Earth Angels - The Complete Guide!: You Might Be One -

Earth Angels – The Complete Guide!: You Might Be One

Angels are among the most believed beings on Earth. When you hear the word angel, you will assume it is one of God's messengers. But there are different types of angels, and among them are Earth angels.

Whether you have heard about Earth angels or not, this article will walk you through them. By the end of this reading, you will test yourself and the people that surround you if they are Earth angels. You might feel amazed by their existence.

What is an Earth Angel?

Earth angels have a brighter, healthier vibration compared to normal human beings. Every human carries a light of God within them. But Earth angels carry a brighter one within themselves. These angels are born in human form, and they are popular to be humbler than ordinary people. They are also more beautiful too!

You might have met a very kind person once in your life that got you thinking, “Why is this person nice to everyone?” God sends Earth angels to touch the people that surround them. They have a magnetic aura as well, where humans are most likely attracted to them when they meet them.

An Earth angel's soul glows, and they are full of light. They are also lovable and possess every good characteristic you can think of. They are also sensitive beings, and they show empathy to everyone they come across here on Earth. According to books, Earth angels are “givers.” They always feel a calling that they need to serve others before themselves.

Earth angels still live a humane life, and they walk on this Earth, like any average person. But, they are more compassionate, generous, and full of love in their hearts. They are also kind-hearted and have the soul of an angel sent down to Earth to do essential missions for God.

Earth Angels Missions

There are several reasons why Earth angels exist in this world. Each of them carries an important message or mission that God wants to send to his people here on Earth. Here are some tasks that Earth angels do in this world:

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Teach humans to love and open their hearts for others.

Give inspiration and set an example to humans who find it hard to forgive, love, and hope for the better.

Spread positive vibration to the entire humanity and Earth.

Help protect not only humanity but also the environment. Earth angels help protect Earth from destruction, including destruction caused by humankind.

Heal the world through spiritual service.

Are Earth angels' real angels?

In a divine aspect, Earth angels are not angels. But, they share almost the same characteristics as celestial angels. Both types of angels are full of love and hope, compassionate to others, and provides help and healing. They also give inspiration to everyone that surrounds them.

Unlike average human beings, Earth angels give out positive vibes all the time. They have a strong sense of optimism within them. They always see the good in everything even when it's a bad situation. To some people, they refer Earth angels are guides and spiritual healers that walk the Earth.

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Signs That You Might Be an Earth Angel

Do you happen to know someone very kind and loving? Or, you find yourself a giver to others? Either way, you might want to test yourself if you are an Earth Angel. There are signs that you can look into when considering yourself, whether you are one or not. Here are some signs you can check out:

You are sensitive in all things.

Normal human beings might be okay with the slightest violence they can see around them. But, Earth angels tend to be sensitive when it comes to negative stuff, including violence.

If you find violence intolerable, you might be an Earth Angel. Not feeling at peace whenever you know something wrong is going on, that's a sign. Earth angels have weak tolerance when it comes to negative vibes, including hate and pain.

Earth angels want everything in place, even in small things, such as getting along or arguing. They would always want everyone to get ahead. Negative vibes drain and wipe them off. If you are this type of person, there is a chance that you might have an Earth angel's soul in you.

Large crowds, noises, and stressful environments are among other things Earth angels dislike. Earth angels tend to keep themselves away and most likely enjoy solitude in their homes.

You look younger than your real age.

The purity of Earth angels radiates that it rarely shows in them. You might be around in your 50's, but you glow like you're still in your 30's. The glow and radiance of God's grace in Earth angels make them look younger than their real age. It could be one of the perks of being one to consider.

You love being with yourself.

This sign is somehow connected to sign number one. Since Earth angels don't like stressful environments. They would rather stay in by themselves and enjoy their alone time. If you love to do alone time more often than average, then it could be possible that you are an Earth Angel.

Since Earth angels are givers in this world, they also need to recharge. This is to keep their focus on what they need to do to change the world. Secluding themselves from the world is their way to keep their healing energy at par. Being away from the crowd nourishes their soul and helps them balance their lives.

You do not understand why the world has to be cruel.

Earth angels wonder and think like normal human beings as well. Among their constant thoughts is why the world is a cruel place. If you find it hard to understand why the world is like it is now, you might be an Earth Angel.

Aside from that, Earth angels also expect humans to return the things you have done for them. But, they always find themselves at the bottom of the pit and get nothing. A promising sign to check if you are an Earth angel is when you still feel your values are not put up to.

Your values have crashed several times. The world's brutality is unbelievable for you, and you believe everything is up to you to solve it.

You think and care about other's well-being more.

Earth angels are selfless beings. And if your selflessness is not typical for an average human being, you might be an Earth Angel. As mentioned in the earlier parts of this article, Earth angels are givers. They love to put others first more than themselves.

