Four of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Four of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

Four of swords is part of the minor arcana group. This card depicts a man lying peacefully on what seems like a sturdy and quite uncomfortable bed. However, he lays straight, and his hands are put together as if in prayer.

The man lays in peace, and in a wall beside him hangs three swords arranged neatly and pointing downwards. On the side of his bed is a carved sword. In the background, we can see an image with tinted glass. A mother and child are depicted in the picture.

Four of Swords Upright Keywords

  • Rest
  • Relaxation
  • Peace
  • Sanctuary
  • Meditation
  • Recuperation
  • Contemplation
  • Self-protection
  • Rejuvenation
  • Anxiety
  • Chaos
  • Introspection
  • Planning
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Regrouping
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

Four of Swords Reversed Keywords

  • Burn-out
  • Deep contemplation
  • Stagnation
  • Exhaustion
  • Re-entering the world
  • Restlessness
  • Peace
  • Slowly recovering
  • Collapse
  • Mental breakdowns
  • Self-care
  • Losing faith

Four of Swords General Meaning

Four of Swords card represent the deep peace inside of you. The man is lying down as if he has no care about the world. His eyes are closed, and he can’t see the things around him. However, he seems to be in deep meditation. Items and sounds around him get canceled out as he chooses to close his eyes.

He does not see the swords, but he senses them in his deep peace, just like our fears and worries. These are like swords unseen but pierces us from the inside and wounds us. The sword carved laying down at his side is a sign of surrender or the end of a battle.

Perhaps the man decided to stop the fight, or he gave up on it overall. An image of a mother and child is shown in the tinted glass representing comfort. The man is now in the comfort of coming home after the battle. Finally, he has time to rest and feel all the emotions lingering. In his meditation, he learns more about himself and the world. The peace he is feeling is radiating as the image as a whole speaks of peace.

Four of Swords (Upright) Meaning

Similar to Ace of Swords, Four of Swords can indicate that it is now time to back out and put down the sword. You might be feeling overloaded and overwhelmed by the situation you are in. This card in itself speaks of peace and rest. Perhaps you need to rest for you to view things more clearly.

Sometimes you get so caught up in your situations, and you fail to see the obvious answers. As a result, you not only exhaust yourself, you also drain your energy to think straight. As a result, your mind is in chaos, and your decisions are not so reliable. This card puts more emphasis on the mind and emotions. You might have been out of touch with the reality as the wounds from the past still hurts. The debris is still existing in your life, and you try so hard to shrug them off.

This card calls for rest. This is an excellent time to grant yourself rest and stay away from negativities. This is the time for you to get a vacation maybe or spend time alone or with friends. Activities where you can relax and open yourself up. It's good to release your cares and worries.

If you happen to like challenges, four of swords is giving you one. The challenge is to keep yourself away from things that stagnate you. The challenge is to hold back and refrain from stepping in without figuring out yourself first. This time, all you need to focus on is taking care of your mental and emotional health. It’s essential to keep your peace and declutter your mind. Spend time meditating and doing things that relax you. Get a breather from all the stressful things in your life.

Four of Swords (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

If you are already in a relationship, this card tells you to take a break apart from each other. This card tells you that the best decision for your problems might be some time away from each other or alone. This is especially helpful for those that are introverted.

Perhaps one or both of you have felt disconnected from your relationship but do not plan on giving each other up. Of course, these things are just trials in a relationship. If you genuinely care about a person, you’re going to exert effort. You might feel exhausted and feel like the energy is getting sucked out of you. This is an excellent time to get some “me time” and reconnect with yourself. Charge up with the things you like to do to relax. Perhaps some spa or massage, whatever you want to.

Along with this, you should be considerate of each other. Communicate so that both of you bring peace to one another. Peace in the relationship helps in bridging the gap of peace in your life as well. If you are single, perhaps you are getting too excited to find someone in your life. This excitement and eagerness can cause you disappointment and exhaustion in the long run. It’s best to take it easy.

