going in the right direction, especially without any roadblocks; nothing can hinder you from reaching your goals.

Driving through a bumpy road

There might be possible changes that will happen in your life or path in the future. Have you ever heard that statement, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” much like this, like having a bumpy road, we might experience obstacles where we have to overcome them.

Driving in a dimmed or dark road

When roads seemed dark, I believe it's time to think about your future. Our paths are kind of like long tunnels. It gets darker in the middle and makes you decide whether or not you'd want to continue, but every tunnel always has an exit. This dream might be an indication to think about the plans and the goals you have in life and recall or think about how you can reach them.

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Driving in an intersection

Did you have an instance to decide what you want in your life? This dream may be an interpretation for you to decide on something essential to you.

Driving on the road, you know well.

Were the roads on your dream the same over and over again? That could be a bad sign. I mean, driving on the same route over and over again could mean that you're going to make the same mistakes.

Driving on the road, you don't know at all.

Isn't it scary to drive somewhere unknown, much like how this dream could be like an indication that you'd need complete control over your future and your life? It is the right time to do so, especially after having this dream.

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How well were they driving?

Driving well in your dream may mean that you are in complete control and confident in all aspects of your life, which is similar to singing in a dream. I mean, to drive the car without hurdling into the side curbs successfully, who wouldn't feel confident when driving a car, am I right? 

Staying vigilant and knowing how to successfully drive the car without hurdling into the side curbs, if you were feeling nervous, it could mean a sign that you have low self-esteem. 

I mean, what if someone else was driving? Do you remember how good their driving was? Were they going too slow? It could mean that you were impatient with other people and could indicate where you need to save. 

Did you get to your destination?


You are going in the right direction, reaching all your plans and goals without any problems on the way. That's how confident you are since your dreams show what you are thinking and feeling subconsciously

In traffic

Your dream is telling you to look for other opportunities and courses for action. It can be an indication of where your route might not be the best option for you.


Similar to a dream about a car accident, It is a clear sign where you have to slow down, and your body is telling you to stop and take time off! You're experiencing burnout!


Don't you think dreaming too much about driving is because you are being frustrated for not passing your driving examination multiple times? Think of it again.

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