Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

Five of cups is part of the minor arcana group. The card depicts a man wearing a long black garment. The man is facing away and seems to be looking down as three cups lay in collapse before him. The content of the cups is scattered and visible in the ground. The man appears to mourn over them.

As the man faces the stumbled cups, he turns away from the two standing, upright cups behind him. He does not notice the cups standing with their content still intact and in its place. This imagery can tell a lot about the image’s message.

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In the background, we can see a river flowing. There is a bridge that connects the sides of the rivers. A bridge is symbolic of overcoming challenges and a representation of new beginnings.

Five of Cups Upright Keywords

  • Sadness
  • Loneliness
  • Loss
  • Regret
  • Pessimism
  • Despair
  • Mourning
  • Discontent
  • Torment
  • Abandonment
  • Emotional instability
  • Focusing on the losses
  • Heartbreak
  • Separation
  • Disappointment
  • Isolation

Five of Cups Reversed Keywords

  • Finding peace
  • Moving on
  • Acceptance
  • Healing
  • Personal setbacks
  • Forgiving yourself
  • Forgiveness
  • Contentment
  • Opening your eyes to the positive things
  • Letting go of grief, regret, guilt, and sorrow
  • Overcoming despair
  • Releasing and acceptance

Five of Cups General Meaning

As you may have already guessed, five of cups is not one of the positive cards. This card depicts quite some negative emotions. When you see the image, you will assume that it’s not a very positive card. In the image, the man’s back is turned from the cups that are standing upright. This symbolizes failing to focus on the good things. The man is dwelling too much over the stumbled and spilled cups.

The man’s black clothes are reminiscent of grief and lack of life and light. The man’s black clothes tell so much about the emotions he might be feeling. His head is slightly turned down, telling us that he is disappointed. His figure, just standing, represents stillness and maybe lack of willingness. The man seems to be too distressed even to move a step. He is stuck at the moment with nothing else to see but the stumbled cups.

In his background is a mighty river flowing lively. However, he fails to appreciate it positively. It’s like everything around him is blurred out. The man seems to have no plans of even crossing the river. The bridge that symbolizes new beginnings and winning over struggles is still a few steps from where he is. Yet, he does not move towards it. This can be telling of his refusal to move on and grow from the experience.

Five of Cups (Upright) Meaning

Similar to Ace of Swords, Five of cups depicts disappointment and the feeling of disarray when things don’t go on as you expected. It's the feeling of sadness when you see your plans carried away by the waves, and they bring back a different result. You might be dwelling too much on your despair and disappointments. This mindset can affect your present situation as well as the results you long for. This card can be telling you of your tendencies to block out positivity.

Five of cups might also tell you that you are clinging to your past. You are choosing to be stuck rather than focusing on the moment. You might be recalling moments from the past. Therefore, bringing back the feelings of regrets and self-pity. The spilled contents from the cups indicate the missed opportunities and the regret that comes with it. This can also tell you that you are struggling more in your emotional aspect. You have a lot of learning experiences, but you seem to ignore them.

This card warns you of your pessimism. At the same time, this card encourages you to see more than what meets the eyes. It might take more time than ever, you may miss more opportunities, but acting is still better than nothing. When you lift your head and look around, you may find many things that exude positivity.

Five of Cups (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

You may be in the process of grieving and mourning right now. Something important might have happened in your life recently. As the card speaks of loneliness, this can signal a message of emotional loss. Losing too much by losing somebody is indeed emotionally taxing. It takes a toll on you. However, with all that’s lost, there is always something found. Look around and find a silver lining. Try to assess and avoid overlooking things that can still be fixed.

You might be going through a breakup, an argument, or some struggle in your relationship. If you are undergoing breakup mourning, this card can tell you that you may be abruptly closing your heart. You may close your heart to potential partners because of guilt. Maybe, you have past mistakes that you cannot forgive yourself yet. It would be best if you took your time. It is entirely okay not to date.

If you are in a relationship, this card is not much a piece of good news either. Five of Cups can indicate breakups and divorces. You might be doubting and are not entirely committed to your partner. This can be because of a past lover. Perhaps you still have feelings for someone else.

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Five of Cups (Upright) in Career and Finance

In your career, five of cups still signifies loss. You may experience losing your job or getting your business failed. If you are engaged in a partnered business, it may be because someone relevant will abandon you. This can give out the possibility of you leaving your business. Out of losing your job or your business, you must be focusing on the negative rather than striving harder. Losing something essential and something you invested time in is not easy. You might feel lost and disappointed.