You might be pushing yourself to the edge trying to please people. During these times, it’s time for you to help yourself and allow yourself to rest. Your well-being is important. Do not over-strain yourself trying to go around and dating many people. Waiting patiently still works, and it also provides you rest. So rest until you feel like you are ready to present yourself to the world again. Then, when the time comes, the right person will come to you and treat you the way you wanted to.

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Four of Swords (Upright) in Career and Finance

Unlike Knight of Swords, Four of swords in the spect of your career speaks of stress and frustration. You might be dealing with a project that’s taking a toll on you. The tension is overwhelming your mind, and you need to have a break.

This can also be a sign that the situation in your workplace is frustrating you. These stressors are pushing you to the edge, and you might fail to perform your best. Rest is necessary to keep your performance on top. You might think that mere trees can’t harm your body, but in reality, they can be damaging in the long run.

You need to take care of your body to accomplish your work with the best result possible. If you work feeling confused or lost, the quality of your job is affected. This card encourages you to rejuvenate and re-energize yourself before going back to work.

In the aspect of finance, this card speaks of overthinking. You might be overthinking a lot about finances. Financial stress is common, and it is harmful to your mental health. While money is essential, you should be reminded that your well-being is the priority. Most people have their ups and downs in terms of financial matters. It’s important to note that if there are problems, there are also solutions. Take your time and pick yourself up. Better days are surely coming.

Four of Swords (Upright) in Health

In terms of health, this card suggests you take time to rest. Perhaps you are suffering from a health issue for some time now. This card advises you to relax and allow yourself to recover before doing strenuous things.

Four of Swords (Upright) in Spirituality

In the case of your spiritual life, this card calls for time alone. You might need to isolate yourself for a bit and meditate alone. The world is a noisy place, and its sound may flush away inner voice and wisdom. So it would help if you had quiet time alone to reconnect and listen to the inner wisdom.

Four of Swords (Reversed) Meaning

Four of swords in reverse signifies recovery and slowly coming back to the world. This does not necessarily mean that you have isolated yourself for a long time. It’s just that you gave yourself time before making your move. Now that you have recovered, decluttered your mind, and reconnected with yourself and the world, you are ready to face the hurdles. Taking a break is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it’s a re-gathering of your strength to become stronger.

Alternately, this card in reverse can also mean that you have pushed yourself too far and reached your limit. For example, you might be in a place where you are so tired and burnt out. Perhaps you failed to acknowledge your exhaustion, and now you are suffering a lot more because of it. When you keep on doing things that exhaust you and refuse to rest because you’re afraid that you can’t leave them, there is a great tendency for you to burn out. To avoid worse situations from taking place, this card urges you to stop the things you find stressful.

Four of Swords (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

In the aspect of love, four of cups signals recovery. You may have been in a difficult situation, and your relationship is slowly finding its way to recovery. Finally, a good conversation, love, and understanding are fixing your relationship. If you are single, this card symbolizes healing. For example, you might have been recently out of a toxic relationship that was destroying you. And now, you have found healing and have grown stronger. Perhaps you may be slowly getting yourself ready for opening up your heart again.

On the other hand, this card can mean that your past pains have stolen your hopes. Thus, you now have no expectations or are not interested in dating anymore. You might be afraid that all relationships will end up getting destroyed. When you are in this place, it is hardest to open up to anyone. It would be helpful to contact friends and perhaps have a good talk with them. As you improve your relationship with your friends, you may find yourself loosening up. Maybe someday, you will find yourself ready again.

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Four of Swords (Reversed) in Career and Finance

This card, in reverse, can symbolize getting back to work. You might have decluttered your mind and are ready to face your workplace again. Now, with a new sense, you can perform better and have a better relationship with your workmates. This card in reverse can also mean that you have reached a point of burning out. Perhaps you have lost all hopes in the career you are in. Thus, it's best to consider seeking new interests. It’s essential that you like your work.

In the case of your financial aspect, your status is improving. You are now recovering from a period of financial struggle. On the other hand, this can also mean that stress is rising on higher levels. If situations become unbearable, it’s crucial to call for help. There might be people around you that can help.