Earth angel cares more for others. This is because they feel a strong calling within themselves that tells them to help others. If you happen to feel the same thing for yourself, you can take it to sign that you are an Earth Angel.

Moreover, you tend to feel real pain from the inside when you see someone is hurting. You have a strong feeling of wanting to take away the pain others feel and wish that you could feel it instead of them. Earth angels will do anything to make everyone around them happy and help them when they are in need.

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You feel attracted to a particular purpose.

As mentioned, Earth angels went down to Earth in human form for a mission. Humans that have an Earth angel's soul keep a more meaningful purpose in this world. If you have the same sense, then you must be one.

The great thing about Earth angels is that they do what they feel inside. If they think they need to help someone, they do it right away. Earth angels do everything they can in their power to help, and not because they asked to. They believe in their truth, and they don't stop digging until they get their answers.

To put it, Earth angels have their path to walk on compared to other people. They tend to do everything in their way and make their rules to live by. In the corporate world, Earth angels most likely survive. The reason is that they find the industry too restricting and draining.

Most Earth angels belong to a more humanitarian sector. They can be counselors or therapists. Since they care more about people, they see themselves as healers of some sort. Their strong calling drives them to do their passion.

Aside from healing, Earth angels also love to teach, help, and serve other people. They do it without expecting any exchange in return. With that, it sets an example for the people who surround them.

You believe you need to make a change in the modern world.

This sign connects to the previous item, which says Earth angels have a purpose for existing. Because of their strong will to help others, they tend to urge to make a change in the modern world.

Earth angels feel different from the modern world. This is because their ideas are distinct from other humans. They tend to ask about why the world is cruel and what they are doing in this modern time. Earth angels are old souls that see through the worldly mindsets of humans. It is a great advantage for them to put a balance in the physical world.

But, despite feeling distinct among others, Earth angels see the good in everything. In both situations and people. Although their ideas are different, they still help people see the good in the world.

You get teased because of your behavior and beliefs.

Humans find it weird for someone to be very kind. Thus, Earth angels tend to get bullied or abused by humans because of their kind hearts. Being selfless, caring, and loving in this cruel world makes one deviant, among others.

You have powerful intuition instilled in you.

Do you always follow your gut when you need to make a decision? When you choose which truth to believe, do you still have a strong intuition and follow it? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you might have an Earth angel soul.

Earth angels have powerful intuition. Whatever the situation is, they always follow what they feel they have to do. They trust the inner voice and calling they hear inside their head to guide them in every step they take.

Moreover, they are also great mind readers and reading messages that are unseen by the naked eye. They understand these messages from the Divine Realm, and they always ask for help from it. Whenever they need to come up with a decision, they pray. Their strong spiritual side makes them very powerful among others.

You experience over-fatigue and health issues more than ordinary people.

You might think that over-fatigue is typical for most people, but it could also be a sign that you are an Earth Angel. Since Earth angels are sensitive to all sorts of energy, they tend to feel sick and weak more than usual. They are also known to get toxic energy from people who have it, which impacts their health.

For instance, there is a fight going on between your set of friends, and you feel stressed and bothered about it. If it leads to you feeling sick and does not help you sleep or rest well, you may have an Earth Angel soul. Again, these toxic energies will impact your health.

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Earth angels have glistening eyes.

A person's eye is what captivates one's heart. An Earth angel's look will show pureness, sweetness, and innocence. Compared to normal humans, they are more genuine. You can see their unconditional love for others in their sparkling eyes. Once you see it, your heart will melt.

You think everyone is good.

Even if there's a criminal standing in front of you, you believe that that person is not as bad as other people think. You tend to see the good in every situation and people you come across. It is one characteristic that Earth angels haves. Despite the imperfections and shortcomings, you still consider them. Seeing the beauty and light in them is your mission.

People have always mistaken your kind heart.

Humans have high trust issues whenever someone shows off kindness at all times. Thus, they hurt or bully those types of people. If you always show kindness to everyone you know and mistake you for it, you might instill an Earth angel's soul.

Besides that, you always find it hard to say “no,” even when it's the only answer to a particular situation. You are open to give others a chance to be better people. Yet, people use it as an advantage against you and make it your weakness.

You are a natural optimist.

Since you believe there is always a good thing in every situation or person, you tend to be optimistic at all times. Even during stormy days and conditions, you can still manage to find hope. Spreading optimism everywhere is your main goal.

You don't stop believing that better days are ahead. You think of misfortunes as blessings in disguise. Which you think leads you to something more worthwhile.

Your patience is unlike no other in this world.

Humans are high-tempered. It is rare for people to have extreme long patience, especially in this modern world. But, for Earth angels, they have the best kind of patience than any other being.

