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False Twin Flame Guide: How To Determine Them?

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There are genuine twin flames. By definition, twin flames are singular souls split into two and placed into two different physical bodies. They are individuals who are seeking to reunite with their twin flame and have a special bond that was there long before they even meet.

If there are true twin flames, then there are false twin flames. However, you cannot examine an individual's soul and see whether that soul is half a soul. You cannot trace the other half nor check if the person he/she is currently with is his/her other half.

To determine them, you need first to have information. You'll need to know what a false twin flame is, as well as its differences between a true twin flame.

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What are false twin flames?

Simply speaking, false twin flames are like twin flames but are actually not true twin flames. You can feel the early signs and the attraction that true twin flames have when they first meet one another, sometimes there are instances that you'll meet your true twin flame who's already married. However, once you go down and know them better, you'll discover the differences they have from true twin flames.

Instead of helping you with your self-improvement, they shackle you down and disable your self-improvement. Instead of wanting to change to be with you, false twin flames are unwilling to change. False twin flames can make you feel unwanted and alone, even if you're still with them. Not all false twin flames are like that, though. There are forms of false twin flames that can also make you feel good about yourself.

Forms of false twin flames

There can be many names and forms of false twin flames. There are soulmates, karmic partners, and narcissistic twin flames. You can read about them one by one in the list below.


Soulmates are one of the things that people mistake twin flames for. They're actually not bad, and in some cases, they might even be better for twin flames. The main difference between twin flames and soulmates is the spiritual natures of their souls. Whereas twin flames are one soul separated into two bodies, soulmates are two distinct souls in two separate bodies. Soulmates don't have the formidable spiritual connection that binds twin flames even before they meet.

However, what soulmates lack in spiritual connection (which they still have, a powerful one at that), compensate for chemistry-building. Twin flames have similar characteristics and personalities; hence they can get irritated by each other's mirrored weaknesses. They also can't help their twin flame's weaknesses because they're also weak in that aspect. On the other hand, soulmates can have opposing personalities and still have a strong spiritual bond. The bond may not be as strong as a twin flame's, but they can complement their mates in ways that twin flames can't.

Karmic partners

Another kind of false twin flames is karmic partners. Unlike soulmates who are bound to you from the beginning, karmic partners don't have anything to do with you until you need each other for self-improvement purposes. Ironically, these kinds of partners can tie you down in your journey to self-improvement.

Karmic partners are bound to you through karma. They resonate with you in times when you need them. You can even feel the same signs that you feel when you first meet your twin flame, like an intense initial feeling. However, those feelings do fade over time, and that's when you can assess whether or not you and your partner are twin flames or karmic partners.

Again, these Karmic partners are not really bad people. They're also people who have feelings, and they're not trying to hurt anyone. Again in some circumstances, they're better than actual twin flames for you. But unlike soulmates, these circumstances are much rarer because their spiritual connection can't match up to that of twin flames or even soulmates.

You can enjoy spending time with them, and you can do it for as long as you like to. However, do note not to get sidetracked if you've already known that the supposed twin flame is a karmic partner. They're there for a reason, and that reason is for self-improvement. They are not your twin flame nor a substitute because there can never be a substitute for twin flames.

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Learn more about the difference between karmic relationships and twin flames in this Karmic vs. Twin Flames guide.

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Narcissistic twin flames

The narcissistic twin flame appears before your connection with your actual twin flame. They serve two purposes: first, they test you as to whether or not you're ready for the real thing; and second, it gives you the needed time and experience for your breakthrough.

Not everyone will encounter narcissistic twin flames. They may meet soulmates or karmic partners. However, it's still important to know more about narcissistic twin flames and what they do to you. Before anything else, you should know that there are two parties in a relationship with a narcissistic twin flame. One is the victim (which could be you), and the other is the narcissist.

You may think about the most common definition of narcissists, one where they're vain or overconfident about their looks. The narcissist here conforms to the other definition of a narcissist. It's one where a person lacks empathy and requires admiration and attention. They usually make troublesome relationships with other people who are near them.

Because of their personality, their partners are tied down to their whims after being snared. Narcissists are excellent manipulators, and they take advantage of every emotional opening that you have. If they catch even just a little wind of your thoughts about twin flames, they'll take advantage of anything they can to draw you close. Once you're in, it's a fight back up from the mire called a narcissist.

It's a hard thing to be in, but if you can overcome them, you're a lot closer towards true union when you finally meet your true twin flame.

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Are false twin flames evil?

The statement that false twin flames are evil is a gross generalization that nails even good people. Many false twin flames treat their partners better than the latter's own twin flames. They can't provide the unconditional love that true twin flames can, but many try their best to make up for their shortcomings.

So the answer to this question is no. At least, not all false twin flames are evil. They're people who are also trying to live their life. They're also looking for their partners or even their twin flames. You can't generalize all false twin flames just because of what they indicate.

Can you have multiple false twin flames?

You can have multiple false twin flames depending on how you handled each of your relationships. You can have multiple false twin flames before you even meet your true twin flame. You can also have multiple false twin flames during your twin flame separation stage with your true twin flame. They'll serve as springboards that will give us the lift to bring us closer to true union with our true twin flame. Just be careful not to slip on the springboard instead.

Even those who think they're ready for union with their twin flame can experience meeting multiple false twin flames before meeting their true twin flame or even before the true union. People shouldn't blame you if you encounter multiple false twin flames. The Universe might have given you the chance to learn all you can before you're ready to meet (or reunite) your twin flame.

The Universe could also set you up to be with your soulmate instead. Probably because of something that might happen in the future with you or your twin flame. The important thing to do when encountering false twin flames is to pursue self-improvement constantly. If you do, you'll be doing the same thing you're going to do when you meet your true twin flame. You won't be missing out on anything, and you'll know if you're with a false twin flame. True twin flames encourage your growth, whereas most false twin flames stunt it.

I also wrote about a ton of False Twin Flame Synchronicities that you must beware of and protect yourself from.

Currently with a false twin flame?

Do you doubt your relationship right now? Do you think you're with a false twin flame? Your doubts are normal because doubts are expected in a twin flame relationship, whether true or false. However, if you do have doubts, recheck your relationship.

Does your partner have the traits of a false twin flame? Are you sure that you're not just going through a rough patch in your relationship? What signs are your angels and the Universe giving you? What is the vibe of the energy that your twin flame is sending? Did you do a thorough introspection when you had those doubts?

It isn't easy to be in a twin flame relationship. It's very challenging, especially with the similarities between twin flames. There is a lot to watch out for.

But it's going to be all worth it. Work on yourself, be the best version of yourself and know the signs. If you see the signs that you're in a relationship with a false twin flame, do your best to uproot yourself from that position. Please don't feel any waste because your true twin flame will make it up to you.

Finally, when you leave your twin flame, remember to be nice to them, even to narcissistic twin flames. A lot of them don't even know that they're selfish. All of your false twin flames are people too. It may even be you who is their false twin flame. Additionally, tie up loose ends so that no possibly new cycles of pain pop up.

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