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False Twin Flame Synchronicities: Here’s How To Spot Them!

The twin flame union is among the strongest spiritual connection. You meet your twin flame once during this lifetime.

It is possible to meet a false twin flame that causes confusion and uncertainty. Pay attention to the false synchronicities before you struggle continually in that relationship.

But how do you identify them?

Identifying this synchronicity doesn't seem easy because it is similar to a true twin flame.

The universe has designed a false twin flame to teach you valuable life lessons. They are necessary to prepare you to connect when you finally meet your true twin flame.

Even though they are relevant for your preparation, you must have realizations. You must know that they are not your true twin flame to continue your journey.

What is a False Twin Flame?

There are two parts to a false twin flame relationship.

One is spiritually awakened and is commonly called the twin flame victim. The other one is called the false narcissist flame.

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The moment when a false twin flame occurs is not a result of chance, luck, or karma. It happens when both of your energies are calling out to each other.

It happens when you are not yet ready to find your real twin flame. You found them because you are sometimes not yet prepared for the next step.

It can be a painful experience for your emotions, but it is part of the process. You can eventually move on and be better off onwards.

You may start to wonder how many false twin flames are for each person. The answer is, it depends on how you are on the first one—or depending on the stage when you met them.

Some people meet only one false flame. Sometimes, it is enough to be a catalyst to spur you forward on your spiritual journey.

On the other hand, some may experience multiple meetings. It is because it is necessary for your healing.

You do not have to worry if you realize that you are dealing with a false twin flame. It is essential in your journey, and you should not compare yours with others.

At some point, you both know that you are not for each other. It can manifest in different ways and be unhealthy or toxic.

Remember that they are here for a purpose in your life. When you move past them quickly, you also push a step closer to your true twin flame.

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What are the signs that you are with a false twin flame?

With so many people worldwide, no twin flame journey is exactly the same. They can have similar patterns and signs, but there are always variations.

Continue reading about the false twin flames to distinguish them from the true ones.

Commitment Issues

Your false twin flame will find it challenging to commit to you. This individual struggles to verbally or non-verbally open up about commitments.

They will give you various excuses, even if some are unbelievable. It can be a red flag and a sign that you are with your false twin flame.

You experience similar emotions and intensity. However, the only difference is that they never fully commit to you.

As a result, they cannot offer you a complete sense of security in the relationship. Unlike your true twin flame, they can bring a total commitment to your relationship.

They give you a glimpse of incompatibility to understand what it is like to have a mismatch. But on the bright side, they also bring out the best in you.

They tend to leave you when facing an obstacle. You are left alone to meet them, and they try to blame you sometimes.

Conditional Love

They like to set conditions on how they shower you with their love. Most of their actions depend on their mood, situation, and your words and actions.

They tend to treat you differently when in public and when you are alone. They can be warm with you around many people but randomly ignore you.

They take advantage of your feelings, and it seems to be one-sided. You have a good time together, and you somehow believe that your love will change them.

However, it will never happen because they have other things in mind.

Anxiety Levels

When you are in a false twin flame relationship, they increase your anxiety levels. It is because you feel that your partner does not accept you, you feel insecure.

The reasons for getting anxious may not always be obvious. You may adore them, but there is something about them that you cannot be yourself.

Being with your true twin flame will make you feel entirely accepted. You feel at home, and you are comfortable being with them.

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You are at ease being with them because you can express your identity. You can be your total self without hesitations, and you feel relaxed.

You are never quite sure about where you stand, causing you to be anxious. But it may be difficult to spot a false twin flame with this.

Another thing is you are screaming deep inside to get away. There is a rising feeling of getting nervous, which is a common manifestation.

A false twin frequently points out the flaws in your character. They are not fully pleased with who you are, which makes you doubt yourself.

You will have an inner struggle to remain true to yourself. You tend to lose yourself just to satisfy others.

You seem to have a part of you that you choose to hide. You tend to shy away because you are afraid to be judged or mocked.

On the other hand, your real twin flame embraces who you are. They adore you for who you are and accept your entire being.

You do not need to behave according to their standard. Thus, you are not forced into a fake identity to impress them.

No Deeper Connection

The true twin flames have a strong connection with each other. You may be physically separated, but the link is always there.

With the false one, it is limited to the physical dimensions. There is a lack of soul connection and communication.

Your souls do not feel connected and they will try to let you know. Your soul will know that something is wrong.

It then manifests as a feeling that something is quite not right. It may be a feeling of being out of place or missing something out.

It is a kind of connection that runs shallow. When you get to know the person's profoundness, they are no longer attractive.

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Obsession is not a trait that comes along with your true twin flame. A false one could treat you poorly, and possessively yet you can confuse it with protection.

You are obsessed with each other and get jealous over everything. It becomes a toxic relationship due to jealousy.

It becomes destructive energy that flows between you two. It can potentially end the bond and bring out trust issues in your relationship.

They tend to show the need to control you like a possession. With a surge of emotions, they tend to establish dominance over you.

It may be a turn-on for some time, but in the long run, it's a no. The energy flows into an unhealthy and meaningless relationship.

The Past

It is inevitable to get hurt, but with a false twin flame, they trigger you often. They bring up the past and want to recall previous wounds.

The problem is your false twin flame refuses to help you overcome them. They like to see how past traumas affect you.

You discover that you have not yet coped with the difficulties. You thought you already handled them in the past, but it still disturbs you.

Generally, it affects your current relationship since they are not helping you recover. But instead, they have no desire to have a bright future with you.

A true twin flame will build you up for the better. They nurture you, and you both grow together.

When you connect with your true twin flame, the focus is on improving. You look forward to what you can accomplish together and separately as individuals.

False Hopes

When something terrible happens or goes wrong, they reassure you that it will never happen again. They are likely to apologize and tell you that they will not repeat them.

However, those words meant nothing because they had no plans to get better. You end up waiting for them to change, but it only becomes a cycle.

The repetition of mistakes and forgiveness keep going. Misleading words of hope are rampant, and you eventually get tired of the promises.

Your true twin flame never hesitates to change positively for you. You both work together to make things better.


When you express your emotions, they find a way to turn the situation against you. You end up feeling bad about it and tend to feel guilty.

But the truth is, they just know how to sway things to their advantage. They try to make their point reasonable, and you tend to believe it.

They are aware of your weaknesses, and they use them against you. They only want to save themselves from the conversation.

By avoiding the discussion when it was clearly their fault, they tend to accuse you. It is like saying that you are too serious and judgmental about things.

They also like to justify their actions with some errors they have made in the past. They try to manipulate you and make you think you are wrong.

I highly suggest learning more about Twin Flame Brainwashing to keep yourself aware of the manipulation tactics you must avoid. 

It may take time, but soon enough, you will meet your real twin flame. 

In my case, I was in a really bad place before I met my twin flame. I was working two jobs, struggling to pay rent, and constantly lonely.

After finally meeting him, I made $11,300 from a business I launched the first month, moved into a bigger, better place, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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