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Enemy Dream Meaning: Hold On To Your Dreams

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The presence of enemies in one's dreams is a feature that is often seen in sleep. It's also a term for essential times in your life and occurrences with both advantages and disadvantages.

When you dream about your enemies, this may relate to a variety of different things. You may get beyond the commitment stage. Typically, when you dream about enemies, you are experiencing an adverse circumstance in your reality.

You will be able to survive through a period of uncertainty in this manner. These enemies will come in your dreams to serve as a reminder that you must confront this issue to achieve peace.

Despite this, there are several other interpretations of this dream to consider. Same with arguing dream, enemy dream meaning needs to take a few things into consideration.

See an enemy

A dream in which you see an enemy or competitor indicates that your desire will come true. A possibility exists for reconciliation with someone with whom you have had a disagreement in the past.

You will finally get the opportunity to tell them how much you value their friendship and to bury the hatchet. You will take care not to jeopardize all you have worked so hard for with one wrong move. Having enemies at work can also get you fired.

A close friend becoming an enemy

This dream is a sign that you will be treated to a pleasant surprise shortly. Even if you have doubts about your ability to complete one of your tasks, there is a possibility that you will be successful. Another option is that you will be pleased by someone's gesture, or that you will get something that you have been dreaming of for a long time will come your way.

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Meeting an enemy

Meeting an enemy in your dreams can cause fighting and represents concerns and challenges in your everyday life. You are most likely unable to complete all of your responsibilities on time because you are afraid that your superior would criticize you.

You find that person repulsive and see them as someone whose only purpose in life is to destroy yours, yet you are really adding to the already excessive stress in your life by thinking in this manner. Despite your best efforts not to draw attention to yourself, others may detect your lousy attitude.

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Arguing with an enemy

If you find yourself arguing with an enemy in a dream, it indicates that you have taken the wrong approach to a specific issue. You will make bad life choices on the spur of the moment, which will magnify a minor issue into a major one.

To prevent a situation like this, seek counsel from individuals you trust. They may assist you in seeing the whole scenario in which you find yourself more clearly.

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Fighting with an enemy

A dream in which you are engaged in combat with a foe represents suppressed anger and discontent. There is a possibility that you were insulted or wounded by someone, but you did not respond appropriately.

It occurs to you to consider what you would have said if the scenario had occurred again right now. There is no sense in going back to it since you will just end up jeopardizing your mental health and not be able to exact vengeance on the one who has wronged you.

Defeated by the enemy

A dream in which you lose a battle against your foe indicates that you lack self-confidence. Your anxieties prevent you from taking risks or even getting close to some individuals. After you put in the necessary effort, your life will become much more attractive and less complex.

Defeating the enemy

If you dream of defeating an enemy, it indicates that you will confront your fears. You will be able to muster up the courage to declare, “Enough is enough” to everyone who is putting you under pressure.

The fact that you are a frightened person by nature means that it is simple to scare you away. As a result, you will avoid the company of harsh realists who point out all their flaws and express sorrow over lost chances in your battle.

Having a lot of enemies

Your weakness is symbolized by the presence of many enemies in your dreams. If others point out your errors, you're probably having a hard time accepting them right now, and you become easily upset when they do. If you've never experienced this before, you'll have to cope with your emotions and figure out why these kinds of events keep occurring.


  • Apologizing to your enemy

In a dream, apologizing to a former rival indicates that you wish to put an end to a difficult time in your life. You've gone through a lot of difficulties and troubles, and you're looking forward to a more tranquil period of your life.

Some things are beyond your control, and you must cope with a great deal when on the move. You must make sure that you are doing all you can to avoid allowing the things you have no control over to generate more stress.

  • Enemy apologizing to you

If you dream about an enemy apologizing to you, it indicates that you will be happy. Someone will attempt to convince you that you cannot do a task, but you will show them incorrect. Following that, you will not miss a chance to boast about your accomplishments in front of that person, and you will be happy to see their face light up with jealousy and envy.

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Reconciling with your enemy

Reconciling with your enemy in a dream portends significant changes in your personal and professional life. That may have anything to do with either the individual or professional aspects of one's life.

You may move your work or your residence. There is even a possibility that you may kick some unhealthy habits or begin a new relationship as a result of this. The next time will be exciting, but it will also be packed with ups and downs, so it is essential to prepare yourself as much as possible for all that is in store for you.

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