When people are already on the verge of giving up, you still extend your patience. You wait for something better to happen. The reason behind this is because you have an angelic nature, which Earth angels instill.

As angels, giving up on someone is not an option for you. Since you have a strong will to support and guide the people who surround you at all costs.

You rarely ask for help.

You will know you have an Earth angel soul when you find it difficult to ask others' help. Since you like to give more than to receive, asking for help is not an option. You want to help others more than asking help from them, and whenever you receive support, you feel uneasy.

Earth angels don't like to ask for help because they feel it's a burden for other people. They also apologize whenever people come their way for them. Earth angels always carry worry and guilt, and if you happen to be like that, you might have an Earth angel's soul.

You are not ambitious.

Humans are ambitious beings, but Earth angels are not. A great sign that you are an Earth angel is when you don't like competing, and you think everyone is a winner. Being ambitious, such as aiming for being top in the class, or being popular in the city, does not entice you. You opt for a simpler life and everything good in it.

You care about Mother Earth.

Aside from humans and humanity, you also care about the environment and Mother Earth. You feel the need to protect the animals, trees, and other living things in this world. Most Earth angels are also those who become advocates for the planet as well. The responsibility of keeping the Earth healthy and safe is on your shoulders, and it is your pleasure to do so.

You love to give out beautiful and inspiring words to everyone.

As an optimistic being, Earth angels tend to give out positive and inspiring words. Aside from their humanitarian and kind actions, they also love saying beautiful words. They appreciate quotes that inspire everyone to do better. You love to enjoy even the smallest things as well.

What should you do if you evaluated yourself as an Earth angel?

Now that you know the signs to check whether you are an Earth angel or not, you've confirmed that you are one. it's time to head on to the next step.

As an Earth Angel, you should also look after yourself. Although you are a giver to everyone, you should also learn to take care of yourself first. Because if you don't, you would not be able to help and serve others as you should be.

If you are confident to say that you are an Earth angel, here are some things that you need to do. These will make you a better Earth angel in this world:

Love yourself.

As an old saying goes, you can't give others love if you don't love yourself. Love and appreciation come from oneself. If you don't have enough love within you, you cannot give it away to others.

Although most people might say self-love is being selfish, it is not always true. Self-love is essential, especially when you nurture yourself to be better for others. If you're depressed or ill, you won't be able to help others. Thus, it is crucial to take a rest and love yourself to recharge.

Watch what you eat.

Aside from self-love and taking care of your mental state, it is also essential to be healthy. Follow a healthy diet and eat the right way. It would be best to associate your diet with regular exercise to keep your body up and running.

Also, pampering yourself is not a bad thing. You can treat yourself to a good massage from time to time to keep your blood circulation at par. Remember, the healthier you are, the more people you can help and reach!

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Cleanse and protect your balance.

As an Earth Angel, you will get to deal with tons of stress and negative energy that could affect you. Remember, you are sensitive, and you should not let even the smallest negative vibe get in your way.

Cleansing your spirit is essential as an Earth angel. Sometimes, the more you expose to the modern world, you can rethink the different truths. A great way to cleanse and protect your energy and balance is to do spiritual hygiene.

A simple way to do so is to say a short prayer to Archangel Michael to guide you and cleanse you in all aspects. May it be mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. You can also meditate and have a feeling of peace and alone time to regain your energy. You will indeed feel renewed and recharged after doing spiritual hygiene.

Saying a prayer to Archangel Michael during the night can be effective. But, you can always talk to him whenever you feel like it. Saying a blessing when you wake up or when you're driving to work will help him guide you all the way.

Another tip when it comes to cleansing is adding salt to your bath. Salt has spiritual elements that can remove negative vibes from your system. Since you deal with people more often, cleansing in a salt bath can help.

If you'd want to learn more about how to use salt bath to cleanse your spirit, check out this post on spiritual bath.

Learn to say no.

As discussed earlier, saying “no” is one difficulty that most Earth angels experience. You should know that saying “no” is not a bad thing. You should set some boundaries about when you can tolerate something and go against it. Again, self-love is your top-most priority and saying no one can contribute to that.

Maintain the law of giving and receiving.

As an Earth Angel, you should be more of a giver than a receiver. Earth angels are generous givers, and they don't expect anything in return. If they receive something, they tend to feel uneasy about it.

As an Earth Angel, you must set an example to humans that giving is far better than receiving. It would help if you did not encourage greed among humans. This does not only apply to worldly things but in general as well, such as giving out love and patience to others.

You should also let people appreciate the small things. Say “Thank you” whenever they receive something. Doing such will go a long way. It can spread love and gratitude towards others that don't instill such in their hearts.

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