Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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Four of Pentacles is part of the minor arcana group. This card depicts a man sitting on some kind of chair, and it resembles a shorter pedestal or a stool. The man has his grips and his arms wrapped around a coin. Above the headdress, perhaps a crown, he is also balancing another coin. Below his feet lay a coin on each. He seems to be very much focused on protecting the coins he has of possession.

The sky behind him is gray, and a city filled with establishments is also visible behind him. It is also evident that the man is alone. His background seems to be lively as it resembles a whole city or a community. However, there appears to be nothing around him but his coins.

Four of Pentacles Upright Keywords

  • Being thrifty or conservative
  • Scarcity
  • Control
  • Saving money
  • Security
  • Possessiveness
  • Insecurity
  • Hoarding
  • Stinginess
  • Stability
  • Wealth
  • Frugality
  • Guardedness
  • Boundaries
  • Need for control
  • Materialism
  • Blocking change
  • Isolation
  • Keeping things to yourself

Four of Pentacles Reversed Keywords

  • Overspending
  • Greed
  • Self-protection
  • Releasing of the past
  • Giving up control
  • Generosity
  • Acceptance
  • Giving
  • Spending
  • Openness
  • Financial insecurity
  • Reckless spending
  • Lack of control

Four of Pentacles General Meaning

The image depicts a man sitting alone on a stool. The man seems to have no social life as he is focusing only on his coins. These coins represent the riches he cares so much about. The man appears to be materialistic, so he finds himself at a place where he is alone.

Perhaps the man isolated himself. This represents the human tendency to get so caught up in the moment. This is especially true if you have been quickly and firmly attached to this specific thing—for example, money and wealth. In the long run, you might get blinded and tend to shrug off the people around you. The man in the image has his arms wrapped quite tightly over the coin. This indicates his possessiveness and his fear of losing the coin.

Even under the soles of his feet up to the crown on his head, he exhibits an image of ownership. These coins he is trying to protect are the things that restrict him from movement. His desire to protect and keep them has led him to become isolated. Restricted from any movement because of his deliberate possessiveness, he stays at a different place alone. His isolation is emphasized as the background portrays a vibrant city in which he refuses to take part.

He is focused on what he has in his grip, and he shuts the world away. This card also highlights how we often tend to fixate our eyes on something. Along the process, we lose the more essential elements in our lives.

Four of Pentacles (Upright) Meaning

Similar to Three of Cups, Four of pentacles is a card that urges you to reassess yourself. You might be caught up in the money-making process that it may be blinding you. Perhaps you have to isolate yourself in complete focus on earning and accumulating more wealth.

This card reminds you to take care of yourself. This includes making sure that you live the life you want to live with the resources available. Perhaps you have been so focused on something that you forget to be happy. This card also speaks of the tendency to hoard. You may have accumulated a lot of wealth but have no plans on where to spend it. You may be choosing to keep them compiled and stocked rather than using them for your benefit.

Handling money is all about the flow of giving and exchanging. If you keep it to yourself and do not use it, you forfeit the purpose. Money comes and goes. The priorities you set determine your money handling. This card encourages you to save and be thoughtful about your purchases. This card also poses the risk of making money in your life. You have become materialistic and engrossed with the wealth you accumulated. This card is a reminder that this does not mean you should leave the ground and float. Meaning, always keep yourself grounded.

This card is a reminder not to get too attached that it ruins your vision. Do not lose sight of important things like family, friends, love, happiness. Always know your priority so you won’t regret it.

Four of Pentacles (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

The Four of Pentacles can be a sign of a love reading. But this could show that the relationship is toxic instead of being healthy.

You and your partner may continue to act possessive. And this can get suffocating because you treat each other like an object,

Keep in mind that your partner isn’t yours for you to claim. Your partner has the freedom to decide their goals in life.

If a relationship’s foundation is strong, you have nothing to worry about. This card can also be an indication of a grudge or issue that hasn’t been resolved entirely. 

