Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

Five of Pentacles is part of the minor arcana group. It depicts two people walking amidst the snow. They walk under the relatively strong snowfall. The cold breeze is blowing, too, as it sweeps their clothes in its direction.

One of the men seems to have difficulty as he is using crutches for walking. The other one only has a blanket as a protection from the cold. The ground is covered in snow, and they both look tired, cold, and unfortunate. Seeing them fleeing in that kind of weather signals that they might be lacking in life. They look homeless.

Behind them is an establishment with stained glass as a window. The window has an image of five coins with stars in the middle. The establishment seemed to be warm and bright as the window exuded light. They seem to just walk past through the window.

Five of Pentacles Upright Keywords

  • Financial loss
  • Isolation
  • Worry
  • Poverty
  • Hardships
  • Loss
  • Adversity
  • Feeling abandoned
  • Alienation
  • Disgrace
  • Struggle
  • Lack of faith
  • Sickness
  • Bad luck
  • Recession
  • Unemployment
  • Negative changes
  • Rejection

Five of Pentacles Reversed Keywords

  • Luck
  • Triumph
  • Improvement of health
  • Recovery
  • Better and improved finances
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Forgiveness
  • Recovery of losses
  • A sense of feeling welcomed
  • Becoming financially secure
  • Payment of debts
  • Finding jobs/careers
  • Positive changes

Five of Pentacles General Meaning

The image portrays the struggles in journeying life. The snowy day and the snow-covered ground signals the cold of rejection and isolation. When it’s snowing, the places get cold and rough as the snow continues to cover the ground. The other man is using clutches as if he has injured one or both his legs. He portrays the struggles of someone who lost something in their life. Perhaps the journey is harder for him as we see him at a seemingly slow pace than the one in front.

The other man has a blanket that covers him from the cold. This is a portrayal of the slight glimmer of hope that can protect you from the cold. Perhaps it might be a friend or someone that provides you comfort. The establishment that stood behind them might be a church because of the famous stained glass window. This is a symbol of comfort that they failed to recognize because they were focused on walking away.

Perhaps this can be a person or a specific company ready to welcome them warmly. However, they did not notice it because of their dynamic nature. They are too occupied with walking on the snow and escaping the cold.

Five of Pentacles (Upright) Meaning

Unlike Ace of Swords, Five of pentacles signals loss and poverty. This could be a challenging moment for you as you navigate your way through life. The journey may be cold, and you might be tired, but this card is also an encouragement to keep going.

As you go, five of Pentacles advises you to take your time and look around you. You might find that the solution to your problem is closer than you imagined. Do not let the negativities and problems blur your vision. Be objective and see the light. You can do it! This card also brings the feeling of being lost and insecure. You might have lost the things you trust your life with, like your job, financial help, and etcetera. Because of this, you might reach a point of breakdown.

However, these experiences also spark humility and teach us a lesson. This can be a growing point for you as a person. This card can signify your pessimistic nature. Perhaps you have been only focusing on the things you lack instead of nurturing the things you possess.

This can be a stagnating point for you and a trigger for seeking validation. Try to shift this mindset into a more positive one. Focus on the things that are existing and are helpful in your journey. Most importantly, this card signifies the temporary. This means that the hardships you are experiencing are just temporary, and this, too, shall pass. You will be in better shape in no time. The hope within you is encouraged, and the support of people around you is strong enough. Their warmth will help you get through these challenging times.

Five of Pentacles (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

Five of pentacles in the relationship aspect is not a good sign. If you are in a relationship, you might feel abandoned and alone. Perhaps you feel like you are ignored and unloved in a relationship. Maybe something has changed, and the airs have shifted. Maybe the relationship has grown cold, and your partner is not as warm as they are in the past. Things may have shifted quickly that you did not have much time to adjust. There must be rust in the relationship making it hard to communicate honestly.

Communication is essential to keep the relationship strong. However, you might have been out of touch with each other. If you fail to do the necessary actions to get your relationship back on track, you may lose each other. The connection can come to an end and leave you feeling sad and lonely.