Four of Swords (Reversed) in Health

Four of swords in reverse indicates that your health is getting better. You are recovering and slowly regaining your good health. You may have been in a struggling situation, and now you are slowly regaining your whole body's good well-being. Alternately, this card points to mental breakdowns because of pushing yourself too far. So again, it’s important to keep your health in the best condition possible.

Four of Swords (Reversed) in Spirituality

This card in reverse in your spiritual life means you are experiencing a severe spiritual issue. These issues can be rooted in feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety. This card tells of spiritual help that arrived in your life. However, you failed to notice, or you may have rejected this help. This card urges you to rest and do some meditations. Four of swords also advises and reminds you to take care of yourself.

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Four of Swords: YES or NO?

Four of swords brings a feeling of being overwhelmed. Because of this, this card calls for you to take a rest. Allowing relaxation into your life can help in relieving these issues. Four of swords in terms of yes or no question, the card is in the middle. This card is neutral. However, if the question you are asking is related to taking time off and taking care of yourself, the most probable answer would be YES.

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Four of Swords Advice

The Four of Swords, as advice, wants you to observe things. Now may not be the right time for you to impulsively be in a situation.

You may need to step back for a while. You don’t have the capability to interfere with a particular work environment.

This may be in relation to your ideas. Perhaps your current work environment is not giving feedback for your improvement.

Maybe you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time. You don’t have to doubt yourself and your passion because of this.

So be sure to open yourself up for more improvement.

Four of Swords Reversed Advice

The Four of Swords, in reverse, may tell you to get to work. This is the time when your rest hours would finally come to an end.

You’ve had enough time to think and observe a situation. You now have what it takes to put your ideas into action.

You stood by the door in order to observe how things would flow. But now, you’ll be able to participate in the flow of a project.

This is not the time to continue to isolate yourself. Being alone can make you feel more lonely.

Now is the time to move freely.

Four of Swords as a Person

The Four of Swords card is someone who is soft-spoken. You may be someone who never fails to produce a calm manner to others.

You’re a soft-spoken person despite the situation you’re in. This is because you don’t want others to feel more pressure.

You’re someone who is often quiet and likes to observe. You would rather see things differently than force yourself to social interaction.

You’re someone who loves to be in a serene environment. This would always keep you motivated and inspired to accomplish your tasks.

You’re someone who is willing to detach from the world when exhausted.

Four of Swords Reversed as a Person

The Four of Swords is someone who feels exhausted. You may be the type of person who moves away because of negativity.

You’re someone who views solitude as more of an isolation. You continue to isolate yourself from others and from the world.

You refuse to engage in social interactions because of your lack of communication. As a result, you continue to feel lonely whenever you’re alone.

You’re someone who is currently in your healing process. So it’s still normal that you would choose to spend time alone.

You’re someone who often has rapid and intrusive thoughts you can’t ignore.

Four of Swords Present

In the present, you’re craving to be alone for a while. This is the point wherein your social battery is already running low.

Remember that taking your time to be alone is a good thing. It helps you to reflect on your recent decisions and past actions.

You’re currently distancing yourself from others. It could be possible that a situation or a person triggered your thoughts.

So take all the time you need to be alone. Sometimes, you’ll find peace and contentment when it’s just you and nature alone.

If you’re working in an uncooperative group, time to go solo.

Four of Swords Past

In the past, you were too preoccupied with a particular project. As a result, this affects your relationship with other people.

There’s nothing wrong with being busy all the time. It’s a good thought that you want to stay productive in order to be successful.

You used to be someone who had missed opportunities. These opportunities refer to the times when you should’ve been with your friends.

Instead of isolating yourself in one place, you failed to spend time with others. So this is reflected in their thoughts and emotions relating to you.

Take this as a lesson next time.

Four of Swords Future

In the future, you’re going to make big decisions for yourself. This will reflect on the life you want to achieve in the future.

You’re now ready to take the next step in your life. You’ll be making a choice that will be difficult for you to make at first.

Because these choices reside with the career you want. Maybe you’re currently working on a project that makes you more productive.

However, the future will make you realize what you really want. Maybe you’re not actually seeing the bigger picture here.