This relationship is also suffering from constant insecurity. Maybe one of you is jealous because the other one can provide more.

If you are single, this card might indicate that you are still avoiding meeting new people. Perhaps the pain from the past is still existent, and it keeps you from opening up to new potential lovers. Unlike Page of Wands, this card also indicates the failure to move on. Perhaps you still have lingering feelings for a past relationship that is holding you back. It’s best to take your time in healing. 

Four of Pentacles in a Love Reading

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Four of Pentacles (Upright) in Career and Finance

Four of pentacles may tell you that you are going overboard with keeping your position. You have become a possessive person who is constantly anxious about losing where you are right now in the workplace. You may get a bit sensitive and paranoid that it’s taking a toll on you. This can lead to total isolation and may picture you to be an outcast. Because of this, you might lose the connections you had and the potential ones.

While it’s okay to protect your position, do not go overboard. Doing your best is good, but becoming too competitive to the point of refusing to work as a team or being possessive of clients is going overboard. This card can also signify that you are in a job that leaves you no satisfaction or fulfillment. Perhaps you are avoiding the process of leaving and transferring to another career or job. Maybe you are afraid to break the security this job provides you.

Suppose you are in the business field. This card symbolizes healthy growth out of your hard work and passion. In the financial aspect, this card represents financial stability. You might be possessive about your accumulated wealth. It can also indicate that you are saving up for something like a car or a potential investment. It can mean taking necessary measures for the future.

Four of Pentacles (Upright) in Health

This card can be telling you to let go of an issue in the past. Perhaps this issue is causing harmful effects on your health. You are holding on to something that only brings negative energy to your life. It might help to have time for yourself and meditate. Emotional and mental healing is as important as healing physically. Take care of your emotional and mental health. Do not overstrain yourself and learn when to hold back and when to release.

Four of Pentacles (Upright) in Spirituality

This card can indicate that you may be holding on to your past. This attachment can disrupt your natural flow and growth in the spirit. There might be blockages blocking your flow of energy. It’s best to try your best to try and regain the balance and energy flow in you. You might want to try meditating.

Four of Pentacles (Reversed) Meaning

This card, in reverse, calls for reevaluation. You now realized the changes wealth and money made to your life. You may have placed too much value and were protective about your wealth. Now, you can weigh them and set your priorities right. Now is the time you can realize what brings true happiness and warmth. Because of this, you can live the way you wanted, and with the people, you care about. You don’t isolate yourself anymore.

This card in reverse can also indicate that you may be overspending. This can be a serious problem as you are oblivious of this overspending habit. You can always do what you can to help yourself. This card in reverse is also a representative of your self-protection. You have the desire and dedication to work and help in securing your future. You are a driven person that aspires for a stable life with fun. Love and happiness also exist.

Four of Pentacles (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

The Four of Pentacles in reverse is a sign that you’re healing. You can now give this relationship a second chance to work again.

Maybe you and your partner are now healing from past wounds. You’re trying to be better for each other to make this relationship work.

You’re now ready to let go of your toxic patterns. You’re now ready to let go of old grudges that you thought would stay forever.

Forgiveness and acceptance are on the surface.

If you are single, it indicates that you are finally ready to put yourself out there. You are now prepared to let go of the fear, anxiety, and all negativities. This will open the path to a brighter side. You are ready to move forward.

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Four of Pentacles (Reversed) in Career and Finance

This card in reverse tells of your good attitude and demeanor at work. Your good attitude and personality is an asset. You have the trust of many, and you are willing to help anytime. Generosity and kindness overflows and radiates from you. This card can represent losing opportunities. You may be overlooking some significant opportunities right now. However, you may have to decide if you are going to take the risk. This card can also represent a gamble in making a decision.

This card encourages you to go after your dreams and goals by being honest and hard working. Good things always bring forth good things. You can never go wrong with working right and kindly. This card can also be a symbol of theft in the aspect of ideas and business or clients. People may be lurking around and watching people to steal from. You must be careful who you trust, even in the professional setting.