Similar to Seven of Wands, this card can also indicate that you and your partner might be struggling financially or with your health. This can be putting a barrier and quite the difficulty in the relationship. Both of you can decide if you are going to break up or stay together. If you are single, this card can signify your desire to give up. Perhaps you have been searching for so long but still haven't found the one for you. You tend to give in to your loneliness. Try your best to pick yourself up, and don’t give up.

Perhaps you still have things to fix and things to learn. In any way, when the right time comes, you will meet someone who deserves you. Timing is also an essential variable in finding love.

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Five of Pentacles (Upright) in Career and Finance

Five of pentacles in the case of your career signifies a challenge. You are going through a period of hardship in your workplace. You might be on the verge of losing your job or a promotion. You must feel like quitting because you feel left out by the people at your workplace.

It’s a challenging situation to be in. However, it’s your call whether or not you will choose to stay or leave. Being treated like an outcast can be very challenging and can even cause anxiety. It would be best to weigh in the consequences and go with what’s best for you. This card represents temporary situations. However, the conditions can be challenging. Although this situation shall pass, too, it’s essential to care for yourself. If you think you can’t handle it anymore, ask for help or just leave the workplace.

In the financial aspect, this card speaks of a tight balance right now. You might need to squeeze things in a little and try to get by day after day. This card also indicates material loss, debt, and bankruptcy. These problems can be solved when you have the right mindset and help. Be sure to take care of yourself, so you have the energy to deal with them. You can always find help in whatever problem you may have. Reach out when you can’t take it anymore.

Five of Pentacles (Upright) in Health

This card can represent illness and health issues. Perhaps you are suffering from a condition that is rooted in other aspects of your life. You might be having trouble finding money or are struggling financially. These situations can be causes of stress and can cause harmful effects on your body. It’s important to spend time taking care of yourself. A stronger body can face challenges more appropriately.

Avoid being so caught up in the problems. These things exude negative energy that can affect your mood too. When you feel like you’re being pulled into a trance, try to resist immediately. Focus on the things you have and the possible solutions available. There is always a silver lining in every problem. In any sense, do not neglect your health. Take good care of yourself.

Five of Pentacles (Upright) in Spirituality

You might feel like you are an outcast from the world. This card can point to the feeling of isolation. You might be pushing people away and refusing help. This is a good time for your to exercise humility and acknowledge that support is available. You need help in growing spiritually too.

Five of Pentacles (Reversed) Meaning

Five of pentacles in reverse signifies overcoming hardships in your life. You are in a place where glimmers of light appear, and the sun is shining again in your life. Hope is rebuilt, and you are more ready to face life. This card in reverse encourages you to stop looking at the material things. Focusing your mind and energy on these things can be a trap. It’s okay to dream and achieve these things but in a reasonable manner.

You might get so caught up with these dreams that it’s causing your vision to go blurry. This card also urges you to let go of the limiting beliefs you have. It’s time to pick yourself up and rise to the challenge. Better things are indeed coming.

Five of Pentacles (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

If you are in a relationship, a reversed five of pentacles speaks of triumph and overcoming. You and your partner have overcome a recent struggle and have won over it. You might see these things manifest in your relationship as the relationship starts to improve and make positive changes.

If you are single, this card in reverse gives a good message of recovery. You are now slowly becoming ready to face the dating scene again. You are taking the necessary steps to show the world that you are prepared to open up again after a period of isolation.

Five of Pentacles (Reversed) in Career and Finance

In the aspect of your career, you are slowly finding a ray of light. Things are safely going back to normal and are causing you happiness. The mood has been lightening up, and you are ready to grow now. This card in reverse also brings messages of opportunities. Various opportunities for you to grow are coming your way and are ready to be welcomed. This time, you are more knowledgeable of what to do through all the lessons you have encountered.

If you have a business, you must have experienced struggles and difficulties. Now, you are seeing the light and can be in the process of recovering your business. You are slowly building up your planned empire again.

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Five of Pentacles (Reversed) in Health

Five of pentacles in reverse can signal recovery and diagnosis when talking about your health. You will be ready to face improvements in your health. This is a good start if you want to achieve improvements in your health. It also gives a sense of relief knowing that you are taking the necessary actions to improve your situation. You should take care of your health more to enhance your life in general.

