Garlic spiritual meaning: Symbolism, Dream, and Superstition -

Garlic spiritual meaning: Symbolism, Dream, and Superstition

Garlic has been used in different cuisines because of its flavor and aroma. It has medicinal properties, like anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive effects that help people’s medical condition. However, it also holds spiritual meaning.

Spiritually, the garlic plant is an ancient symbol for protection against evil spirits. It is often hung outside the house to protect witches during Halloween. However, this magical plant can have both good and evil powers, depending on how you use it.

Understanding the symbol of garlic can help you gain an insight into several things. In ancient Greece, garlic was considered sacred to the God of Death, Hades. People believed that witches used garlic to cast spells on their enemies during medieval times. In Russia, during World War II, soldiers ate garlic before going to the battlegrounds because they believed that it would protect them from bullets.

All these beliefs and superstitions came from the idea that garlic is a magical plant and can give either good or bad effects, depending on how you use it.

Garlic symbol

Garlic has been around for years, and it’s still one of the most versatile ingredients. It’s perfect for enhancing the flavors of any dish.

And with its healing properties, you can eat raw garlic, but beware, garlic has a highly tangy taste that will burn your mouth if you’re not careful.

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Garlic has lots of symbolism. For instance, garlic symbolizes strength and courage.

Garlic is a vigorous plant because of its intense flavor and aroma. Since it’s a symbol of strength, you can surpass everything that you’re facing right now in your current situation. 

Garlic is an excellent example of a symbol whose meaning is closed to reality. Given its famously pungent smell, garlic is a powerful antiseptic that effectively prevents bacteria.

Combining these traits, a clove of garlic makes a potent symbol for protection. 

Garlic has been used as a defense or protection from disease and poison throughout history. It’s also used to combat evil spirits and even recommended to defend against venomous snakes and scorpions.

This cultural significance is one of the reasons garlic is utilized as a defense against supernatural creatures, such as vampires and evil spirits.

Aside from protection against evil deeds, other symbols are associated with garlic. In ancient China, aside from the protective and healing qualities, garlic is also viewed as a lucky charm, often given to expectant parents to give them hope to conceive many children. Moreover, garlic could also work as an aphrodisiac and drive sex appeal.

Garlic in dream meaning

When you see garlic in your dreams, it signifies that you’re ready to step up to the next level of your life. For example, you will find your great love who will change your life.

If you’re looking for love, you will find it, and your life will be better. You may get married to this person and start a family.

Therefore, seeing garlic in your dreams symbolizes marriage. You will get married to someone you know will, and you’re there to witness it.

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The smell of garlic also holds symbolic meaning in your dreams. This dream denotes that something will happen in your waking life that negatively affects you.

If you’re a businessman, it might happen that your profits will decrease significantly. You will go to a phase where you’ll suffer from a significant loss.

Hence, it would be best if you watched out for your clients as they could be the main reason for your downfall.

If you see garlic in your dreams, it’s an indication of loss caused by people you work with. There are other dreams related to garlic that you might be interested to know.

Seeing people eating garlic in your dreams means that you will go through a phase where you will not act your usual self. These decisions you make will not be like those you used to make, which puts you in a disappointing situation.

If you see yourself eating garlic in your dreams, it could mean that you’re not happy with your love life or career. You’re in a relationship, but sometimes you feel that something is still missing.

Meanwhile, your business is doing good, but you feel like you can still do better than that. Eating garlic in a dream denotes that you want to achieve more than what you’re getting.

You’ll only feel this fulfillment when your love life and business will bring you joy. 

Dreaming about cooking with garlic to prepare some dish could represent your desire to make your life more enjoyable. Perhaps, you feel that your life is boring and need something to make it more interesting.

When you dream of buying garlic, it indicates good luck. It could mean that you’ll witness so many great things ahead. However, these good things happen only in the short term.

But if you go too far in the long run, it can lead to losses. Therefore, don’t dive too deep or be too overwhelmed, and watch from a distance.

Planting garlic in a dream signifies a good sign and could mean your desires and attempts to adjust your life and personality. This dream also indicates your attempts to prevent negativity from your life in every possible way.

You are the type of person who wants to be surrounded by people who share positivity and optimism. You don’t allow negative energy to come into your life.

This dream also tells success and winning over your silent battles. It could mean healing because garlic possesses medicinal health benefits to improve your health.

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If you dream of a bunch of garlic, it could signal to fight off your enemies. It’s usually a sign of victory against them.

This dream also tells you to make wise decisions and not act quickly without thinking because they can use it against you. Or it could represent convenience and pleasures in life.

 Dreaming of garlic signifies health improvement and healing too. It could be you’re recovering from an illness – be it a physical or psychological disease.

One rare dream about garlic is dreaming about a garden wedding where garlic is planted. It could be a sign that you’re changing your beliefs or ideals. Maybe, you’re shifting your preferences and lifestyle or your perception of people.

On the other hand, if garlic skin appears in your dream, it could mean that something has been missing for quite some time, but you’ll be able to find it again. It could be a long-lost friend that you’ve reconnected with.

Nothing can stop this, and you’ll find more beautiful things in life and even items that have disappeared.

The hope that you can find these things have finally come true. Of course, it’s only possible through your efforts and dedication.

A dream of mashed or crushed garlic denotes a bad sign. It could represent broken relationships, problems at work, failed business, or any bad situation.

If it happens to you, stay calm, and look for solutions to handle it. Everything will work, but it’s up to you how to play it.

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Garlic superstitions

As mentioned above, garlic is used to ward off vampires and evil spirits. Garlic should be hung in windows or rubbed in chimneys and keyholes to make it effective.

The Chinese have used garlic to prevent demons many years ago. They believed that the strong scent of raw garlic could eliminate ghosts and other supernatural creatures.

Garlic has been a natural remedy to ward off evil spirits. To get the full effect of garlic, you should eat at least one clove a day and take a tablespoon of honey.

Some believe that you should wear garlic around your neck like a necklace or carry some in your pocket. However, these days might not seem applicable because of how badly you’ll smell in public.

Moreover, people believed that bringing garlic in a forest could prevent werewolves from attacking you. Werewolves roam the forest on full moons to look for prey to kill.

However, they are sensitive to garlic because of its powerful smell. Though it might not be enough protection, it will help keep them at bay while you’re finding your way out.

For many cultures, garlic isn’t only a spice to add to food to enhance the flavor, but you could also use it on a more spiritual level. In some cultures, eating garlic on Christmas eve or New Year’s day will ensure prosperity in the coming year.

Aside from being a lucky charm, it’s can also ward off the “evil eye” when planted outside the house. In ancient China, people give garlic as a gift to the newlyweds to symbolize prosperity and health.

It could also be used as a protection against evil spirits and made garlic wreaths for their tomb because they believed that it could help protect them from death.

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Some believe that garlic will protect them from sickness or plaque in the Middle East. However, other people believe that they bring bad luck.

Moreover, the Roman soldiers assumed that eating garlic could inspire them and give them courage. Because of this belief, Roman soldiers planted garlic fields in their countries, believing that courage would transfer to the battlefield.

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