Eros in 8th House: How To Raise Awareness? -

Eros in 8th House: How To Raise Awareness?

Eros symbolizes our acute awareness of our mortality. Through sexual objectification, passion and desire, childbearing, and creativity, Eros causes us to reproduce experiences that confirm our vitality. Eros frequently overpowers the mind with love and sex, shedding light on some of our sensual tendencies.

On the other hand, Eros's love is more about sexual objectification than romantic love. It is all about us, and even the thought of stimulating a partner might need to get fueled by our desire for us to feel active and vibrant. Eros uses sex and intimacy to subdue the Psyche.

Sexual objectification, passion and desire, and creativity are all represented by Eros. As mentioned in Eros in 3rd house as well. It can teach us how and where we might become enchanted, full of illogical yearning, and train us to become single-minded.

The eighth house is typically associated with sex, death, and taxation, as well as the transforming ramifications of these events. It also refers to in-depth investigation, as well as occult knowledge.

Mystery, intrigue, and intensity are the characteristics that rule the eighth house. Elements in life that compel us to leap of faith, take a chance, and explore the unknown within are the thread that connects the eighth house scenery.

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There have been no certainties in the eighth house. There is no other way to tell if the implicit trust we have in relationships, religious systems, or political parties will be properly respected.

Eros in the eighth denotes a connection to the house's purpose:

  • Taking chances
  • Sacrificing something valuable
  • starting to feel to the depths of the soul.
  • Hoping for an improvement in exchange for it

Those who have Eros in their home have a stronger urge to engage in sensual experiences on a deep level. They may also be extremely apprehensive about doing so. The two can work together.

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History of Eros in 8th House

The birth of Eros comes from the Chaos after GAIA and Tartarus, according to Hesiod, and also holds in the formation of the cosmos. The universe was created after Gaia and Uranus got a benediction. Homer has not mention anything about Eros in his epics, but Eros was considered the earliest of all gods to come by Parmenides, who is a pre-Socratic philosopher.

At the beginning of the cosmos, Eros was responsible for inducing procreation. Hesiod depicted the two love gods, Eros and Himeros, or Desire, who accompanied Aphrodite from the moment she was conceived from the sea foam generated by Uranus' castration.

According to later traditions, Eros is the son of Aphrodite and ARES. His mischievous involvement in the affairs of gods and mortals enabled love attachments to develop and drama to unfold.

Eros represents an adult, handsome male carrying a lyre or a bow and arrow in early Greek poetry and art. He was the embodiment of love, athleticism, sexual power, and artistic expression. Eros was the guardian of male homosexual love.

Eros symbolizes a blindfolded male with a bow and arrow who has the power to make any human fall in love with the first person they see in later satirical works. This image foreshadows the Renaissance Cupid's chubby infantile appearance.

Eros appears to lose part of his power, wisdom, and age as Aphrodite's son. To his mother, he becomes more of a comrade or accomplice. It could be one probable reason for Eros' transformation from a gorgeous man to a chubby mischievous youngster in myth art.

Eros has the most popular myths that involve his relationship with the mortal princess Psyche. Men were leaving Aphrodite's altars barren to worship at the feet of a mortal, so Aphrodite commanded her son Eros to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest creature on Earth. On the other hand, Eros fell madly in love with her and whisked her away to his heavenly home.

Eventually, Psyche's jealous sisters made Psyche lead herself towards betraying her own husband, who in turn also decides to leave her. Psyche has been wandering the Earth, looking for her lost love, and seeking for Aphrodite to ask for help. Aphrodite assigned Psyche a series of duties, which she was able to accomplish, forcing the Goddess to relent and reunite Eros and Psyche.

The princes became immortal and produced a daughter, Hedone, with Eros which means bliss. Psyche is a Goddess who represents the human spirit and is shown as a Goddess with butterfly wings in ancient mosaics. The Ancient Greek word psyche refers to a soul, spirit, breath, life, or animating power.

Meaning of Eros in the 8th House

Eros in Scorpio is abrupt and hurtful to his partners. His desires are strong, ardent, and unwavering, and they frequently include a tremendous lot of intensity.

This sign's Eros seems to get drawn to a particularly personal and sensual type of interaction. They do not usually hold back.

Scorpio's Eros yearns for passionate and even forbidden sexual pleasures. The partner is likely to undergo a major revamp. Eros could be in the sign of his greatest affinity at this time.

Scorpio is a good match for Eros's intense hunger, and there isn't much to change. Scorpio isn't afraid to get up close and personal.

He isn't afraid of physical or emotional intimacy. He has no apprehensions about body processes, losing his freedom, revealing his feelings, or giving up his mind.

It is an erotic Eros posture. There is a joy of getting to know a person inside and out to make these lovers addicted. These lovers place a premium on intensity.

They desire more than their partner's body; they also want a piece of their spirit. This position shows that these lovers have minimal fear of sexual closeness and will do almost anything for a willing partner. They get enamored with one other, and the more intimacy placed in the relationship, the better will the outcome be.

Scorpio's Eros is forthright in his communication. His passions are strong, ardent, and unwavering, and they frequently entail a considerable level of intimate intimacy, which can make the light-hearted tremble. They generally do not hold back.

Eros here seeks the gift of integrating, integration, and transcendence, typically through passionate and possibly taboo sexual experiences. Eros could be in the sign of his greatest affinity at this time. Scorpio, the second water sign, corresponds strongly to Eros's fierce desire, and there is little to temper or adjust.

Scorpio isn't afraid to get up close and personal. He isn't afraid of physical or emotional intimacy.

He has no apprehensions about body processes, losing his freedom, revealing his feelings, or giving up his mind. Except for losing control, he isn't scared or afraid of much.

The Metaphysical Benefits of Eros in 8th House

When Eros is in the eighth house, he has a stronger yearning to undergo a profound sensual alteration of our being. These people are prone to taking risks to explore (and evaluate) the unknown, both within and without.

They frequently take chances to gain insight into the depths of the soul to offer something valuable. They have a strong dedication to their beliefs, as well as a heightened dread of venturing into the unknown. The majority of them get drawn to mysteries, intrigue, study, and even esoteric knowledge.

The pleasure of knowing a person can be addictive for partners born beneath the sign of Eros in the eighth house. For these lovers, intensity is crucial. They do not only desire their partner's presence, but they want even a glimpse of their soul as well.

This position shows that these lovers have minimal fear of sexual closeness and will do almost anything for a willing partner. They get with one other, and the more intense the relationship, the better.

These people spend a lot of time thinking about sex and intimacy, and others can sense their passion. They can easily get under your skin and tap into your desires. Eros in Scorpio can otherwise show up as love or passion for analysis, psychoanalysis, investigation, getting to the bottom of a matter, research and detective work, alchemy, mystery, and dark or multi-layered topics.

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This Eros got turned on by about anything but they will never tell you that. Sexuality is close to the vest, and if they even let you know they are into you before they start to do you, you are lucky. Eros is never afraid to get himself involve to become a little dirty with his sex, and bathing is not even required, just like the Eros in 2nd house.

Monogamy and the prospect of keeping you bound while the maid cleans the room turn them on. Eros in Scorpio is single-minded in his affections, and you'll have to learn to untie yourself else they look for a sexual companion elsewhere.

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