So you’ll have to broaden your lenses to thrive.

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Four of Swords as How Someone Feels About You

Someone likes to constantly be around you. This person seldom invites people into their private space, but you’re an exception.

This person is willing to be your company if you have none. They want to get to know you more, especially about your goals in life.

You make this person feel safe in a peculiar way. They feel like they can trust you to secure their problems if they vent.

This person feels like you’re one of the kindest souls they’ve met. They believe that people like you are rare to find.

This person feels happy whenever they’re with you.

Four of Swords Outcome

The Four of Swords card as an outcome shows that you’re draining. This may be in relation to a relationship problem.

Perhaps you’re currently trying to make a toxic relationship work. But this won’t happen if your partner isn’t willing to adapt to the change.

You feel like this relationship continues to be a cycle. You’re starting to feel exhausted and on the verge of giving up.

So you may need to take some time for yourself. You need to be alone for a while to think about what’s best for you.

You’ll decide to go on a nice vacation.

Four of Swords Pregnancy and Fertility

The Four of Swords can be a sign related to pregnancy. However, this may show result that you can’t have a baby yet.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll never reproduce. It’s not just the right time for you to have a baby and to provide.

This could relate to a sudden health condition that still needs observing. It may take more time before you can see the results.

So if something isn’t for you at the moment, learn to wait because good things will always have to take time.

And don’t lose hope in starting a happy family.

Four of Swords Energy

The Four of Swords has immense energy to move forward. This may be the time for you to start acquiring your strength again.

You have the courage to climb the stairs toward a new challenge. It may not be the easiest path to take, but it will be worth it.

This challenge isn’t new to you anymore. You’re now ready to face obstacles that will make you remember the past.

But you believe that you’ve had enough of the breakdowns. Now is the time to start investing and working on yourself.

As you improve, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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Four of Swords Action

The Four of Swords, as an action, represents planning. You may need to determine and consider the goals you wish to achieve.

If you want to start becoming successful, start planning now. You’ll not waste your time as long as it’s related to your life.

If you want to do something, now’s the time to go for it. Maybe you want to try out a new hobby, but you’re still skeptical about it.

You’ll soon see evident progress as you undergo this process. And when the results show up, it will only motivate you more.

So start thriving for success.

Four of Swords as Intentions

The Four of Swords as intention may show your willingness to succeed. However, it may make sense that you’re also feeling overwhelmed.

Perhaps this relates to the responsibilities you have at hand. You handle too many responsibilities that you want to take a rest.

And now you’re starting to lose the sign of your goals because you feel like you’ll be stuck in this mode of practicality forever.

But if you intend to try until results show up, you’ll do great. As long as you keep the faith in yourself to do the things you want.

Keep on soaring high!

Four of Swords as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as the type of person who wants to thrive. But they can also sense that you’re currently exhausted.

This person would observe how you interact with the real world. They may notice that you would choose to distance yourself from others.

This person sees you as someone who wants to reflect on your own. You may be someone who wants to provide personal time 24/7.

This person sees you as someone who is kind and soft-spoken. You will never fail to show your sincerity when helping others.

This person continues to believe in your skills and principles.

Four of Swords Time Frame

The Four of Swords have a specific time. However, it will always depend on your current energy and situation.

The Four of Swords may be a representation of the month of July. A specific event may occur in 4 hours or 4 days.

The Four of Swords has a connection with Jupiter in Libra. A specific event may begin on October 13 and will end on October 22.

The Four of Swords has a connection with the element of air. This may be a sign that you need to apply meditation or therapy.

This is the first step of healing.

Four of Swords as a Woman

The Four of Swords may be a representation of a woman. You may be someone who is currently undergoing a rough situation.

You still can’t come up with a final decision. You continue to weigh the pros and cons of your possible choices.

You’re someone who shows your vulnerability to others. But you also show them that you’re perfectly capable of being left alone.

What you need right now is the chance to interact with yourself. It’s okay to detach yourself from people who are making it more difficult.

Take the time to dive into this stunning stage of healing.