In the financial aspect, this card in reverse speaks of your frugality. This card encourages you to loosen your grip on money and try to be more generous. This is an excellent time to give to others share your blessings.

Four of Pentacles (Reversed) in Health

In the aspect of health, this card in reverse stands for the release of negative energy. You must have been holding on to these. Thankfully, you can release them now and remove their harmful effects on your health and well-being.

Four of Pentacles (Reversed) in Spirituality

This card in reverse tells that you are ready to move forward. As you continue your journey and let go of all the negativities, you find a deeper connection, and you bloom brightly like a flower. This card introduces a good time for you to nurture and grow spiritually. This card reminds you to stay grounded.

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Four of Pentacles: YES or NO?

This card is a card of materialism and financial security. This encourages you to move forward with your achievements rather than sitting on them and stagnating yourself. In your yes or no question, the answer is most likely YES. This is true given that you are careful and are handling things in the right way.

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Four of Pentacles Advice

The Four of Pentacles, as advice, wants you to feel secure. You may be experiencing situations where it’s too overwhelming.

So you need to choose to take a break from all the responsibilities. If a situation is already hurting you, don’t hesitate to choose peace.

In choosing peace, you’ll have the courage to walk away. It’s okay to retreat from people and situations that consume you.

This is also the time when you need to take care of your finances. Try to be more practical and wise in terms of handling money.

You’ll need long term security for constant peace.

Four of Pentacles Reversed Advice

The Four of Pentacles in reverse shows that you’re stuck. Maybe you’re stuck between making a decision for your own good.

Maybe you’re hesitating if you should leave the situation. Remember, you have to be specific in making a decision before you do it.

This is also a sign that you need to be more generous. Try to be more giving to other people instead of keeping it to yourself.

Because sometimes, it’s not good if you’re a selfish person. Your blessings will only decrease if you choose not to give.

Take this as a sign to get a grip!

Four of Pentacles as a Person

The Four of Pentacles card is someone who craves success. If this is you, then you may be trying to achieve your goal of receiving wealth.

You’re always willing to go beyond your limitations to succeed. This is because you won’t stop until you have the abundance you want.

You’re someone who doesn’t take the advice of others seriously. Which is why you can be stubborn in terms of letting go of a position.

You always choose to trust yourself rather than give in to others. It can be difficult when you continue to try to manage everything by yourself.

Four of Pentacles Reversed as a Person

The Four of Pentacles, in reverse, is someone who is greedy. If this is you, then you refuse to spread kindness to other people.

You feel like money will solve all your problems and worries. You feel like money is the answer to a lifetime craving for happiness.

So you rely your life solely on money instead of other things. As a result, this enables you to have a greedy mindset towards others.

Some people may see you as a selfish and greedy person. That’s why they have no plans of approaching you.

You pretend you have everything you need.

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Four of Pentacles Present

In the present, you’re making money for a living. Which is a good progress since you used to experience financial struggles.

You feel like you finally have everything you need right now. And you now have the capability to provide for the necessities you need.

You’re currently trying to improve yourself in your career. This is because you want to gain influence and inspiration from different people.

But you also need to think about your current decisions. Maybe you need to let go of material things that aren’t necessary to have.

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Try not to be a workaholic and a shopaholic.

Four of Pentacles Past

In the past, you used to face countless struggles. This is in relation to your career path and financial concerns.

You used to face the consequences because of your pride. Unfortunately, your greed for money led you to make decisions that you weren’t proud of.

This is because these decisions resulted in a pile of debt. So even if it’s not money debt, you let down many people.

But the past made you more vital to be in good shape. History taught you that you shouldn’t stay obsessed with making money.

So you’re currently trying to change yourself for good.

Four of Pentacles Future

In the future, you’ll build a strong foundation for your finances. This will encourage you to work harder in order to be successful.

