Eros in 3rd House: Explore Your Romantic Side -

Eros in 3rd House: Explore Your Romantic Side

In Greek mythology, the asteroid Eros relates with the god of sex and desire and hence appears in astrology to represent our sexuality, including habits and desires rather than orientation. On the other hand, Eros is more than merely sexual; it encompasses all forms of desire and passion.

Eros symbolizes our intimate understanding of our mortality. Through sexual objectification, passion and desire, childbearing, and creativity, Eros causes us to reproduce experiences that confirm our vitality. Eros frequently overpowers the mind with love and sex, shedding light on some of our sensual tendencies.

On the other hand, Eros's love is more about sexual objectification than romantic love. It is all about us, and even the thought of stimulating a partner fuels up our desire to feel alive and vital.

Eros uses love and sex to subdue the Psyche. Sexual objectification, passion and desire, and creativity are all represented by Eros. As mentioned at Eros in 8th house as well. Eros can teach us how and where we might become enchanted, full of illogical yearning, and single-minded.

The third house is also known as “The House of Communications,” and its motto comes from the Latin term fratres, which means “brothers.” It has a more personal, tangible connection to Gemini and speaks of the inner workings of our minds. The way a person thinks and the processes in our thoughts that lead us in a given path are the most important aspects of its placement.

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As a result, it is crucial in personal chart analysis since it informs us about a person's mental condition. The first house informs us about one's physical state, and the fourth house informs us about one's emotions and heart.

Ideas, communication, learning, short journeys, and siblings are generally associated with the third house. It represents our early surroundings and group, left-brain activity or the rational mind, and our general attitude toward learning and information.

The third house is the domain of consciousness if consciousness is “what we think and what we imagine we think,” as Richard Idemon used to say. It refers to how we believe we perceive our surroundings.

When Eros has a place in the third house, the communication can become an erotic experience both in and of itself. For those involved, the written and spoken word, the transmission of information, and the act of learning or teaching can all result in an erotic transformation. People who enjoy writing letters, maintaining a diary or journal, or standing up and giving a speech are examples of this group.

Eros in the 3rd house, or the sign of Gemini, feeds on the interplay of ideas and communication. He likes it when others know how well he knows a subject and how much he knows about it. Eros in Gemini is more interested in hearing the words or receiving small cards with love messages than receiving material presents.

Interest in how things function, why people behave in particular ways, or where some traditions originated all contribute to Eros in Gemini's dynamic cerebral environment. Eros in Gemini has a strong demand for distance and a sense of mental impartiality. Eros in this sign causes the native to spend more time discussing or reading about emotions and romance than going out and experiencing them firsthand.

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History Of Eros In 3rd House

The birth of Eros comes from the Chaos after GAIA and Tartarus, according to Hesiod, and also holds in the formation of the cosmos. The universe was created after Gaia and Uranus got a benediction. Homer has not mentioned anything about Eros in his epics, but Eros was considered the earliest of all gods to come by Parmenides, who is a pre-Socratic philosopher.

At the beginning of the cosmos, Eros was responsible for inducing procreation. Hesiod depicted the two love gods, Eros and Himeros, or Desire, who accompanied Aphrodite from the moment she was conceived from the sea foam generated by Uranus' castration.

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According to later traditions, Eros is the son of Aphrodite and ARES. His mischievous involvement in the affairs of gods and mortals enabled love attachments to develop and drama to unfold. Eros represents an adult, handsome male carrying a lyre or a bow and arrow in early Greek poetry and art.

He was the embodiment of love, athleticism, sexual power, and artistic expression. Eros was the guardian of male homosexual love.

Eros symbolizes a blindfolded male with a bow and arrow who has the power to make any human fall in love with the first person they see in later satirical works. This image foreshadows the Renaissance Cupid's chubby infantile appearance. Eros appears to lose part of his power, wisdom, and age as Aphrodite's son.

To his mother, he becomes more of a comrade or accomplice. It could be one probable reason for Eros' transformation from a gorgeous man to a chubby mischievous youngster in myth art.

Eros has the most popular myths that involve his relationship with the mortal princess Psyche. Men were leaving Aphrodite's altars barren to worship at the feet of a mortal, so Aphrodite commanded her son Eros to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest creature on Earth.

On the other hand, Eros fell madly in love with her and whisked her away to his heavenly home. Eventually, Psyche's jealous sisters made Psyche lead herself towards betraying her own husband, who in turn also decides to leave her. 

Psyche has been wandering the Earth, looking for her lost love, and seeking for Aphrodite to ask for help. Aphrodite assigned Psyche a series of duties, which she was able to accomplish, forcing the Goddess to relent and reunite Eros and Psyche.

The princes became immortal and produced a daughter, Hedone, with Eros which means bliss. Psyche is a Goddess who represents the human spirit and is shown as a Goddess with butterfly wings in ancient mosaics. The Ancient Greek word psyche refers to a soul, spirit, breath, life, or animating power.

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Meaning of Eros in 3rd House

Gemini rules the realm of the mind, the known universe, and also its facts, and fancies. When Eros wears this costume, he is looking for closeness first and foremost through intellectual connection, which usually entails chatting.

If one listens to the discourse, the sheer act of communicating can increase this posture of Eros into aspirations for deeper intimacy and unity. The true pursuit is killed faster here than in any other sign by the beloved's inattention to detail or loss of concentration on the subject.

They got intrigued about how things function, why individuals act the way they do, or where some tradition began to contribute to Eros in Gemini's dynamic mental environment. He uses knowledge as a lure, his mind as bait, and his wit as a reward. He also employs these mental tools to protect himself from the emotional world's sorrow and misery.

Eros in Gemini, the first of the AIR signs, has a strong feeling of mental objectivity and a strong desire for space. Despite the fact that Eros' nature is irrefutably driven to the depths of intimacy, in this sign, he may spend more time discussing or reading about emotional connection than going out and experiencing it.

The Metaphysical Benefits of Eros in 3rd House

These lovers are sexually intrigued and curious. They enjoy receiving information about sexual things in the written and spoken word. They may enjoy writing and reading erotica, or they may compose letters to their lover.

Because it is difficult for these couples to turn off their minds during sex, there is a voyeur present during sexual expression, and it may be tough for them to simply “let go.” During sex, many Eros in Gemini people prefers talking and being the topic of the conversation.

Here Eros thrives on the interaction of ideas and the intellectual stimulation found in sharing observations, data, and little understood facts. He likes it, knows how well he comprehends a subject and how much he could teach about it. Eros in Gemini wants to hear the words or receive little cards with love messages, much more than he wants to get a box of chocolates or even a massage.

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When Eros is in the third house, it actively participates when it comes to our communication. These indigenous people get their erotic pleasure by expressing themselves. They may produce erotic word transformations, information exchange, and even the process of teaching and learning.

Making a speech, conversing, writing letters, and maintaining a notebook or diary are all activities they enjoy. Some people may even enjoy traveling, especially to unfamiliar places.

Similar with Eros in 2nd house, people who place with Eros in the third house prefer conversation combined with passion and have no qualms about speaking their minds. Intellectual stimulation is essential for them, and an attractive partner – both sexual and romantic – must communicate with them on a deep level.

They use words to express their overwhelming desire, whether it's a text, a sonnet, or a whisper in your ear. Under the sheets, these people are aggressive and will most likely let you become aware of what they desire.

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