Five of Pentacles (Reversed) in Spirituality

You may have been feeling a bit lost spiritually, but it is improving now that you have been picking yourself up. The love inside you is still alive despite the gap the barriers created. You are starting to get your spiritual flame back. You have developed your awareness and are ready to share it to help others. Abundant spiritual growth is on your way. You just need to be passionate and put importance on your spiritual growth.

Five of Pentacles: YES or NO?

Five of pentacles is a card of unfortunate phase and represents a struggling period in your life. Decisions should be made considering all variables and possible consequences. In this case, the answer to your yes or no question is a NO. It’s important to emphasize the importance of assessing and reassessing before making a decision

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Five of Pentacles Advice

The Five of Pentacles as advice wants you to rethink a situation. Now may not be the right time to be impulsive and think wisely.

You need to keep in mind that you can seek help from others, especially in moments when you need help in managing your finances.

In return, you should also try to help others as well. Reach out a helping hand to those who are struggling and offer support.

This card also wants you to know that don't take THAT RISK. Because if you do, you might regret doing it a little earlier than was expected.

Five of Pentacles Reversed Advice

The Five of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that everything will be okay. Maybe you’re now approaching a light at the end of a tunnel.

This may be a sign that everything will fall into place. There’s always the calm between the storms on the worst days.

Remember to be patient in order to arrive where you need to be. You may experience an important event at this time.

And this event may cause damage to you or to someone else. But the damage has been done if it already happened.

You just need to accept your fate and do better.

Five of Pentacles as a Person

The Five of Pentacles is someone who deals with a lot of. If you have this card, then you’re probably struggling with your finances.

You’re someone who can often experience misfortune in your life. This is most applied when you’re handling money matters.

You continue to believe that you’ll only live with money. If you lack money, it will only put you into more delays in your goals.

You may be someone who feels like you’ve been cursed. Maybe you feel like you’re cursed from experiencing endless misfortune.

You consider yourself as an outsider from the rest of society.

Five of Pentacles Reversed as a Person

The Five of Pentacles, in reverse, is someone who is healing. If you have this card, it's now time for you to let go of the past.

Because the present and future bring you abundance, this is the time when you'll finally have to let go of all the stress.

Perhaps something good occurred when it came to your finances. You're not struggling with earning money or paying debts anymore.

You even have the ability to provide the necessities you need. You're currently trying to blend in with society's current state.

The universe believes that you'll do well this time.

Five of Pentacles Present

In the present, the universe sees that you’re constantly struggling. This may be in relation to your financial needs and concerns.

Perhaps you’re having trouble providing for daily expenses. You have no idea how to pay your intensifying debts from others.

You feel like you’re reaching the first major breakdown in your life. And you’re starting to feel lost on how to handle this.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to manage this alone. You need to seek help from others who can lessen your burden.

Maybe reaching out to a family member or a financial counselor would help.

Five of Pentacles Past

In the past, you used to experience a significant fallout. This is in relation to providing for yourself and others and your social privilege.

You feel like you don’t have the capacity to pay for daily expenses. With the constant inflation rates around you, you started to lose hope.

You’ve been in a devastating state in the past in regards to finances. Perhaps you got yourself into trouble in relation to money.

Maybe you had no idea how to pay your debts. You felt like you were too unfortunate to live in this constantly developing world.

You felt so small.

Five of Pentacles Future

In the future, you’ll face more challenges in regards to finances. But now, you already know how to conquer every hardship.

You’re ready to slay dragons and win this battle. You just need to remind yourself constantly that your problems are only temporary.

You’ll know how to manage finances the right way. You’ll engage yourself in saving more money instead of overspending it.

You’ll know the importance of being practical and staying on a budget. These are enormous advantages for you to be productive.

The future brings you challenges that you’re already familiar with. Show them what you’re capable of.

Five of Pentacles as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels like you’re putting on too much weight. They can see that you’re stressed about your personal and financial matters.

This person feels like you already have many responsibilities at hand. Which is why they don’t think they can be a big help to you.

This person feels incomplete because they can’t receive from you. The energy may not be reciprocated because of social privilege.

