Gemini Man Hiding His Feelings: Draw Him Out! -

Gemini Man Hiding His Feelings: Draw Him Out!

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Do you feel like your Gemini man is being mysterious and secretive with his feelings lately? Is he sending you mixed signals and making you feel confused?

Most of the time, the Gemini man hiding his feelings is not intentional but due to his complicated personality. Once you put some effort into understanding his character, you’ll find that drawing his feelings out is as easy as one-two-three.

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The unpredictable nature of the Gemini man’s personality makes him difficult to trust. Not knowing how he’ll react most of the time, you’ll never know where you stand with him, and you will always be in doubt of his intentions.

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This article will show you how to get to the bottom of the Gemini man’s feelings and deal with them. The redemption of the most misunderstood Zodiac sign begins now!

The Gemini man and his feelings  

Geminis are well-known for their fickle-minded nature because of their Mutable Air sign. The ruler of Gemini is the planet Mercury, giving them an excellent hand in the arts and communication.

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The Gemini man is a social butterfly and a smooth talker; he can charm anyone with his words and retellings of his excellent adventures. He is always searching for new ideas and experiences to share with fresh faces and exciting people.

The Gemini man’s adaptable and open mind makes him an excellent communicator and mentor, but it can make him a problematic romantic partner. He will find it hard to commit to someone and much less to form a definite plan for the future of a relationship.

Blowing hot and cold is normal for the Gemini man because his thoughts and feelings change faster than some people. He will not try to hide his feelings, but his changeable quality makes it hard for anyone to predict what he’s feeling at any single time.

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The Gemini man wants a relationship that can give him love and support but still have the independence and excitement of a single life. It’s a tall order, but a lasting relationship is possible as long as he finds a patient and compromising partner.

Why the Gemini man hides his feelings?

The whys of the Gemini man are never easy to answer; they are challenging people to understand and pin down. It’s easier to be direct and ask him about his feelings, but even then, there is a good chance that his feelings will change without a moment’s notice.

The Gemini man is usually good at communicating himself to anyone. Still, if you think he’s keeping his emotions under wraps, he may have some valid reasons for keeping them from you.

Below are the possible reasons for the Gemini man to hide his feelings. These reasons are by no means the ultimate and absolute reasons, but it’s good to explore them first before speaking to your man about his issues.  

He doesn’t feel respected

The Gemini man appreciates it when people consider his ideas and feelings, not dismiss them. Unfortunately, dismissing his thoughts and feelings is common for people to do because they can never rely on him to be consistent and reliable.

For the Gemini man to be open about his feelings to you, he needs to be comfortable and secure that you are not judging him or assuming that his feelings and thoughts are untrustworthy. No matter how fickle his mind is, he still wants to be respected and not set aside.   

You lack intellectual connection

The Gemini man is an intellectual person, and his feelings are inseparable from his thinking. He is bound to share his thoughts and feelings with someone who thinks like him and share his reasoning and ideologies.

Not liking to be misunderstood, the Gemini man will only open up to you after you form an intellectual connection with him. This connection, which requires constant sharing and discussing new ideas and concepts, is an essential ingredient for a long-term relationship with your Gemini man. 

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He hates drama

The Gemini loves to live a fun and exciting life and will want to keep it that way. He hates to make a big deal out of his feelings because he hates drama and emotional confrontations. 

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If the Gemini man thinks that you overreact to his minor issues, he is sure to downplay his emotions and avoid opening up to you. It makes him uncomfortable to be with people and situations that can put a damper on a life he thinks should be lived with adventures and happiness.

He’s taking his time

The Gemini man will keep his feelings to himself if he thinks that everything is moving too fast in a relationship. He may fall in love in a snap, but he knows that it may not last long, so he will take his time to be sure of his feelings before he commits.

Most of the time, the Gemini man’s mind is a mess that it would take a lot of time and space to get his feelings and thoughts organized. It can be too much for him and make him take a break from it all.

Trust is lacking

The Gemini man needs to trust and be trusted in a relationship to stay committed to it. Having mutual trust makes him comfortable in sharing his feelings without the fear of being hurt or misunderstood.

Trusting someone becomes trickier for the Gemini man when people find it difficult to trust him because of his unreliable and inconsistent nature. It is easier for him to hide his feelings than show them to people who will only doubt him.

How to make the Gemini man open up?

The Gemini man is a great communicator, so getting him to tell you how he feels and thinks is not a problem. The critical question here is how to maintain an openness in him and make him more comfortable sharing his feelings all the time.

Be a good listener

The Gemini man communicates well but not when feelings are involved, and everything becomes too much for him to handle. Being a good listener is effective in drawing out these emotions from his chest, making him more open to his feelings.

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Listening and understanding your Gemini man means listening to his words and respecting his views, no matter how different they may be from yours. It also means reading between the lines and his body language and having an open mind that will not judge or disregard his feelings.

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Keep it light

Having a serious outlook in life is never the Gemini man’s MO, and being uptight is the surest way to scare him off from sharing his feelings. Use jokes and humor to connect with him, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from him if you keep your conversations fun and light.

Loosening up around him once in a while will take the pressure off your Gemini man, especially if your relationship is becoming too serious too fast. He will appreciate the break and be more comfortable letting you into his personal space.

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Let him go

Let your Gemini man do things in his own timeframe. Don’t pressure him into telling you everything that’s going on in his mind and heart if he’s not ready yet.

The Gemini man will only hate you if you try to force him into emotional conversations. Let him go and do his own thing, and he is sure to come back to you in his own time.

Challenge him on an intellectual level

Intellectual connection is everything to the Gemini man. For him to keep sharing his thoughts and, by extension, his feelings, you must have an intelligence that can hold its own against him.

You have to have a mind full of originality, creativity, and vision to keep a connection with the Gemini man. This is easy to achieve by feeding and cultivating your mind with new ideas and critical thinking skills.

Keep the conversation going

The Gemini man thrives on talking and speaking his mind. If you want him to spill his guts on his feelings, you need to keep him talking about his favorites and interests.

Any topic that interests the Gemini man can make him have a long and thoughtful conversation with you, as long as he feels genuine interest from you. This is also a great way to find mutual interests that will bring you closer together and help you have a more engaging exchange of ideas.

Do something exciting together

The Gemini man also expresses his feelings and thoughts through creativity and spontaneity. You can get closer to his emotional side by doing something exciting with him, like learning a new skill, making art, or going on adventures.

You can see the loving and sensitive side of the Gemini man when going after his passions or chasing an adrenaline rush. He is also more honest and expressive when he feels that he shares a part of himself with you.

Build trust

Earning the Gemini man’s trust takes a lot of time and patience. Your relationship will go through trying times before you can form a genuine trust for each other.

Being honest with your feelings and plans with the Gemini man is the best way to secure his trust and, in time, his long-term commitment. Letting him know that you understand and support his decisions will make him appreciate you and be more at ease being with you.

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