You’ll leave the toxic traits you had in the past. So you’ll not submerge yourself in the endless addiction of purchasing material things.

Instead, you’ll choose to be “money wise” in the future. You’ll choose to be more independent and more practical in handling finances.

Keep in mind that this is a good thing for personal change. So it’s also essential that you’ll be sure of the things you need.

These things are considered as “priorities”.

Four of Pentacles as How Someone Feels About You

Someone doesn’t want to lose their connection with you. This could mean that you’ve been connected with this person for a long time.

This person feels like they can be secured with you. They believe that you’re always capable of providing them with the things they need.

So this could mean that this person wants to depend on you. Not only for financial support but also for emotional and mental support.

This person has the urge to protect you at all costs. To them, you’re like a rare diamond that should be in a safe place.

They’re willing to grow.

Four of Pentacles Outcome

The Four of Pentacles, as an outcome, shows that you’re overworking. And you’re doing this because you need to earn and save money.

You’re someone who chooses to be a constant workaholic. Because you believe that you have debts and bills to pay soon enough.

But you’re also limiting yourself when it comes to certain aspects. Maybe you’re preventing yourself from being in a relationship.

This is because you don’t think you can handle the responsibility. You already have too much going on with your plate right now.

The negative part about overworking is that you can’t provide personal time.

Four of Pentacles Pregnancy and Fertility

The Four of Pentacles may be a card related to pregnancy. But this could focus more on managing your finances.

You may be planning to start a family in the near future. But before you do this, you need to be sure that you’re financially stable.

You don’t need to boost your achievements and wealth. Because if you’re really wealthy, you need to start saving money now.

Saving money instead of spending money should be your priority. This is important because you need an abundance of funds for your child.

You need to be wiser if you’re sure about this.

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Four of Pentacles Energy

The Four of Pentacles have an intense energy for stability. This card brings you the motivation to start earning and saving money.

Because success doesn’t come from bragging about your wealth. Rather, success comes from your ability to be financially literate.

This intense energy resides with your certainty in life. You’re sure that you have your life planned out before your eyes.

You’re someone who continues to earn money to save money. Because you believe that future expenses are the most important thing.

You’re currently seeking other ways to secure your finances. You can get immediate help from financial experts.

Four of Pentacles as Action

The Four of Pentacles is an action card in terms of wealth. This may show a sign that you’re trying to achieve stability.

But this card has its positive and negative effects as an action. For the adverse impact, you have trouble letting go of possessions.

There are times when nobody can convince you to leave your possessions. Because you feel like they’re already a part of your achievements.

But on the bright side, you’re someone who is good at handling finances. Despite your attachment to material things, you still create boundaries.

These boundaries give you self-control from overspending daily.

Four of Pentacles as Intentions

The Four of Pentacles may have good or bad intentions. The bad side would be in relation to being possessive because of wealth.

You’re finding difficulty in refraining yourself from spending money. Because you’re always surrounded with the temptation to shop.

You may be someone who can also be possessive in terms of people. This is because you believe that they can’t leave you.

While the good side shows that you’re working hard to earn money. You’re making extra effort in order to create your dream life.

Or you simply choose to be independent to constantly fund your daily needs.

Four of Pentacles as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as the type of person who is luxurious. Maybe they often see you wearing expensive and branded items.

This person sees you as someone who is hard to reach. Because they believe that you have superior or high standards from people.

This person sees you as someone who can be a good provider. They feel like you can give everything a person needs in their life.

This person sees you as someone who can also be possessive. Perhaps this isn’t only about tangible things but about people as well.

They believe you have a silver spoon lifestyle.

Four of Pentacles Time Frame

The Four of Pentacles card can have a specific time frame. However, it will still depend on your current energy and situation.

An event can happen in a year, two years, or five years. This card has a connection with Sol in Capricorn.

A specific period may start on January 10 up to January 19. The Four of Swords has a connection with the earth element.