They feel like they’ll only add to your responsibilities. But there are times when they want to reach out and offer you support.

They can sense that you have no control over the situation.

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Five of Pentacles Outcome

The Five of Pentacles, as an outcome, shows that you’re thriving. You’re now ready to open yourself to new opportunities.

You’re ready to present yourself to the corporate world. So maybe you’re planning to accept the job interview from the email.

You’ll have no significant problem in terms of your finances. Because you’re now handling them with care to avoid another crisis.

You can finally pay off all your remaining debts from others. So your worries will start to reduce, and they’ll be gone in no time.

This may also be a sign that you’re planning to start a business.

Five of Pentacles Pregnancy and Fertility

The Five of Pentacles is an essential card for pregnancy. But this shows that you’ll probably experience constant hardships because of finances.

If you’re already pregnant, you’re still uncertain about the process. You’re not sure if you’ll be able to handle your response to finances.

Because this will be another reason for you to provide, this means that you have no choice but to earn and spend money.

This card shows that you’re currently worrying about the situation. You believe that this is another financial burden to you.

So you’re now having trouble managing your finances for your upcoming child.

Five of Pentacles Energy

The Five of Pentacles has negative energy for you. This may be in relation to experiencing struggle and loss because of money.

You may be putting yourself in a dark place right now. But you didn’t intentionally choose this to happen in the first place.

It’s just because misfortune runs in your life inevitably. But you sometimes wished that you didn’t have to struggle constantly.

This negative energy resides with the feeling of abandonment. Maybe you feel like you’re distancing yourself from others who have it all.

This can also show signs of the inability to become stable in life.

Five of Pentacles as Action

The Five of Pentacles is an essential card for action. This means that you’re almost there in terms of finances, but not quite.

This is because you constantly feel like opportunities for you are limited. Maybe you’re blaming your social background because of this.

But you’re still trying to save yourself from drowning in money problems. You don’t want to experience another pile of stress again.

So you’re doing everything it takes in order to earn money. You’re probably mass applying for jobs right now despite the circumstances.

You’re trying to make a life where you’ll become stable and prosperous.

Five of Pentacles as Intentions

The Five of Pentacles may show good intentions. This is in relation to your desperation to move yourself out of poverty.

Realistically speaking, no one wants to remain poor for the rest of their lives. So you’re willing to take up the next stage in order to earn money.

Maybe you’re currently job hunting. You’re trying to apply for a job that has a good pay and can lessen your worries about money.

You don’t want to remain hidden in the dark forever. So you’re now exposing yourself to society instead of choosing alienation.

Everything will be worth it soon.

Five of Pentacles as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as the type of person who constantly struggles. They can see that you’re always working on financial matters.

This person views you as the type of person from poverty. Your social background is already evident and familiar to them.

They view you as someone who wants to save yourself from a financial crisis. So they can also see that you’re exerting your effort in your career.

But they view you as someone who earns less money than they do. They may think that you can be an underpaid worker.

Nevertheless, they can see that you’re still trying.

Five of Pentacles Time Frame

The Five of Pentacles can have a specific time frame. But this will always depend on your current situation and energy.

The Five of Pentacles is connected to Mercury in Taurus. A specific period may begin on April 21 and will end on April 30.

This card has an alignment with the element of earth. Moreover, a specific event may happen in a span of five years.

Whatever the event is, it can have a relation to your finances. So better keep a proper watch on how things will unfold.

The universe is hoping that this is a positive outcome.

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Five of Pentacles as a Woman

The Five of Pentacles can be a representation of a woman. If you have this card, then you’re currently struggling financially.

You’re still trying to save yourself from the overwhelming crisis. You feel like this misfortune is the result of your generational poverty.

So you’re doing your best to present yourself in the outside world. Instead of choosing alienation, you’re finding several jobs to earn money.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to be independent. But you’re not privileged with generational wealth, so you’re making the move.

The universe sees your efforts daily, it will be worth it.

Five of Pentacles as a Man

The Five of Pentacles can be a representation of a man. If you have this card, then you’re trying to save yourself from more money problems.