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Four of Swords as a Man

The Four of Swords can be a representation of a man. You may be someone who is currently trying to work things out.

You’re still trying to pick up the broken pieces to put them back together. But you know that it will only be more difficult for you.

Despite the chaos that surrounds you, you never fail to stand still. You’re someone who is capable of showing your genuine intentions to people.

Despite the bad things that are happening, you’ll still choose kindness. You’ll still choose to hold on to hope, even when it’s blurry.

Relax, you’ll get there.

Four of Swords Communication

The Four of Swords can be a good sign for communication. If you’re currently in a healing process, now’s the time to open up.

But you don’t have to force yourself to express your thoughts. Sometimes, you just need to be alone for a while to create peace.

Eventually things will be overwhelming for you. So you need someone who is willing to listen and understand your situation.

Remember, it’s okay to be vulnerable because we’re all human beings. It’s okay to show your fragile side if you can’t hold it anymore.

Take this as an opportunity to be yourself.

Four of Swords Reconciliation

The Four of Swords may be a sign related to reconciliation. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that a past person will immediately reconcile.

This person is still healing from the pain of the past. This person will need to take some time before they can approach you.

It may be sad to say, but the right time for reconciliation is unknown. Both of you still need to work on yourselves and to heal.

Neither of you is willing to make the relationship work. While circumstances or decisions may still change in the future.

This past person wants to be alone.

Four of Swords Physical Appearance

The Four of Swords can have a specific physical appearance. But this will depend on the person who received the card.

It is possible that you have sharp eyes. You can have a sharp nose and a sloped forehead.

Your sharp features can be evident in the public eye. This may present a strong appeal to people before they approach you.

You’re someone who also has good cheekbones. It seems as if every structure of your face is well defined.

You look like someone who is refreshed from stress. This may represent that you’re finally done with your healing stage.

Four of Swords in a Love Reading

The Four of Swords in a love reading is an essential card for you. This is because you’re currently trying to be someone you’re not.

Love isn’t in favor of putting up a facade to hide the real you. Remember that the right person is willing to accept your flaws.

If you’re in a relationship, maybe you’re constantly exhausted. You feel like the cycle continues to occur, and it feels alarming.

You feel like you need some time to gather your thoughts. You need some time to think if you still want to stay.

This can be done through vacation.

Four of Swords Reversed Love Reading

The Four of Swords in reverse may be a beneficial card for you. This means that an unhealthy cycle may already have its farewell.

This is already an advantage if you’re in a relationship. This may be the sign that you and your partner will reunite.

You finally sorted out your differences in order to grow. Now’s the time to make room for each other in order to improve.

You may introduce yourselves to starting a new hobby. A specific activity bolsters the foundation of your relationship.

It’s true that second chances can exist for a healthy and stable relationship.

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Four of Swords Reversed Outcome

The Four of Swords, in reverse, wants to congratulate you. Finally, you’re now letting go of toxic patterns and relationships.

You’re now ready to open a new chapter in your life. You’ll not be able to be afraid of changing because you’re determined to thrive.

You’re slowly turning to your usual self again. It’s good to see that everything feels normal compared to the past few weeks or months.

You recently got out of a relationship that nearly consumed you. But be proud of yourself for having the courage to leave.

You’re now working out from your recovery, good job!

Four of Swords Reversed Pregnancy

The Four of Swords in reverse is a sign that it’s possible. Maybe it’s now possible to have a baby and start your own family.

It’s never too late to try out things for a new life. It’s never too late to organize your life in order to move forward to the next level.

This will bring you good news after months of devastation. You may already come to good terms with your partner because of this.

You’re now preparing yourself for what this pregnancy will bring you. The support of family and friends will always remain by your side.

Four of Swords Friendship

The Four of Swords is an important card for friendship because it allows you to realize that you can also need some company.

It’s never too late to make more friends in this lifetime. You have to socialize with others in order to grow.

You have to present yourself out there to the right people. And you’ll know if they’re the right people during your darkest days.

Solitude or enjoying your own company is a good thing. It allows you to explore your own interests and views.

But don’t forget to charge your social battery and talk with amazing people.

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