This card stands for achieving completeness, stability, and security. So the event that will occur may be in relation to your finances.

If this happens, remember to make wise decisions instead of acting impulsive.

Four of Pentacles as a Woman

The Four of Pentacles may be a representation of a woman. If this is you, then you’re currently living a luxurious life.

You feel like you finally have everything you prayed for. So you wouldn’t waste time buying the things that you want for yourself.

But be careful in terms of handling your finances. Because you might experience a financial breakdown if you choose to remain impulsive,

Remember, money isn’t bound to exist forever. It will come and go according to how you use it in your daily life.

So it’s better to make wise decisions rather than constantly overspending.

Four of Pentacles as a Man

The Four of Pentacles may be a representation of a man. If this is you, then you’re currently trying to make your way to the top.

You’re someone who is now evident to be called successful. You’re currently living the life of a billionaire by constantly earning money.

So you would always feel proud of yourself for coming this far. As a token of appreciation, you would often spend a lot on possessions.

This may result in a significant fallout if not appropriately handled. So you need to learn how to be financially literate.

Instead of spending, choose to save.

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Four of Pentacles Communication

The Four of Pentacles may show a lack of communication. This is because you continue to be stubborn in hearing people out.

You need to realize by now that the world doesn’t only revolve around you. The earth isn’t only taking care of a single person to live.

Instead, many people are living and managing their own lives. So the best thing you can do is listen to their suggestions.

This is important when you’re suffering from a financial crisis. Learn to start up a conversation and seek help from others.

Remember, you can’t figure everything out on your own.

Four of Pentacles Reconciliation

The Four of Pentacles is a negative card for reconciliation. This could mean that a past person wants you back for selfish reasons.

It’s possible that this person is still obsessed with you. They want you back because they still see you as under their possession.

This person can manipulate, control, and dominate you. And this will happen if you decide to let them in your life again.

This person may also feel a sense of jealousy and insecurity from you because they see that your life is already stable and prosperous.

That’s why they want to be a nuisance.

Four of Pentacles Physical Appearance

The Four of Pentacles can have a specific physical appearance. But this will always depend on the one who receives the card.

You may be someone who shows off your wealth. You do this by applying it to your jewelry, shoes, and clothes.

So this can create an enormous attraction in a crowd. People may see you as someone who is finally stable in life.

You may be someone who likes to hide behind a mask. This mask represents the whole face makeup that you often use.

You have a strong charisma that looks like you can claim almost anything.

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Four of Pentacles Reversed Outcome

The Four of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that you’re not limiting yourself. You’re not preventing yourself from taking a rest or entering connections.

In the past, you used to rely on everything at work. You choose to sacrifice your personal time in order to finish work tasks.

But now, you’re trying to choose personal time more often. You’re still productive at work, but now you’re balancing your priorities.

This is also the perfect opportunity to take a risk. You’re ready to relinquish the limitation when it comes to entering relationships.

One day, you’ll find the right person who will understand.

Four of Pentacles Reversed Pregnancy

The Four of Pentacles in reverse is a card for pregnancy. This could mean that you don’t deserve to enter parenthood right now.

You still have unresolved issues with yourself and your finances. You don’t have the total capacity to control your finances despite the circumstances.

So you can’t just simply decide to start a new family. You can’t decide, not when you’re not taking good care of your expenses.

Because the outcome may present a negative impact on your child. Try to remove your selfish behavior if you want to have a child.

There’s no need to remain immature.

Four of Pentacles Friendship

The Four of Pentacles is an important card for friendships. This serves as a lesson for you to start earning your own money.

Maybe you’ve been spending time with your friends by relying on them. This means that you want them to pay for your wants in your hangouts.

This can present a major red flag when it comes to your friends because the energy isn’t being reciprocated properly when it comes to you.

So your friends may feel like you’re only using them for money. This friendship should be easier if you choose to pay for your own expenses.

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