So you’re mass applying for jobs because you don’t want to stress out. You don’t want to spend your whole life living in poverty.

Perhaps you’re looking for a job that pays well. And if it’s possible, you’re planning to start an investment for future purposes.

The universe sees that you really want things to change for you. The universe wishes you the best of luck in conquering this journey.

You’ll soon be successful.

Five of Pentacles Communication

The Five of Pentacles is an important card for communication. This could mean that you need to ask for help regarding your finances.

You can’t handle everything all by yourself by choosing to isolate yourself. Instead, try to lessen your burden by seeking a financial counselor.

You can also ask for help from a family member or a friend. It can be guaranteed that the true ones will be willing to help you out.

Communication is the key to expressing your worries and plans. It will also enhance you to discover what you need to do.

Accepting help isn’t bad.

Five of Pentacles Reconciliation

The Five of Pentacles is an important card for reconciliation. A past person is overthinking if they want to reconcile.

Maybe this person has immense low self-esteem. They feel like if they approach you, they’re still not good enough.

They’re trying to sort out their flaws and what’s still lacking. So they can make sure that they can provide something sufficient to you.

This can be a form of an unhealthy relationship in the past. Maybe you both lack the capability to implement healthy communication.

Be sure to express your thoughts and emotions to each other if given a chance.

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Five of Pentacles Physical Appearance

The Five of Pentacles can have a specific physical appearance. But this will always depend on the person who received the card.

You may be someone who doesn’t care much about your appearance. This means that you’re not taking good care of your hygiene.

So whatever comfortable clothing works for you, you’ll use it. You look like someone who lost a job position or an offer recently,

So you look like someone who is exhausted or devastated. Stress is relevant to your physical features and expression.

You have a lightweight or a skinny person because of a lack of nutrients.

Five of Pentacles in a Love Reading

The Five of Pentacles can be a card in a love reading. This could mean that you and your partner aren’t communicating well.

You formed boundaries that resulted in a lack of communication. These boundaries encourage you to seldom express your thoughts.

The relationship will go nowhere if you continue to do this. Both of you will feel overwhelmed because you choose not to be open.

A relationship should be 50/50; reciprocating each other’s energy is important because you should work together as a team despite the circumstances.

But you currently lack the ability to understand each other’s constant differences.

Five of Pentacles Reversed Love Reading

The Five of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that there’s a silver lining. Perhaps you’re currently improving in terms of your relationships.

If this is a romantic relationship, you and your partner are on good terms. You’re both trying to apply healthy communication for this to work out.

You’re both trying to understand and listen to each other. So you’re implementing open conversations as much as you can.

You’re now ready to remove the walls you built because of fear. You have nothing to fear now because you’re with the right person.

You’ll continue to learn new things to grow constantly.

Five of Pentacles Reversed Outcome

The Five of Pentacles, in reverse, shows a good omen. This may be a sign that you’re finally saving yourself from a financial crisis.

Perhaps you got hired from a job that pays well. As a reward, you’ve been thinking of treating yourself to an affordable self date.

You’ll finally pay your remaining debts and daily expenses. Money problems will start to decrease, and you’ll be fine.

This can also show that you’ll improve more in your relationships. You’ll learn how to communicate and express yourself more to others.

Take this as a sign of personal development and financial success.

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Five of Pentacles Reversed Pregnancy

The Five of Pentacles in reverse may be in relation to pregnancy. This could present good news and opportunities for you and your child.

You’re not constantly worrying about how to provide for your child. Because now you’re confident that you have what it takes to be financially stable.

So before it’s too late, you’re working hard for future purposes. You’re working hard in order to earn money and use most of it for savings.

The universe sees that you have the potential to become a great parent. They know that you’ll teach your child how to be financially literate.

Five of Pentacles Friendship

The Five of Pentacles in friendship may be an essential card. This could show that things may not be going well for your friends.

Maybe you need to think about and make a decision about it. Maybe you need to think carefully if this is really for you.

This is the time to undergo an evaluation. Think about if this friendship is starting to suffocate you or make you feel better.

You need to be with the right people who push you to be better. If you believe that these people aren’t like that, then maybe it’s time to leave.

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