However, focusing on these negative emotions is exhausting. Despite the seemingly lost and unfixable situation, there is still something you can do. You can still make the most out of the debris laid out in front of you. You just need to stop focusing on the negative and look around, and you might find something worth recovering.

In the aspect of finance, this card can also indicate a financial loss. Avoid spending money on foolish things. Consider making a budget plan to manage your money better. It might not be the time to make investments too. This might be a very challenging and stressful situation for you. More than anything else, your mindset is essential. Do not think about negative things and stagnate yourself. Try to focus on the revivable and the positive things.

Five of Cups (Upright) in Health

In the talks of your health, five of cups tells you that you are going through an emotional struggle. This emotional struggle is causing more significant health problems for you. Small steps are okay as long as you take them. It’s essential to reach out. You can do so with a professional or with your trusted friend. Slowly but surely, allow yourself into the world.

Five of Cups (Upright) in Spirituality

Similar to Seven of Wands, Five of cups in the aspect of your spirituality tell you of your feelings of anger or resentment. Anger and resentment affect you too, and they can consume you and lead you to darker paths. Learn to forgive the people who wronged you. Otherwise, you will stay stuck where you are. To move on and continue in your spiritual path. Again, it’s completely okay to ask for help. You can talk to a trusted mentor or a brother or sister in spirit.

Five of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

Five of cups in reverse is symbolic of triumph and overcoming the struggles that befall you. This card tells the start of your healing. You now have enough strength to move on. The lost times are already in the past, and you finally realize that. The mourning and grieving have slowly come to an end.

This card in reverse tells that you are now ready to look around and lift your head. Your eyes are now glad to look and see opportunities eye to eye. You will realize how these opportunities have been there all along. This card tells you you’re ready to open up to the world again. You are prepared to let go, move on, and release the negative energy. Opening up will have a room in your life, and you will again allow people in your life.

Five of cups tell you that you are also open to other people's help. It’s the help people around you have so long been offering. However, you tend to shrug them off in the past because of your deep loneliness. Now, you are ready to accept help and see the value of your experiences, the learnings, and the realizations that come with those deep emotions.

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Five of Cups (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

Five of cups in reverse represents that you are ready to let go and move on. You are now prepared to let go of the grief that’s holding you back. With this, you are inviting new possibilities in terms of finding and making love stay. You no longer need to compare the past and present relationship because of entirely letting go of everything. Letting go does not equate to forgetting. You still have the lessons learned as well as the strength you gained through longsuffering.

This card tells you to take your time. You will indeed heal in time and find love again. Finally, and hopefully, a love that will stay and help you grow. You know better now, so you have a better ability to assess and judge your situation correctly.

If you are in a relationship, this card encourages you and your partner to discuss your issues. If you miss talking about them, it may expand and grow more significant than ever until it becomes irreparable. Communication is important. Heal together and have a refreshed and positive relationship.

Five of Cups (Reversed) in Career and Finance

Five of cups is a symbol of recovery. The past troubles you might have had with your career are now in the past. You are now ready to move forward. This card tells of your readiness to get back on your feet. This card tells you that you have enough resources and strength to move on through the difficult times. You may be able to make use of the things you retrieved from your loss.

In the aspect of finance, a reverse card represents the end of your financial struggle. You are now opening your eyes to the possibilities and opportunities around you. You are slowly working on winning over the loss and completely overcoming your past difficult situation. This card, in reverse, is telling you that you will be encountering more positive news about your finances after that difficulty you experienced.

Five of Cups (Reversed) in Health

This card in reverse concerning your health tells that you are allowing healing in your life. The healing opportunities and energy you ignored in the past, you are ready to receive them. You are ready to let go of the past pains that might be binding you. Now, you are willing to welcome positive healing in your life. Opening up and your willingness to accept these positive energies is a great help. This will aid you in sorting out the health issues you are experiencing.

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Five of Cups (Reversed) in Spirituality

In the spiritual context, this card in reverse tells of your readiness to start anew. This means that you are now ready to journey, and you are prepared for a new spiritual path. You have learned a lot of lessons and are ready to apply them to growing spiritually. In locking up yourself in pain or sorrow, it would be hard for you to let go. Surrender all these things and ask the higher being to help you heal. It can be slow, but it’s alright. Slow or fast, the important thing is you heal and grow.

Five of Cups: YES or NO?

The five of cups depict sadness, loneliness, extreme grief, and disappointment. We often feel these emotions when we go through something painful. The card, in general, tells you that the answer to your yes or no is NO.

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