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Dumortierite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits, And Uses

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Dumortierite is a gemstone rich in blue color with a variety of colors, including pink and brown, which is both appealing and uncommon. It has good hardness and vivid color but lacks clarity. The potentials of Dumortierite enhance your intuitive abilities as well as your intellectual capability. Simply holding or wearing this stone as a piece of jewelry will help you tune in to the higher message you'll be receiving soon. The enhancement in your mind's ability to remember new information is a critical indicator that Dumortierite's capabilities have filled you.

HIistory Of Dumortierite

Dumortierite is typically present in aluminum-rich pegmatite. It is a scarce aluminum borate silicate mineral that occurs as masses, tiny prismatic crystals, or fibrous inclusions in Quartz. F. Gonnard discovered this crystal in Chaponost, France, in 1881 and named it after the great French paleontologist E. Dumortier. Mining of Dumortierite is available in nations including Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Canada, Russia, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

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Reasons Why You Should Start Using Dumortierite

  • Physical Healing

Dumortierite reprogrammes the cellular memory by changing the patterns of addictions and compulsions. It helps healers cure the addict or control others' addictive behavior. If you're attempting to lose weight, Dumortierite can assist you in achieving your most ideal body weight by regulating your metabolism and assisting with endocrine issues. This stone, when placed in the afflicted areas, can help to relieve sunburn. Dumortierite aids with depression and even pregnancy symptoms.

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  • Emotional Healing

Dumortierite helps with self-consciousness, shyness, and stage fright. It improves your ability to speak up and stand up for what you believe to be genuine and authentic. Dumortierite promotes feelings of safety, inner serenity, and assurance. This stone soothes the subconscious and clears the throat chakra in helping you to speak out your truth.

Dumortierite helps you to see, feel, experience, and savor your goodness. It allows you to discover your inner pleasure in life. Dumortierite stone also reminds you that when you know your truth, express and live it because everything will be ok. Dumortierite aids in connecting to the Divine source and feeling a part of the Divine purpose.

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  • Mental Healing

Dumortierite aids in supporting yourself and adapting to reality by instilling unwavering self-confidence, patience, or courage. It helps you in triggering your instinct for self-preservation. It generates calm and focuses relief if you deal with catastrophe and trauma daily. 

This stone improves your cognitive abilities. Dumortierite helps you calm down and concentrate on traumatic situations, giving you the means you need to deal with a problem. Your mental sharpness will improve with Dumortierite. Use this stone as a tool to help you stay focused on your objectives. 

  • Manifesting Prosperity

When it comes to riches and fortune, Dumortierite is a lucky stone. It's an excellent stone to have, especially for beginning out on your own. Dumortierite also promotes feelings of security and stability in your venture. It will provide you with inner calm and power to aid you in your goals. Dumortierite stone will provide clarity, allowing you to spot opportunities and solve issues in your work, business, or finances.

  • Relationship Healing

Dumortierite is a stone of expressiveness, tranquility, and order. It is a beautiful stone of strength and intellectual capacity when dealing with relationship conflicts. It's a stone that will make you learn how to stand up for yourself when others are looking down. Dumortierite reminds you that you can't always rely on others to fight your battles for you. You'll have to do it for yourself sooner or later to prove to the world that you're not a fool.

Dumortierite's energies will also assist you in becoming more patient and understanding. It will show how to take control of your own life. It will also help you release your traumas so that you can overcome difficult life or relationship circumstances.

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The Metaphysical Benefits of Dumortierite 

When in communication with heavenly or spirit guidance, Dumortierite makes you more receptive. Spiritually, it reveals your eternal self, allowing you to reconnect with your inner wisdom. It unlocks clairaudience when placed behind your ear, and it stimulates past life memories when placed further back. 

Dumortierite takes you to the beginning of your soul journey to analyze records and agreements signed over eons of time. It helps you re-negotiate them if you feel that you are no longer valid. This stone helps revoke vows by breaking ties that are no longer useful. Dumortierite is helping you identify and release previous life causes of disease, adverse situations, or current relationships.

You will be able to bring yourself aligned with the higher forces of the universe and create a connection to the subtle bodies of energy that surround you. Dumortierite will help you connect to your former incarnations and identify their impact on your current life. It's an excellent stone for meditation and psychic communication with spirit guides. 

Damage in the causal body chakra will repair with this stone, and its connections will fix with Dumortierite. It encourages communion with the Light, as well as trance channeling and direct transmission. Dumortierite improves your ability to comprehend more significant truth. This stone unlocks advanced psychic skills as well as the knowledge on how to use them.

Dumortierite is a crystal that can assist you in hearing, sensing, or knowing divine intervention. The tranquil center of the third eye chakra, associated with this stone, is a source of inner calm. When you're increasing your spiritual awareness and psychic intuition, use Dumortierite to correct your inner vision. 

It can also assist you in observing your behaviors, habits, or complicated difficulties. Being objective allows you to make constructive changes toward more enlightened behaviors and actions. Dumortierite might help to open or strengthen your psychic link and intuition.

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Dumortierite provides a peaceful environment where you may focus on the issues at hand in an ordered manner. It is bringing knowledge essential to settle a milestone and see it through your success. Dumortierite will improve your organizational skills and allow you to clear out all of the clutter in your life, both emotional and mental.

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